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Friday, December 31, 2010

Peace Y'all!

Salam + a BIG smile to ALL! :)

Well, there are loadsa things to be said actually, but.. Due to kemalasan maximum si tuan-punya-blog, things that're planned to be 'posted' few days earlier, dah terlupa.. Heh.. Seriously, this blog has turned out to be really really really 'DUSTY!' If you know what I'm saying.. Haha.. Dah lama sangat tak update or even a single visit from the tuan-blog, herself! Haish.. I miss those good all days when I was so so so so RAJIN updating my own blog.. Hmm.. :/

Pejam celik pejam celik, dah nak masuk tahun baru, 2011.. Whoa! Time flies, people! Really! Tak sedar diri dah tua dan semakin tua. Haha.. Well, I don't really like to talk much about new year's resolutions for I have none specifically and ultimately valid for myself. Banyak sangat, sampai dah terlupa pun. Alaa.. Azam untuk tahun2 yang lepas pun belum achieve lagi kot. Perhaps half of them, dah.. Thank Allah for that.. :)

Cuti sekolah dah habis and eventually, that makes my lil' sis and bro, si Kakdik and Adik will no longer be 'conquering' the laptop for GAMES! Haha.. Anyway, hope they'll do fine and enjoy themselves to be back to school on this brand new year of 2011!

And as for you guys out there, I'd like to wish a happy happy happy and prosperous new year! May positive things happen and make us all smile every single day.. Peace out! :D
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