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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Can't Wait..

"Yes, indeed!" :D

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

She's Super Cool!

I've to admit that havin' a fever on your birthday isn't really a cool thing! Haish.. Haha.. But what can I do about it. Endure the pain, baby! Huhu.. Well, celebrating the birthday in a different condition, this year doesn't get me feeling down at all! Haha.. Instead of taking the Panadol, I'd rather be drinking the teh ais and people in the house won't disobey the b'day girl's little request, huh? Hehehe..

Speaking of my birthday today (*blushing! Sebab dah tua ni! Haha..), I shall thank one of my favorite blogger-ManU-buddies named NES, whom I preferred to call her Nessy (*which I can't find the reasons why I tend to call her with that name! Hope she doesn't mind! Huhu..) Haha.. Been knowing her via the internet or to be exact through our blogs a couple years ago. It seems like I've met her for years eventhough we never never never see each other, face-to-face before. But who cares. She supports ManU and in my book, who ever supports ManU, he/she IS my buddy! Haha.. Lame me, I know! Haha..

To make it short, she's simply a cool blogger buddy of mine. Really, she is! Last year, she made me this (Pic as shown below). Was so excited to have it as my wallpaper for several months, though.. Haha.. :D

And this year.. Another super COOL b'day 'card' by Nessy! Plus THIS.. This dedication means a lot to me. Words can't describe how grateful am I to have known a super cool blogger buddy who loves orange colour so much, like her.. Hehe.. Thanks again, mate! *hugs! :')

(*Geez.. I'm SO good with 'never-ending-ramblings'.. Haha.. Happy birthday, Miss OXYGEN aka ME!)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tag By Puan 'MamaJnJ'

(*A cool mommy-blogger [MamaJnJ] who doesn't realize yet how boring this Blogxygen of mine is! Haha.. Very much, thanks for the tag. Adeh! Kena tag pulak, MamaJnJ! Sorry for the late 'reply-post', by the way. Agak busy sejak kebelakangan ni sampai blog pun terbengkalai. Hehe.. Harap diampunkan! ;)

What is your name :

A four letter word :
ManU (*Haha.. Boleh ke macam ni?)

A boy's name :
Vidic! :P

A girl's name :
Lala (*Nama ke tu? Hihi..)

An occupation :
Tukang vakum karpet kat rumah dan pembasuh periuk belanga, pinggan mangkuk kat dapur. (*Betul! Kali ni tak tipu punya! Haha..)

A colour :

Something you wear :
T and jeans (*Ya, betul.. Saya sangat kuno dalam berfesyen! Sungguh!) ;P

A food :
Cendol! (*Haha.. Boleh list banyak2 tak? Kihkih..)

Something found in the bathroom :
Toilet bowl and his girlfriend, HAPRIC!

A place :
My favourite mamak restaurant di KL! (*Selalu tolong buatkan saya teh ais sedap 3 gelas! Woo!)

A reason for being late :
Tengok bola sampai pagi and the result.. Bangun lewat! Ceh..

Something you shout :
"Mamak! Teh ais sedap, 3!"

A movie title :
Harry Potter sequels.. (*ALL) ;D

A musical group :
Maroon 5

An animal :
(*Err.. Jangan beritahu orang yang saya takut kucing dan lipas ya! Shh..!)

A street name :
Err.. Apa2 street yang ada jual cendol, boleh? ;)

A type of car :
Mini Cooper (*berangan!) ;D

*Okay, that's all.. Haha.. And I shall re-tag all of you! Boleh, kan? Termasuk Paul the Octopus! Handsome betul dia tu rupanya! Hahaha.. :D

Monday, July 5, 2010

How To Blog, Huh?

Just realized that I actually have a BLOG! Haha.. Aisey! Habis-lah..
Quite a while dah tak update. Serious punya malas tuan punya blog. And to make things even worse, I kinda forget how to blog, weh! Hahaha.. (*I always knew that I've BIG potential in being such a lazy and lazy and lazy blogger!)

*I need teh ais, please? :'/
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