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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Friends = Stars

Howdy everyone! How's thing going on so far, mate? It's been a while since the last rant, kan? Well.. As for myself and I, the first month of 2011, so far has given me both easy and difficult times to be endured. It is about life we're talking about, right? There ain't happiness laying in front of you for 24/7, kan? When hard times emerge, we often feel and assume that life isn't fair. Indeed, it is. Sometimes. Typical way of thinking, I know. And I had mine once I heard about one of my best friends was recently diagnosed with a total chronic disease. Cancer. It was very very very hard for me to accept the shocking news, really. Even the other girlfriends of mine too.

And this person whom I called Yana, was and is an awesome girl. Soft-spoken with her Kedah accent which I always make fun of every time she says to me, "Azrin, awaitnya hang makan banyak sangat? Sat gi kembong perut tu baru hang tau!" Haha.. Bila waktu subjek seni (form 1) Yana-lah jadi tukang supplier berus lukisan, Buncho dan apa kejadah semua. Tengah2 lukis, dia suka je cakap ayat ni berulang-ulang kali.. "Jangan lupa. Kita mesti kena pandai bermain dengan warna!" Last2, Fara, Athirah, Bulat and myself akan bantai gelak sampai habis kelas seni. She's talented and very creative. Even time buat nota subjek agama pun dia siap buat warna-warni. 'Ustazah Rozita's favourite student', kata Bulat. Haha.. Kalau nak flasback balik time sekolah dulu, serius sampai esok pun belum tentu habis. To be short, she's one of the most wonderful persons I've ever met in my life.

Knowing the fact that she is now battling with the disease, makes me feel so sad. Speechless. What more can I do as a friend? Often, I tend to feel that I ain't a good friend to her especially in this such situation. Deep down inside, I reluctant to be the kind of friend who's around only during the fun period. I pray to Allah each second not to turn me into one of that 'species'! I love all of my friends. A lot. More than I can imagine, I think. They're as important as my own family. And as for her, I pray to Allah that she'll be cured from the disease and mostly, be strong to face this one major life challenge, all the time. I may not have the chance to be by her side everyday, but I know that I can afford to lend her my strength, the love of friendship, my prayers or anything, anything which a good friend like herself, worth to receive. Semoga Allah swt memberkati kehidupan kita semua. Amin..
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