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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Hard Times Do Come..

Hi all.. :)
I have no idea on how to start this rant. Deep inside, I can still feel the pain. The pain that I gained last 2 Mondays where I lost all of my important stuffs. You name 'em.. My laptop, handphone, wallet and broadband modem. Seriously, I hate to recall that accident. It's like bringing me back to that particular moment which I guess wasn't really a pleasant matter, of course. :'(
It all happened when I entered the computer lab (around the campus) for only less than 5 minutes and I was so stupid to leave my bag outside of the lab. A really dumb action to be exact, really dumb. To be short here, I was being like a super crazy + lunatic person, wandering around my campus compound with loadsa tears in my eyes, having the thought that I may have the chance to find my missing stuffs back. Unfortunately, no.. Even the guards can't do anything about this. Conclusion is.. I was alone. To face the problem that I created myself based on the excessive stupidness, lies within this head of mine. *sigh..
Photos, stuffs like my assignments, projects, notes, EVERYTHING.. Are now GONE. For good. For almost a week, I can't do anything. Felt so weak. Super weak. As I entered the bedroom, I'll feel emptier. My desk is now alone without its main companion, my laptop. I know.. I was being so careless. So so careless! This is like the price that I've gotta pay for being such a careless and not to forget, SUPER DUMB human-being. Period. :'/
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