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Monday, August 29, 2011

8 or EIGHT!

Can you believe it? 8 goals? Like, seriously EIGHT goals? Were gained after..

Welbeck's first goal scored during the 7th minute?
Arsenal's Rosicky made our Cleverly sick and he was bleeding like.. A LOT!
De Gea denied v.Persie's so-called-goal-effort?
Rooney's hat-trick?
Young's brilliant curled goal? A beauty, that one!
Nani's goal after being quite selfish for a couple of minutes. Well, more than a few minutes!
Park and his handsome goal contribution.
Well, what more can I say?
Eight is the number, y'all!

Glory glory Man United!

*p/s - Ingatkan Man City punya 5 goals tadi tu banyak sangat.. Rupa-rupanya.. Haha!

Friday, August 19, 2011


Before I start my rant any further.. HAPPY FASTING, y'all! Heh.. :)

As usual, when it comes to blogging, I just can't afford to resist myself from rambling without any particular reasons. Hah. Bila otak dah terlebih 'function', you'll tend to think about so many things. Believe me. I've been experiencing this all the time, people! Haha. Banyak benda sampai kadang2 tu terasa macam urat2 saraf dan segala neuron otak apakejadah tu semua macam bersimpul-simpul, berbelit-belit. (*Ceh! Hiperbola.)

Have you ever wondered why are you doing things that you're currently doing now? Reasons why and how it all started? Were there any factors that influence you to get involved in those things? Adakah kita buat semua ni disebabkan, "Oh, parents saya yang suruh saya buat macam tu." atau "Ramai kawan saya yang buat mende-alah ni so, saya pun ikut-lah diorang." atau "Dah memang minat saya dari kecik nak jadi macam tu." atau "Eh, hari tu saya tengok orang tu buat kerja macam tu kat tv, nampak macam cool habis." Oh, well.. I'm pretty sure that there'll be dozens of these kind of reasons cum questions popped out. However, in my case, I'd like to compile them all by having the thought we could be everything, anything that we want. Kan? (*Ceh.. Cliche kot, mak cik.)

Kadang-kadang tu ada jugak timbul negative thoughts yang bukan main sikit punya banyak. Berlambak-lambak. As usual the main function of pessimism is to trick your mind, body and soul. Yes, indeed. It is always easier said than done. Betul. Tak nafikan. Bercakap memang senang, cuba buat tengok. Baru tau susah tak susah. However, I don't think it's a sin to use your imaginations in order to figure things out. Well, as long as they're logical-lah, kan.

For examples, when I was a kid, I wanted to be a doctor, an engineer, an architect, a teacher, and other great occupations. You name it. Semua nak sapu. Tak mau kalah. Haha. Jawapan2 biasa kanak2 Ribena bila cikgu darjah dan sedara-mara bila pergi raya tanya.. "Bila dah besar ni nak jadi apa?" Err..

Tapi kadang2 terfikir jugak nak jadi bomba sebab ingat senang main simbah2 air bila ada api. Kadang2 teringin nak jadi tukang buat roti canai sebab bila melopong-lopong tengok anei2 tebar roti melambung-lambung, melayang-layang. Pergh. Terror kot! Kadang2 teringin nak jadi model, konon ingat kerja senang asyik jalan (catwalk) pakai high heels, make-up and also we get to wear those designer clothes. Kadang2 tu perasan pulak nak jadi penyanyi konon bajet suara sedap sangat, merdu habis bak buluh perindu sebab selalu melalak-lalak kat dalam bilik air sampai 2 jam pun belum tentu keluar lagi. Kadang2 bila tengok Sailormoon kat tv haa mula-lah nak ambik towel buat skirt siap tocang dua kat kepala, cita-cita nak jadi sailormoon penyelamat dunia guna kuasa bulan. Kadang2 gatal pulak tukar ambition nak jadi power ranger, kira nampak cool gila-lah bila hari2 hentam pakai baju color pink, perasan boleh jadi pink ranger. Haish! Semua kot nak jadi!

Typical solutions, ey? Jawapan standard kanak2 Ribena. And I used to be that kind of kid. Immature. Well.. I guess I still am now. Haha. Well.. Let's go straight to the point, shall we?

Bila kita dah semakin dewasa, dah berpangkat 'kakak2-abang2-makcik2-pakcik2', matang dan level 'ketuabangka-an' semakin tinggi, I think that we should be grateful. Grateful in a sense that we're now able to think wisely on what's best for ourselves and also for other people around us, loved ones especially. Yes, for sure all sorts of emotions, attitudes and our ways of thinking about any particular thing might be different from one another. Never you mind that. We all have our stands. Jadi-lah apa saja, siapa saja asalkan those things that we're planning to do are positive + logical to be executed.

Teringin nak jadi bomba masa kecik tapi bila dah besar hajat tak berapa nak sampai? Boleh je kot tolong padam-kan api lilin bila sesi blackout kat rumah dah habis. Kalau bomba yang real kat luar tu berani menangkap segala binatang species macam ular tu semua, why not kita jadi bomba dalam rumah? Tolong tangkap / hapuskan lipas2 jahat yang datang mengganggu si kakak (ehem2..) Nak jadi doctor masa kecik2, tapi bila dah besar tak kesampaian sebab markah Biology cukup2 makan je waktu kat sekolah dulu. Boleh je jadi doctor sekarang, kat rumah misalnya bila ibu atau ayah atau adik ke abang ke tak sihat, haa.. Apalagi, pergi tolong ambilkan panadol dan tampalkan koyok. Nak jadi penebar roti canai yang terror bab melambung-lambungkan roti ke udara? Boleh je kot. Pergi sental baju ke kain batik / pelekat dalam bilik air. Haa, nak lambung tinggi mana pun boleh. Berangan nak jadi sailormoon atau power ranger masa kecik2 tapi bila dah besar, confirm takkan jadi? Boleh kot! Siapa kata tak boleh? Be a sailormoon or a power ranger when needed to the people around us. Nak guna kuasa bulan? Kuasa matahari? Guna-lah kuasa apakejadah yang patut. And apply those 'kuasa' towards the house-chores yang confirm berlambak-lambak. For examples like, vakum karpet ke, basuh piok2, kuali2 ke, tolong pasang langsir ke (dah nak dekat raya ni, kan?) and many others. Bukan superheroes suka tolong orang yang memerlukan ke? Kira tolong-lah tu, kan?

To be short, (*Ceh.. After all the paragraphs yang berjela tadi, baru nak tulis "To be short..?") Hah! I truly think that we can be anything that we want. All of the great ambitions that we dreamed of when we were a kid. It's just that, those ambitions may not turn out to be that exact, and might be slightly different than what we used to have in mind. They may come in an unpredictable way but for sure, when it comes to their objectives or points of doing it, we're kinda like applying the same force yet momentum. (*Pergh.. Teringat kat subject Physics kot. Haha!) At the end of the day, we'll realize that it's all about how dedicated are we, how much effort that we put in and how consistent are we in order to achieve those things.

I ain't sure why would I ramble something about this, this time. Well, I guess I'm pretty loony at this late hour and perhaps you might think that "Hah, budak Azrin ni tengah meracau-racau ke apa ni?" Yeah, seriously, I'm thinking the same here. Haha. I don't know. I woke up this morning, (right after sahur) and this thingy thing just appeared in my head. Must be some kind of a wake-up call for me. Bulan baik, hari baik and I just thought that why not I share this 'ntah-pape' thought of mind instead of my typical 'teh-ais + cendol + ManU' posts. Haha. Ambik yang baik, buang yang mana tak baik, tak salah, kan?


G'day, people! :)

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I Ask Myself Today

I've loads of things in my head right now. Loads.

I ask myself today.
Is it okay to be a 'crybaby' at this age?
Will I forever be one, in this bricked 'cage'?
Why can't I just digest the reality and turn over a new page?
Trying to take a firm grip of the life's image.
Sure thing, there'll be a disadvantage.
Having enough strength to manage?
Perhaps, it's just the temporary brain leakage?
A typical rage from the average.
Need to find a bandage.
P/s : "So, heart. Got the message?"

Friday, July 15, 2011

A Matter of Potter (13 / 7 / 2)

I had a day which was coincidentally full of numbers like 13, 7, 2. I can't seem to know why but I guess, when it comes to Potter's matter, magic happens. Haha. Ces. Astaghafirullahalazim. I sound ridiculous, I know. Anyway, I went to MidValley and was the 1st ever in line to purchase HP7 part 2 tickets. I came 1 hour earlier, even earlier than the GSC's staffs themselves! Haha. While waiting for those counters to open, I took out my Deathly Hallows (which I prefer to call it, Potter's-buku-gemuk) and re-read the book. After 1 hour of standing, the counters were finally opened and people rushed for the tickets. Well, that included me, though. Went to counter number 7 to purchase mine and coincidentally there was only one seat left in the H row, seat number 13. Just celebrated my b'day, last 13 / 7 (two days ago) and I pretty much think that the seat that was being selected earlier, was purchased at counter 7, would have some sort of ' co-incidents' with the birthdate, eh? Yeah, indeed. I sounded gila lagi. Haha. Anyway, on to the next 'kebetulan' that I encountered which somehow did pertain to the numbers of 13, 7 and 2. Just so you guys know that HP7 part 2 was being released officially today (14th July 2011). An awesome finale, I must say. Unfortunately, I only had a chance to watch this last sequel twice. InsyaAllah, I'll multiply the figures soon. Heh. Right after I finished watching the first one which ended at 2.00 pm, I waited for my second time of meeting Mr. Potter, again. This time, I got seat number 2. Another 'sweet coincident' for the 2nd time of watching HP7 part 2, sitting on seat number 2! Finished with the movie, I decided to go home. Had to take a cab-lah pulak. Haha. And please have a guess on how much did the cab fare cost me? It was RM7.00! Another 7 appeared, huh! Haish.

Well, I guess these were all no biggies. Perhaps, it's one of the days that I'm 'fortunate' enough to face. A day which 'contains' a series of numbers as identical as my birth date and also my 'all-time-interest', HARRY POTTER! It's kinda sad that this is the last sequel, the very last one, of an epic, super epic tale of all time! I love you, HP! :'D

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Old Already..

13th July 2011. Another year has passed and she is, officially one year older now. Thank Allah for the opportunity given, to have me still standing in this earth. And I personally can't breath easy without having family and friends around me. No doubt, they ARE my oxygen. Happy birthday ME! Hope all is well, InsyaAllah.. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Yes, we are the CHAMPIONS!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Oh Yeah!

That was a SUPER AWESOME game!

P/s : Sweet dreams, Drogba and Friends.. ;)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Aaawww.. That Old Header!

That's my old Blogxygen's header. Wonder why would I repost it this time! Haha.. I guess, it makes me realize how free I was back then. Doing all this kind of stuff. Ramblings. Being a 'kepohci'. ManU game reviews. Sarcasms for Berbatov. Stories of teh ais. Cendol's epic exaggeration. Hah! I so need the charm of an ultimate 'kepohci' back! Ugh! :/

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April's Gone and May's On!

Hi hi hi hi hi, you guys!

Oh my dear Blogxygen. Been abandoned, ey? I didn't quite have the time to even update once last month! Gosh! Busy busy me. Haha. Exams, assignments and stuff. Phew.. Kepala hampir bocor-lah jugak. I miss updating my Blogxygen! So bad! Even the cousin (*I know you're grinning in front of the screen now, Chiko! Haha!) and he's like.. "Azrin! Update your blog." And I'm like.. "Yes, I will. Later." And my 'later' hmm.. Sampai ke sudah! Tengok! April dah lepas! Ces! Kata je nak update bloggie at least for once a month! Even game ManU pun tak tengok, asyik miss je. Selalu-nya sampai tertumpah-tumpah Ribena kat atas karpet time tengok Vidic, tapi laa ni.. Bukan kata nak tumpah-kan Ribena kat atas karpet je, nak bancuh Ribena pun tak sempat! Argh! So much of things in my head, needed to be 'poured' here. Wish I had those free times (again) like I used to have last time! Hmm.. :'/

Anyway, I guess I could take a deep breath (for now) as the exam just lasted few days ago. Yay! Haha.. Tapi tak boleh nak hoo-haa sangat. Waiting for the result can make me sick somehow. Fuh! Hopefully, all is well. And and and and.. I owe myself a lot of movies, cendols, teh ais, Vidic's moments, YouTube(ing), my guitars and the BOOKS! Yaaahhh.. Cuti sem ni, InsyaAllah, semua 'hutang' itu bakal dilangsai-kan. Hehe.. Thanks also to Miss Hajar and MamaJnJ for the blog visits, comments on fb and tweets. Those are like one of the 'energy-sources' I receive, each time I log in. Oh yeah, make sure you guys are having great days too! Much love from the lazy blogger, yet an epic cendol + teh ais MONSTER! ;)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March's 1st Post!

Hi all! How're you guys doing?
I've realized that I'm updating this 'lau yah' blog once a month. Fuh.. Standard dah kot level kemalasan tu. Dah tak boleh nak tolong dah. Sebulan sekali? Tengok sikit kat archive 2011 tu haa.. Mak ai.. Confirm, skil membebebebebebebebel si tuan punya blog dah makin nipis. Eceh.. Haha..
I think I've lost my (*worthy charm) of being 'perasan-konon-jadi-bola-punya-commentator'. Haha.. Yeah, seriously guys, I miss the 'Ferguson-ish' sense in me. Kalau dulu2, bila habis je tengok game ManU versus 'team-sipolan2', I'll straight away run my fingers on the keyboard, typing those of my cheesy type of game previews. And now, I wish I could have the time to even, WATCH MY MAN UTD GAMES WITHOUT SNORING IN THE SOFA DURING THE 2nd HALF! See.. How 'pathetic' I'm becoming!
*But sometimes, I wonder why would other people argue with me (particularly on my fb wall) whenever ManU loses any game. Seriously, it annoys me sometimes. For example, the game we had with 'Liverfool' wasn't really a good one though. And there was one fella came and wrote on my fb wall, why did ManU players played like THAT! Letting the rivals to clog in 3 goals while Nani cried on the field plus, my 'manja' Nemanja Vidic was being sent off! The fella kept questioning ME about why would such things happened to my team! He was also mumbling about Fergie would've used a better tactical plan and blablabla. And I was like.. "WHAT?!" Apa, dia ingat si Azrin tu bini Fergie ke apa? Tak pun, assistant coach? Referee? Eee.. It doesn't make any sense, right. For me, kalah means kalah. Menang is menang. At the end of the season, we'll see who'll grab the cup. Kan? Ini tak.. He was saying about the other team played for the pride-lah, ManU played just for the sake of getting the cup-lah. Ey! Rimas mak cik, nak.. Haha.. Yeah, some people can be thaaaat fanatic, huh? Se-fanatic2 si Azrin tu pun tang part Vidic je kot. Hahaha..
Phew.. I think that'll be enough. Blogging about football always makes me 'wreck less'. In a way.. Haha.. Wish you guys a 'Happy March' yeah! *hugs!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The World We Live In

Hi all.. :)

It's been quite a while since the last post, huh? February is going to leave us soon. And March will approach next. As time passes by, loadsa things happen. Those things that tend to make you feel good and bad. Sometimes, it is sad to think that whatever you have put into to help or make others feel better, they just won't appreciate the favours you've given. It's sad to think that they don't digest the positive thoughts and intentions that you've got for them. Really frustrating, it is. And at the end of the day, any blame or regret, will be ultimately yours. Is the idea of helping others, reflects the bad side out of you anyway?

(*Bila dah besar2 ni, banyak benda nak kena fikir, nak kena timbang, nak kena kira dan 'apa-kejadah' punya nak kena. Life isn't always sweet. Even with too much of sweetness, it'll form a diabetic out of you, kan? Haha. Being an adult is easy but being a wise adult, pheww.. It's a lot tougher that it seems, dey. Be bold, heart + soul. Please send this 'adult' some supports, strength and love, Ya Allah!)

Miss teh ais and cendol.. A lot! :'(

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friends = Stars

Howdy everyone! How's thing going on so far, mate? It's been a while since the last rant, kan? Well.. As for myself and I, the first month of 2011, so far has given me both easy and difficult times to be endured. It is about life we're talking about, right? There ain't happiness laying in front of you for 24/7, kan? When hard times emerge, we often feel and assume that life isn't fair. Indeed, it is. Sometimes. Typical way of thinking, I know. And I had mine once I heard about one of my best friends was recently diagnosed with a total chronic disease. Cancer. It was very very very hard for me to accept the shocking news, really. Even the other girlfriends of mine too.

And this person whom I called Yana, was and is an awesome girl. Soft-spoken with her Kedah accent which I always make fun of every time she says to me, "Azrin, awaitnya hang makan banyak sangat? Sat gi kembong perut tu baru hang tau!" Haha.. Bila waktu subjek seni (form 1) Yana-lah jadi tukang supplier berus lukisan, Buncho dan apa kejadah semua. Tengah2 lukis, dia suka je cakap ayat ni berulang-ulang kali.. "Jangan lupa. Kita mesti kena pandai bermain dengan warna!" Last2, Fara, Athirah, Bulat and myself akan bantai gelak sampai habis kelas seni. She's talented and very creative. Even time buat nota subjek agama pun dia siap buat warna-warni. 'Ustazah Rozita's favourite student', kata Bulat. Haha.. Kalau nak flasback balik time sekolah dulu, serius sampai esok pun belum tentu habis. To be short, she's one of the most wonderful persons I've ever met in my life.

Knowing the fact that she is now battling with the disease, makes me feel so sad. Speechless. What more can I do as a friend? Often, I tend to feel that I ain't a good friend to her especially in this such situation. Deep down inside, I reluctant to be the kind of friend who's around only during the fun period. I pray to Allah each second not to turn me into one of that 'species'! I love all of my friends. A lot. More than I can imagine, I think. They're as important as my own family. And as for her, I pray to Allah that she'll be cured from the disease and mostly, be strong to face this one major life challenge, all the time. I may not have the chance to be by her side everyday, but I know that I can afford to lend her my strength, the love of friendship, my prayers or anything, anything which a good friend like herself, worth to receive. Semoga Allah swt memberkati kehidupan kita semua. Amin..
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