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Friday, August 27, 2010


Salam + a BIG smile to all! :)

As we all aware of, the month of August will be leaving us soon. The Independence Day is coming too! Puasa is still going on and if my calculator isn't broken (*ceh!) it has been nearly more than 15 days we, Muslims're fasting during this holy month of Ramadhan. Tak lama lagi dah nak raya. As for me, I haven't prepared anything yet, termasuk-lah rutin wajib tahunan which is.. Jadi tukang cat dinding-dinding-dinding-dinding yang ada kat rumah tu haa.. Haish.. Believe me, though the walls seem to look 'naively-not-too-wide-or-whatever', but once you start the painting part, you'll discover the truth! By all means, you'll sleep with sores all over your body especially the shoulders, wey! Dang! Haha.. I may sound a bit exaggerating here, but hey.. You'll never know if you never try. Hihi..

Well actually, the main purpose of this post isn't that I want to 'expose' myself as 'an-unofficial-annual-wall-painter' to y'all. Hah! Can you see that picture (shown above)? Yeah.. The legs are mine indeed. Haha.. Including that red looking fishing rod on the right side. Fishing isn't really my fav activity to do but for certain times, I've to admit that it can be one. Nak kata terror sangat memancing, hmm.. Terror kot. Ceh! Tak2.. I lied! I ain't really good at it. Kadang2 je dapat ikan. Ikan tu pulak kalau besar gedabak sampai boleh buat ikan bakar yang cicah2 dengan kuah asam tu boleh jugak, tapi.. Kalau ikan yang saiz-nya lebih kurang besar saiz tapak tangan? Kalau buat ikan bakar pun setakat buat tahi gigi je. Haish! And what is the most important part when you're fishing? The bait, kan? Haa.. Ni lagi satu problem that I can't 'solve' dari dulu sampai sekarang. Part nak letak umpan kat mata kail tu-lah yang paling.. Yerk! Betul, tak tipu. Yerk! Pun-poon or pon-pun or whatever the spelling is, ialah sejenis cacing yang lembik and gemok, banyak isi, banyak darah (*goosebumps!) that I oftenly used as baits. Seriously, memang geli gila tengok menatang alah tu. Haa.. Belum pegang lagi! Sudah-nya, my bro and ayah will put the bait for me-lah, kan. Haha.. Mengade, I know!

The point is, I miss fishing! Sangat2 miss. :'(

(*Haish.. Bulan puasa-lah Azrin! Nak memancing apanya?! Ek.. Ikan mana puasa!)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Wake-Up Call

Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)

Yo, people! How's puasa going on so far? Alhamdulillah.. Berkat bulan Ramadhan, everything's running quite smoothly I guess. Too bad, this year I won't be having the chance to bring my best friend, Kwang Suganti to a bazaar Ramadhan as she just returned to Bangalore last week. Haish.. Last year, we both went together, bought some kuih(s) and got sweaty in the middle of the crowd! Phew.. . And that was her first ever visit to bazaar Ramadhan! Hah.. I know.. This girl ar, serupa tak duduk kat M'sia je! Hahaha.. (*Will miss you everyday, babe!) :P

And today.. Entah angin kus2 apa entah, I suddenly feel like blogging. Hah! Tuan punya Blogxygen sudah semakin terkenal dengan kemalasannya untuk meng-update blog beliau yang betul2 'lau yah' ni. Ceh! :/

Well, that wasn't the real point actually. I just wanna thank Him, The Almighty for sending me a wake-up call, making me realize that I should stop doing things that I shouldn't have done since lately ni. Not trying to be extra cliche here, but really.. I'm grateful to be awaken! Hah! I know I may sound a little 'loony'.. Pardon the teh ais girl, yeah! Haha! So I guess, for now I must stay focus and get my feet back on the ground, despite all of those 'unnecessary' things, I should think of myself and my family more. Of course, friends too! You all pun boleh masuk list sekali-lah! Haha.. Much more stuffs that'll worth paying attention on rather than me, wasting time on something and someone.. (*wink2!)

And really, the reality check that I've been through has 'inspired' me to be a 'better-Me'! Much much better, InsyaAllah..

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Selamat Berpuasa, Semua!

Dedicated to all Muslims.. :)

A Random Change

Haish.. I didn't plan to make a change on this 'lau yah' Blogxygen of mine at first. But this blog was 'confronting' a 'jammed-kinda-appearance' everytime I try to view it since a week ago. Entah virus apa yang rasuk entah! Mengade je! Habis kena tukar semua. Habis hilang snow effect! Habis feeling konon perasan tengah main2 snow kat Old Trafford! Benci betul! Habis hilang template polka dots yang saya suka tu. Tsk.. :'(

And it looks like you guys pun terpaksa kena pakai cermin mata hitam ke aviator ke kalau rasa2 nak view blog ni. Why? Yelah.. Tengok ni. Silau melilau! Habis semua putih2 melepak-lepak-lepak! Siap bunga2. Jiwang-bawang sangat. Too girlish, kan? Yeah, I thought so.. Too much of pink has made me pening! Haha.. (*But still.. I can't hate pink!)

Dah2.. Bantai je-lah.. Hampir 2 hari menghadap laptop konon nak 'kemas' blog! Mata dah tukar jadi panda-eyes! Tak tidur satu setengah hari sebab konon2 rajin dan 'bersemangat-waja' nak update blog 'lau yah' ni. Cheit! New look konon! Hah! Apa-lah.. :'(

Okay.. Tidur dulu! Bantal dah panggil dah tu.. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

What A Great Kick-Start!

I can't stop smiling right now. It's not that I've gone insane or intoxicated overboard ke hapa ke.. I just had a great time while watching my ManU guys playing tadi! Huhu.. It's been a while since I shouted like a crazy one in front of the tv. Tak sama condition-nya time tengok World Cup recently ni. Well.. I guess by seeing my Vidic back on the field just now, tiba2 jadi tak tentu arah. Haha.. I know, that was so gedik of me. ;)

And I shall welcome this new dude, a newcomer named Javier Hernandez aka Chicarito to ManU. Ecece.. He was one of the goal-contributors when the boys were 'dealing' with those who came from Chelsea (*you know who-lah, kan?)

ManU 3 - Chelsea 1
And the humble Wembley had become the 'battlefield' between these two teams. (*Gosh! Terasa awkward pulak sebab dah lama tak buat preview pasal bola konon2 perasan jadi football commentator! Cheit!) Was indeed a good kick-start for all of us (this season) and hoping that they'll keep that up.. :)

#Capt. Vidic nampak 'extra-handsome' while hoisting up the silverware! Haha..

Monday, August 2, 2010

She's Back For More!

Salam + a super BIG smile for you guys! :)

Well.. I kinda feel weird right now for I'm actually typing for a post! Gosh, unbelievable me! Finally.. 'Spiderwebs' are everywhere kat celah2 Blogxygen ni! Sheesh.. Nampak sangat kemalasan tu terserlah! Lama gila tak update blog dengan bebebebebebebebebebelan and today, I shall spend a few minutes to make it up for the Blogxygen, itself and to you guys too! (*Hah! Cakap macam beratus je orang yang datang jenguk blog 'lau yah' you ni, tuan punya blog!) ;)

Oh yeah.. Lupa nak mention earlier yang my bestfriend, si Suganti that I 'story-mory' dengan agak panjang lebarnya di SINI dan SINI, dah pulang ke Malaysia. But not for long-lah, just for a month sebab amoi ni balik cuti sem. Almost a year tak jumpa and thank Allah that we had a chance to meet up last week. (*Suka2!) Luckily, she's back in the mid of July.. (*Eceh.. Konon perasan-lah amoi tu balik sebab nak celebrate birthday 'ada-lah-budak-tu-kan'!) We happened to lepak around untuk melepaskan rindu di tempat favourite kami, MidValley.. Haha.. Favourite ke tu, Suganti!? :P

Suganti and I went for a long walk on that particular day. Macam biasa-lah.. Lepas tengok movie, pergi makan.. Dan lepas tu pergi makan balik. Jalan2 lagi then pergi makan lagi. Oh yeah, Shopping sikit2.. Betul! Tak tipu.. Sikit! Haha.. :P

Lupa pulak nak cakap yang kami pergi tengok Twilight-Eclipse.. (*Hehe..) I was so excited to watch that movie and I guessed that Suganti would feel the excitement too. Tapi tengok macam dia diam je waktu menonton cerita tu. Ek? Tak suka ke dia dengan Twilight-Eclipse? Then bila dah habis movie, we headed out from the cinema and I asked her..

Me - "You didn't like the movie ke, Suganti?"

Suganti - "No-lah! Best.. Tapi I macam a bit clueless about the whole thing-lah."

Me - "Which part?"

Suganti - "All of it!"

Me - "Ek? The first 2 sequels of Twilight kan dah pretty much detailed already."

Suganti - "Who's Bella? And what's Edward made from?"

Me - (*Mulut dah ternganga..)

Suganti - "Wait! The first 2? You mean, cerita ni bersiri? Ada nombor 1 dan 2 punya?"

Me - *Diam.. Terasa macam ada sebiji steam-roller kat atas kepala! Punya-lah beria si kawan ni pot-pet-pot-pet pasal how cute Edward and Jacob were masa kat dalam cinema tadi, tapi rupa-nya.. Satu benda pun si amoi Suganti ni knows about Twilight! Suganti! Nak kena tembak dengan senapang gajah ke!?

Me (left) - Suganti (right)

(*sigh..) The photo shown above, it's pretty obvious isn't it? I can't believe myself either, knowing the fact that I was.. Dealing with make-ups! Lipsticks, blushers and stuffs.. Sheesh! So not myself and neither did Suganti! Aisey.. Pakai baby powder pun setahun sekali (*Tu pun masa hari raya!) ini-kan pulak nak ber-make-up segala! Ouch! But believe me, I was 'forced' to do so. TERPAKSA! For the sake of a photo shooting session of an event. Orang yang lalu-lalang semua tengok masa tuan punya blog kena make-up! Malu gila, tak tahu mana nak letak muka, wey!

(*Sempat pulak tu terdengar orang2 tu bisik.. "Ish! Model ke hapa tu?! Tak pernah tengok pun!") HAHAHAHA.. I know, right.. Model? Pfft.. Model hapa kalau tak tahu nak beza lip liner dengan celak! HAHAHA.. Lepas ni taubat tak nak make-up lagi! Dah macam ju-on pun ada jugak time tu. Suganti kata, dia nampak macam 'geisha' lepas kena make-up dengan mamat jurusolek tu! HAHAHA..

My friend, si amoi Suganti (*in pics)

All 4 photos (above).. Were taken dengan sengaja-nya. Hehe.. Konon nak flashback momen2 while Suganti and I were having last year before she left to Bangalore, India. And as for me, I felt so happy to have met my amoi friend ni hari tu. Siap dapat belated birthday present lagi! Haha.. Sempat drove her to my fav mamak restaurant. Guess what was she having for dinner that day? TEH AIS! Hehe.. Tu-lah, siapa suruh dia berkawan dengan orang yang gila teh ais! Hehe.. And she, herself dah admit yang teh ais that I recommended to her (*the one that I ALWAYS talk about!) is indeed, SEDAP GILA! Hahahaha.. See, told you'd love it, Suganti! :P

*Dan pada hari yang sama juga, pipi saya terasa sakit semacam.. Bila balik rumah, baru teringat kenapa.. Sebab tadi siang masa keluar lepak dengan Suganti, banyak sangat bercakap-cakap-cakap-cakap sekali dengan gelak-gelak-gelak-gelak-gelak.. Hmm.. Patut-lah! :P
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