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Monday, October 15, 2012


Hek eleh. Title post macam apa je. Plus with this 'smashing' pic, haish.. I'm drooling now! People may think that tuan punya blog just purchased it! Aahh.. Wish it was real, though. :P

Hey, anyway before I go any further, a big 'HI' and 'SALAM' to y'all. Wish you guys well yeah! (*Well.. I mean, if there was somebody 'sesat' here for real-lah, kan. Hehe.) Fuh.. Lama gila kot tak jenguk blog sendiri. Kalau dah tuan punya blog pun tak visit blog sendiri, apatah lagi orang lain, right? Huhu. Been busy with loads of stuff and what not. Been here and there. Done this and that. Well, let's just say that I'm too lazy to pour 'em all here, ey? I think I should just retire. Retiring as a blogger of my own abandoned blog. Argh.. I think I already did. Somehow. =/

Well, I must say that leading life as a student may not be as simple as gulping down a big bowl of cendol. (*Well, at least eating a HUGE bowl is an easy task for me, though. Ceh.) Away from home. Away from your best bed and pillows. Away from the couch that has always been a victim of 'violence' whenever I watch my ManU games. Away from ibu's epic cooking. Away from teh ais mamak favorite. Gosh! The 'away-from-list' just won't end, wouldn't it?

But, how or when will you start missing home and all these things when you're not away from any of them, kan? Cewah cewah cewah.. Konon nak try jadi the-positive-Oprah. Hmm, that's what I told myself-lah, just to feel better. At least. For a tiny bit. Ehem. :|

Anyway, a lovely cousin sister of mine just got married. Aaww.. May happiness be with them, always. And yes, we all went to Johor for the kenduri. Best gila. Was in-charge for the 'bunga pahar' or some people call it as 'bunga telur'. Ceh, saja I nak show-off konon tau buat bunga telur. Hehe. Weddings are fun, I think. I mean, when it comes to gathering with family, relatives part-lah! Jangan nak gatal, Azrin! Betul! Pergi wedding memang fun. Sebab apa? Hey.. Dapat makan nasi minyak, nasi beriani, nasi color2, eh.. Yelah, sebab color dia bukan putih dan orang tak panggil tu nasi putih. Ceh. Lepas tu dapat makan tapai manis. Makan cake pengantin walaupun tak makan style suap-menyuap tu. Makan lauk itu. Makan lauk ini. Yes, perhaps you guys may think, "Weh, dari tadi makan, makan, makan. Takde kerja lain ke?" (*Ala let's just admit, kak, bang, adik, makcik, pakcik semua.. 'MAKAN' is one of the main purposes when you're at a wedding tau. Betul. Ehem.. According to my law-lah. Haha.) Yang paling best, bila kita dapat bunga telur banyak2, sebab? Sebab, bila kita balik rumah, kita kena straight masuk dapur, lepas tu kita ambik kicap, dan tuang kat telur rebus yang dapat tadi tu, haa, lepas tu.. apalagi! Goodness me! I can't believe I just taught you guys such lesson! Tak senonoh betul. Don't try this at other people's home, try at your own, kay. Hehe. :p

Opsy.. Looks like I've been 'nagging' for hours now. Time to get going. Will see you guys when I wake up at the 'correct' side of the bed, like I did this morning, which particularly or magically made me visit my own blog. Ish ish ish..

Hope all is well. Take care, people! :)
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