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Friday, November 14, 2008


Lately, I have a new hobby. A hobby that suddenly appeared in my head one day. First, I wasn't that sure to carry on with that new hobby but hey.. Why not I give myself a try? Even it's not something that I'm used to deal with before this..

Click here! Click there! Click nowhere!

My orange Canon Powershot A470 is the main thing used in this hobby. Yeah.. It's photography. But, I am still learning and learning.. As you can see my picture collections are not that good but heh.. I'm trying to be good. Hihi..

Erm.. I love taking pictures of nature, to be specific. But then, I'm interested in taking photos of great scenery of the blue skies.. As a beginner, I do make some references through other photographers's best shots, magazines and things such that..

I don't use pro photographers's cameras and stuffs.. Mine is just a normal camera.. But, that doesn't mean I can't be a photographer. Like one said to me the other day.. "We shouldn't depend ourselves on good gadgets to be good. All we have to do is finding ways to be a better one (photographer) by praying and putting a lot af efforts into it. Sincere efforts, of course.. It's how we take good photos that counts than how good our gadgets are".. Yeah.. I took his words with respect. (Thanks, Mr. Udey..)

No matter what type of camera I possesed, I'll still continue doing this 'new' hobby of mine. Of course, there'll be many un-perfect things but hey.. Hannah Montana used to say:

Nobody's perfect

I've gotta work it

Again and again till I get it right!

(Heh.. It's my lil' sis favourite song from Hannah Montana! =p)

Till then, you guys.. And enjoy doing your things!


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