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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Blogxygen's 1st Anniversary

Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)

I should've posted this entry two days ago. It was the day when I first 'involved' in this blogging thingy. Time passes by rapidly, kan? And I just realize that I've done blogging for a year! Huhu.. This may not be a 'wow' thing for you guys out there who might've blogged for years and may own several blogs at a time. But as for me, it's a super duper special, mere thing which I enjoy doing everyday. Dulu waktu first2 try blogging, huh.. Jari2 ni semua berpeluh! Punya-lah menggigil nak taip even satu word pun. Betul tak tipu. Entah pape je.. Well, I guess that was the 'blogging-nerve' that I had to pay for being a first-timer. Why didn't I put my own name here in Blogxygen? And why Oxygen-Me? Apa.. Takde nama sendiri ke tuan punya blog ni? Cheit! Actually, kan.. To be frank, I've been answering these kind of questions for quite several times. But why Oxygen-Me and where's it coming from?

Why Oxygen-Me?

Err.. Sebab masa mula2 ber-blogging dulu, 'blogspot' was asking for your blog title and I can't think of any. Nak taip pun berpeluh inikan pulak nak cari title blog sendiri! Huhu.. Lepas tu, kebetulan yang telinga ni tengah tersumbat dengan earphone dan Colbie Caillat sedang menyanyi di cuping telinga. To be more specific, lagu Oxygen sedang dimainkan. Hah! Apa lagi.. Bantai je letak nama Oxygen tu kat blog ni haa.. Hahaha.. There's no reason for me to hide my real name, trying to be 'anonymous' or whatsoever-lah, kan. Tapi, it happened macam tu je and at that time I was thinking, okay-lah tu.. Biar orang lain baca blog ni dan imagine tuan punya blog adalah seorang budak botak, gigi gongak, tak pernah mandi, suka korek hidung dan suka makan roti depan pc. Haha.. Tapi tak jadi pun! Ceh..


Tak sangka blog 'chikai' + 'lau yah' macam ni pun ada follower! Huhu.. Mula2 tu ada seorang. Dua orang. Tiga orang. Empat orang. Lima, enam, tujuh dan.. So far Blogxygen ada 1117 orang followers! Fuyoh.. (Tak-lah! Perasan kejap. 17 je! Hehe..) Walaupun bukan berpuluh-puluh dan beratus-ratus lemon bilangan follower macam blog orang lain tapi tuan punya blog didn't really expect for this to happen at first. Eh.. Tanya dalam hati, luar hati.. "Ada ke orang visit blog ni and read all the entries that I posted?" Woo.. Ada! Scary tapi WOW! Huhu.. Appreciate it a LOT! And bersempena dengan 1st anniversary Blogxygen, I would like to thank these cute people for being followers of this 'chikai' blog! :D

Gambar tuan punya blog, mana?

Ini pun lagi satu kes. Bukan seorang dua yang bertanyakan the same question but quite several numbers jugak. Aisey.. (*See! Tuan punya blog dah blushing! Hehe..) Alaa.. Takyah-lah post gambar tuan punya blog banyak2 sangat kat sini. Bukan apa sangat pun. (*Kan dah kata tadi yang tuan punya blog takde rambut, botak, gigi gongak, suka korek hidung dan kunyah roti depan pc?) Ee.. Kalau letak gambar muka banyak2 kat sini, habis tu nanti kat 'buku-muka' nak letak gambar apa? Kan..? Hehehe..

Teh Ais

Haa.. This is one of the MAIN, FAVOURITE subjects that I always write here. Mesti-tulis! Haha.. But why? Kenapa teh ais dan bukan teh-o-ais-limau atau neslo atau paling kurang pun, air suam? Haila.. Sebab teh ais SEDAP-lah! Tuan punya blog SUKA! Haha.. Kalau tak dapat minum sebab mamak favourite yang selalu buatkan teh ais tu tutup kedai dia, haa.. Dapat tengok gambar teh ais kat blog pun jadi-lah kan! Huhu..

Manchester United

Topik ni pun sama jugak! Entry cap sensitif. Haha.. Tak-lah! If you visit Blogxygen ni, kan.. Memang-lah tuan punya blog takde kerja lain. She keeps talking about The Red Devils. Well, takde-lah selalu sangat but mostly a report will come out here right after a game has been watched. No offence yeah to those who may be in the 'force-of-supporting' other football clubs other than ManU. Huhu.. We can be part-time rivals when it comes to bola, kan. Takpe.. Bukan crime pun! Hehehe..

To make it more clearer, Blogxygen isn't just a space for me to ramble and make others who reads to believe in my writing. But, it's really my intention to 'refresh' my brain and 'vomit' those part of my routine activities, things that I might experience daily and anything which I think suitable for all of us to share. And for that, again, I'd like to thank all for those comments left in the chatbox, comment-form, stats, visits and etc to this 'lau yah' blog of mine. Terima kasih daun keladi.. Happy 1st anniversary, Blogxygen! :)

Sendiri tulis, sendiri baca
Sebab ini semua
Hanya kata
Luahan rasa
Segala benda
Apa yang ada
2 bahasa
Dirojak sama
Asalkan clear
Boleh faham bila baca
Blog 'chikai' ntahpape
Buat tempat membebel saje
Tapi jangan lupa
Kalau ManU menang, jom jerit sama2

Monday, October 26, 2009

Don't Play2..

Since I left school, I also got my moments of debate left behind. But today, I've recollected that skills back. However, the debate session was done differently from its original style (orally) this time as I've been forced to debate via fb. (Well.. It isn't that bad, I guess. Cuma jari2 ni jenuh je nak patuk si keyboard ni ha..) :D

Dah terbiasa dengan keadaan ni bila ManU kecundang dalam satu2 game. It's pretty unfair to say that we've lost MANY MANY times but bila cuma 'sekali-dua' tu datang, hmm.. Kena-lah bersiap-sedia dengan segala macam 'lembing-peluru-cota-laser' dan apa2 saje-lah dari supporter2 club football yang lain. Or let's say 'mereka2' yang indeed, jealous dengan ke'TOP'an dan ke'TERROR'an Manchester United. Huhu..

Dan tadi, tuan punya blog dipanggil untuk berdebat melalui 'buku-muka'.. (*please ignore the typo involved in these sessions. Biasalah, kalau hati tengah hot berapi-api then ada orang saje 'tumpah'kan minyak lagi, hmm.. Dah tak fikir dah pasal typo2 ni! Huhuhu.. )

First session..

Status 'AA' (me) - !@#$%^&*()_+

Fan Chelsea reply - Hahahaha.. Jgn emo~

'AA' reply
- (-.-)*sleeping

Second session..

Fan Liverpool (tulis di Wall 'AA') - liverpool rocks....pi lah man u....3 times in a row we crushed cum ripped u guys apart

'AA' reply
- We planned to save Rafa.. And we did it succesfully..
And oh.. We've ripped apart, huh? Wanna tell more why we were kissing the Barclays Cup if Liv have won 3 times in a row last season? ManU supporters are all rational and we so accept the fact of being lost openly. And you're talking to one of 'em.. Thanks.. G'nite.. :)

Dan mamat Liverpool ni senyap tanpa sebarang reply.. Huhu..

Third session..

Fan Chelsea yang lain (tulis di Wall 'AA') - WELL HOW BOUT CHELSEA THEN? c mon lah we r back to the top of the table huh

'AA' reply
- Oh well.. That wasn't really an 'awesome' way to say 'HI' to a long-lost-contact-friend, isn't it? Hahaha..
Anyway, well yeah.. That particular table isn't valid as time passes by. These things are goin' up and down non-stop till the finals come. Well.. It's way too early to say that the Blues WILL stay on TOP, ey? Ball is sphere, isn't a circle. Anything can happen as it rolls.. Like my quote, dude? (*wink)..

Fan Chelsea reply
ya... but this one... its up for the blues to lose...tink man u are gona hv the blues.... selling ronaldo... buying valencia is definitely gonna be the real sucker punch for red devils... i m not saying chelsea are great but its our destiny to win this time... believe in hype do you? believe it cz whether the ball is sphere or a circle a simple beach ball at the park could prove a big difference afterall.....hahahahah....
ballack rockz

'AA' reply
- LOL.. What's past is past.. The issue of selling Ron and buying Valencia is totally an oudated one to be debated here, I guess.
Oh well.. If the Blues are so insist to fill up their cupboard with this season Barclays Cup instead of getting sick of the spiderwebs in it, ManU will consider your plead.. And ops.. Ballack rocks? I don't mind having you here to cheer for that dude. I'm not really a HUGE fan of him.. Hehehe.. Have it your way, then.. G'nite Ancelotti II :D

Fan Chelsea (separuh penat) reply
- k chow then dun cry mrs.vidic ....... u wont be able to see ur husband play for a game or two... atleast ballack has been to the world cup and eupopean championship finals eventhough...he dint win it...i admit

'AA' reply
- Ahaha.. What's the point of those 'being-to' this and that cup thingies if you didn't even win one of 'em, right? Less fun-lah macam tu, kan..? Do bare in mind that I was a debator like you too.. Haha..

Fan Chelsea (dah penat) reply
- k tc 'AA' n i ws joking k.... nice to see argue like that..hahaha k gd nite fren

Rest his case. Ingatkan mamat ni dah penat. Lepas tu dia sempat je sambung hal lain pulak!

Last session..

Fan Chelsea (tak penat2 lagi cari pasal dan tulis di Wall 'AA') - by da way ur husband got a red card...hahaha

'AA' reply
- Haha.. It was indeed my idea too. I asked him to get it as we can spend more quality time together during the suspension time. Woo.. It sure sounds good to me! :D

Fan Chelsea
- does he do that to you all the time.... sliding and make you fall and the get the ball out from your legs.... oh u wil be grimming in pain...hahahahahaha

'AA' reply
- Woo.. Are you trying to reveal our 'little' secret recipe now after being tired to debate more about football? Hahaha.. Jangan risau-lah. You're friend here is a 'tough' one. (*wink)

Dan fan Chelsea ni senyap sesenyapnya tanpa sebarang balasan.. Huhu.. ;p

Sunday, October 25, 2009

What the *tut..


Saturday, October 24, 2009

We'll See..

Belum pun game lagi dah nak 'predict' macam2. Supporter2 si Liver'ehem' tak letih2 lagi menghantar sms2 kepada tuan punya blog dalam sehari dua ni dan 'menyerikan' status 'bukumuka' mereka dengan 'harapan' pasukan diorang akan 'benamkan' ManU dengan 3 goals dibalas 1.. Cheit! Takpe.. Supporters ManU, kita kena cool je..
*P/s - Bola tu sphere bukan bulat ya! Macam2 je boleh jadi bila ia sedang bergolek-golek di atas padang! Whoo.. :0

Friday, October 23, 2009


CSKA vs ManU. The 'battle' which I presume not really enjoyable enough for me to shout + jump like what I used to do when I watch any of ManU games before. Boring sikit. Plus, mata dah mengantuk level kronik time tu. Haduh.. Sempat tengok first half je. Glad to see my Vidic on the field. Huhu.. And oh.. ManU 'away' jerseys memang super duper cool, okay! Haha..
Kesian kat Encik Ayah sebab malam tadi tengok game sorang2. Si kakak tadi yang selalunya memang tak reti duduk diam2 waktu tengok bola dah lama berdengkur. Pagi pulak, terasa macam nak tanya Encik Ayah tentang perkembangan game semalam. Tapi, bila tengok Encik Ayah makan breakfast dengan penuh selera, hmm.. Dah tau dah.. Hahaha..
P/s - Finally, ManU snatched one precious goal from CSKA and not to mention about how hard would that be. Nasib baik.. Phew.. YAY! ;)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Parley

Can't think straight today
There's a 'boredom' moment that I've gotta pay
Outta my mind for a minute, I guess, to create this 'entah-pape' lay
But, why the sudden change, ey?
This morning I was okay
Same condition during the midday
As usual I'll eat, sleep and play
I did things in the same safe way
But it seemed to be extra un-easy
Can't really afford to cope with today's life medley
Ugh.. It's official now to say
Me and I should have a proper parley
And discuss more on how to deal with a world of plenary
Yeah, I guess, you guys'll be like.. "Aha, budak Oxy ni dah crazy.."
(*tak faham, takpe.. Hihihi..)
I think it'll be just nice to use this kinda of cliche
A cliche to be defined by my own self
Just me, alone who can understand on what did I portray
But for those who may
Get the points that I tried to convey?
Oh well.. Nevertheless I shall say
I mean, in a more normal way
I just didn't feel THAT okay
Only for today..
*The 'messed-up-day-of-mine' is doing its repetition today.. Haish.. Teh ais, please! :'(

Still I Wonder Why It Is..

Like A Star by Corrine Bailey Rae
Just like a star acrossed my sky
Just like an angel of the page

You have appeared to my life

Feel like I'll never be the same

Just like a song in my heart

Just like oil on my hands

Honour to love you..
Still I wonder why it is

I don't argue like this

With anyone but you

We do it all the time

Blowin' out my mind..
You've got this look I can't describe

You make me feel I'm alive

When everything else is au feit

Without a doubt you're on my side

Heaven has been away too long

Can't find the words to write this song of your love..
I have come to understand the way it is

It's not a secret anymore

'Cause we've been through that before

From tonight I know that you're the only one

I've been confused than in the dark

Now I understand..
*And she's melting.. In a way.. :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


(A picture of a 'Kedai Sesak' that I went to last month. Just to buy paint. Hehe.. Crowded, kan!?)
This time, you better skip reading this post before it's too late 'cause tuan punya blog is planning to whine, rant and ramble all the way long starting from this moment. Heh.. :)
I had a 'ting-tong' day, today. Putting yourself in a 'messed-up' situation isn't a nice thing, really. The brain is 'switching' to a sappy + crowdy + and yet, 'ting-tong' mode. Ugh.. To make it short, this 'otak' of mine is 'dealing-till-pening' with all sorts of matter! Macam2 benda. Exactly as pictured in the photo above.
*sigh.. Yeah, I know.. There's no point for me to 'vomit' all of these rant here and let others to feel the bore while reading 'em but at least, by doing this I could save some 'peace-spaces' in my mind.
A new 'phase' of life has started. And yet, facing with something new and you're not familiar with, isn't a pleasure. Dalam hati selalu cakap yang "I couldn't do this." And people around will start to say "Takpe, mesti boleh. Cuba lagi." Then, for a sec, I can take a deep breath of relief. Sekurang-kurangnya, they're supporting you from the back. Terima kasih untuk itu! :)
Tapi, kan.. Thing's are easier said than done. *sigh
P/s - I wish I could 'kidnap' Suganti now from India thru Skype! Need a pal's shoulder tonight.. :'(
(*Salam takziah untuk family Fara atas kehilangan bapa tersayang (Daddy Long) tempoh hari. Semoga roh beliau dicucuri rahmat. Al-Fatihah..)
~Ya Allah.. Kau berikanlah ku kesabaran dan semangat untuk lalui cabaran hidup ini. Amin..~

Sunday, October 18, 2009


(Van Der Sar's 1st appearance for this season after his long break due to some injuries.. Sempat pulak pak cik goalie ni terlepas satu goal yang dicuri oleh player Bolton! Cheit!)
Just finished watching the game between ManU against Bolton. Phew.. A great relief when Owen and Valencia (so-called as 'freshies' in ManU team starting from this very season) scored goals! Huhu.. It was Valencia's 1st goal contribution for ManU too. Macam tulah kalau nak jadi part of ManU team, kan. Haa.. Boleh 'FedEx'-kan teh ais kat mamat ni esok as a 'reward'! Ecece.. :p
Haila.. Si 'manja' tuan punya blog, Nemanja Vidic tak main pulak hari ni. Ceh.. Nampaknya, terpaksalah tengok si Ferdinand malas tu jadi defender! Geram je kat mamat satu ni. Style defend macam malas level kronik je! Ee.. Nasib baik dia jauh kat UK sana, kalau tak.. Mesti esok dia makan pizza pakai straw! ;/
Whatever it is.. It's a glory for us tonight. Yay! And oh.. Siapa kata kalau Rooney tak main, ManU tak boleh menang? Huhu..
P/s - 'Condolence' to those who shouted and screamed their lungs out in front of the TVs for Liver'ehem' + Chels'ehem.. Hekhekhek..
Not trying to be mean and extra sarcastic here but here's a wish to Karthik Subra, my good buddy and supporter of Liver'ehem'.. I wish you're having a super-duper GREAT Deepa night, macha! Hehehehehehe.. :P

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Deepavali Valthukel

I would like to dedicate this entry for those who'll be celebrating Deepavali. Worth mentioning, all of my good friends, schoolmates, classmates, teachers and the rest whom I know from my previous secondary school, SMK Vivekananda, Brickfields. Hehe.. Kalau nak diikutkan, tak tertaip rasanya nama2 tu semua. Yelah, dah nama pun Indian based school, mau tak berderet 'mereka2' yang akan celebrate Deepavali esok! Huhu..
  • Untuk Puan Shamala Nair (guru pengawas saya yang kadang2 garang level 'dahsyat'), I wish you Deepavali Valthukel too!
  • Untuk Aunty (kat kantin sekolah dulu) yang jual muruku, kacang dal, kacang parang, kacang yang lupakan kulit dan segala macam spesis kacang yang selalu saya beli tu, Deepavali Valthukel ye Aunty!
  • Special Deepavali dedication jugak untuk Dharmabala atau nama glamor dia masa kat class dulu 'Bala'. Macha ni dulu memang pantang nampak meja, mesti dia nak bergendang punya! Haha..
  • Untuk favourite cikgu, Mr. Kannan yang dulu mengajar subjek Sejarah. Suara yang bervolume BESAR. Sekali dia cakap 'DEY!', huh.. Gerenti satu sekolah boleh dengar suara dia! Huhu..
  • Untuk pekerja2 beragama Hindu kat kedai mamak favourite yang selalu buatkan saya teh ais heaven, tolong tebarkan roti canai, servekan sepinggan papadom tu pun, Happy Deepavali jugak! Oh yeah.. Diorang tutup kedai 2 hari! Hihi.. :p
  • Untuk Aci yang buat cendol dahsyat lagi sedap kat Alor Gajah, depan Padang Keris tu, Happy Deepavali!
  • Untuk Reshmonu pun sama jugak! Itu pun kalau dia kenal tuan punya blog-lah! Hehe..
  • Haila.. Senang cerita, kat semua yang sewaktu dengannya-lah! Deepavali Valthukel, ya people! Jangan kedekut muruku! Kasi sikit! Haha..
  • Eh, lupa pulak nak wish Happy Deepavali kat Sagna dengan Drogba. Oh ya, diorang celebrate Christmas-lah! (*jelir lidah) Huhu.. ;p

Thursday, October 15, 2009

'He' Is Macho!

I'm drooling while staring at this macho 'dude'. Ugh.. The shape, the colour and not to forget about 'his' headstock and machine heads. Coolio habis! 'His' name is Black Asquire. Haduh.. Can't resist the temptations to touch it and feel the strings during my first glance towards 'him'! Ecece.. Macam drama jiwang-bawang pulak! Ugh.. Tu belum masuk part sounds produced by 'him' lagi! Once it's connected to the amp, fuyoh! Boleh pengsan.. Hehe.. (*Sounds cheezy je tuan punya blog ni! Heh..)
It's actually belongs to my cousin bro. That day, he came to my house and showed this 'macho dude' to me. Eleh.. Sengaja je budak tu nak naikkan level jealous cousin sis dia tu! Huhu.. But I'm glad he did that as I would've the chance to 'goreng2' sikit benda tu. Yelah, kan.. All this while I've been 'dating' dengan acoustic guitar je. Mana pernah 'try' electric guitar macam ni, LIVE. Huhu.. Bila dah cuba, the feeling was like, 'coolio'-lah.. Hehe.. But nevertheless, I think I'll just stick to my 'root'. Usually, some female guitarists tend to be more on acoustic guitars compared to electric guitars. Tak tahulah.. I guess, it's all according to their likings-lah. But then, as for me, I'll go for acoustic guitar. Haha.. Merajuk pulak guitar kapok kat dalam bilik tu nanti! Huhu..
P/s to the owner of that Black Asquire yang berkilat-kilat tu! - Cheit! Kalau pasal electric2 guitar ni, memang-lah tuan punya blog ada sikit 'failure'. Tapi, kalau nak 'bertarung' dalam Guitar Hero, jangan-lah segan2 ye! Haha.. And oh.. Guitar Hero (The Beatles ada tak?) Woo.. ;O

All In One

Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)
Fuh.. Dah lama rasanya Blogxygen ni terbiar. Hampir2 nak masuk level 'berkulat' dah pun sebab tuan punya malas nak update! Huhu.. Nak buat macam mana, modem broadband kena masuk 'wad'.. Plus, weekends pun tak selalu ada kat rumah sebab asyik pergi open house je. Alhamdulillah.. Rezeki bulan raya.. :)
Actually, I've got nothing to ramble about here. Otak tengah kusut masai sikit. Hari ni saje macam2 benda berlaku. Haduh.. Kepala pusing level 'ting-tong' bila memikirkan. Dahlah this week ManU tak turun padang sebab takde game. Boring..
Entah kenapa hari ni terasa macam nak tengok movies sangat. Biasalah kalau hari Rabu, price tiket turun sikit jadi RM7. Haha.. At least boleh belasah tengok sampai 2 movies dalam masa 5 jam. Tapi disebabkan tren yang gila LAMBAT + jenuh nak menunggu sambil berdiri tu, tuan punya blog hanya dapat tengok satu movie je! Huh.. Almost 2 and a half hours berdiri sampai nak tercabut skru2 dan segala apa paku kat kaki dengan lutut ni haa.. "Tren ke Seremban akan tiba dalam masa 15 minit. Blablabla.." Suara awek tu bergema sekejap2 konon nak inform semua orang tentang waktu ketibaan tren. Huh! Habuk pun tarak! Sudahnya, nak dekat 2 jam setengah tercongok kat belakang barisan kuning! Tak pernah tak ramai pulak orang kat situ. Haduh.. Suka tak suka, harung jelah..
Bila dah dapat beli tiket movie (Papadom), kaki pun melangkah laju ke McD yang tak jauh pun dari kaunter tiket. Macam biasa, Double Cheese Burger (without pickles) yang dipesan. Dari lidah ke trakea mengalir pula ke perut, terasa coke yang sejuk. Fuh, lega.. Tu belum tambah dengan Sundae Cone yang RM1.05 sen tu. Heaven! Tapikan, memang dari dulu2 lagi, 5 sen pun diorang nak bedal! Eleh.. Hahaha.. :P
Hmm.. Tiba2 teringat pulak kat Suganti kat India sana tu. Ish, kalau minah tu ada, mesti tuan punya blog tak payah 'solo2' macam ni. Boring sungguh makan, jalan2, tengok movie sorang2! Sigh.. How I miss her a LOT!
Habis movie, turun bawah. Konon plan nak bertapa dengan Harry Potter kat MPH. Tengah syok2 berdating habis dengan 'Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows' tu, tetiba satu apek pakai baju merah datang tertunduk-tunduk. "Err.. Cik.. Cik.." Mata masih lekat kat buku tadi tanpa menoleh kiri + kanan. Apek tu cuba panggil lagi. "Cik.. Cik.." Sedikit kuat dari tadi. "Ya?" Oh.. Sorry. Earphone yang tersumbat kat dalam lubang telinga terus ditarik keluar. Aisey.. Sure apek tu bengang! Hehe.. "Cik.. Err.. Sini tak boleh baca duduk." Cermin mata yang dipakai, diadjust sedikit. Apek tu menyeringai. "Tapi, saya bersila." Apek senyum lagi. "Bersila pun tak boleh, cik. Kita rugi. Kena berdiri." Ek..? Dalam hati, apa bezanya? Sama je, kan? Cangkung je kat situ karang baru tahu. Apek menyeringai tak sudah. Aisey, malas nak argue dengan apek tu lagi. "Oh, sorry yeah. Nanti saya baca berdiri." Terpaksalah reply balik senyuman dahsyat apek tu. "Thank you ar.." Hmm.. Nak tak nak, terpaksalah dating dengan Harry Potter sambil berdiri. Adeh.. Lenguh dari berdiri sebab tunggu tren kat KL Sentral tadi pun belum habis lagi.. Haish..
Kaki dah cukup lenguh bin lenguh lagi. Selera untuk terus 'berdating' dengan Harry Potter dah terbantut. Akhirnya, ke kedai YAMAHA tingkat atas yang dituju. Fulamak.. Macam biasalah kalau masuk kat kedai tu, mata mesti terbeliak je tengok guitar2 yang tersangkut. Haduh.. Coolio! Awek kaunter kedai tersenyum. Senyuman standard cap 'Welcome ke kedai kami..' dilemparkan. Takde customer pun time tu selain dari tuan punya blog ni. Dan macam biasa.. "Hi Miss.." Senyum. "Hi." Senyum balik. "What can I do for you?" Ramah je awek kaunter tu. "Err.. I nak cari guitar." Tak cakap pun tahu yang awek kaunter tu kira separa terkejut bila mendengar ayat tadi. Haha.. "Boleh. But what kind of guitar, miss?" Apa? Crazy ke nak beli guitar cap YAMAHA yang harga beribu-ribu lemon tu!? "I mean, guitar.. punya pick." Confirm awek tu bengang. Huhu.. Beli 5 pick guitar yang harga RM2 satu pun jadilah dari tak beli apa2, kan.. Nasiblah kalau masuk kedai tu. Tak dapat beli guitar YAMAHA yang berkilat-kilat level kronik tu, dapat pick guitar dari kedainya pun okay jugak! Haha.. :P
Bila balik, jalan jammed level giga. Stuck in the middle of the road for almost 2 hours. Haduh.. Wrong day to hang out, I guess.. Dahlah kena berdiri lama kat station, apek MPH tu suruh berdiri pulak kalau nak 'dating' dengan buku Harry Potter tu, hang out sorang2, makan sorang2, tengok movie sorang2, window shopping sorang2, semua sorang2.. Haila.. Rindunya kat minah Suganti tu! Huhu.. Nasib baik movie Papadom tadi best. Heh.. :/
*Tak sabar nak tengok game ManU. Rindu jugak kat Vidic dengan Evra. And oh.. Lupa nak membebel lagi pasal roti Doublecheese Burger masa lunch tadi, keras! Ek..

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Alaa.. Draw Pun Okay!

Semalam tengok game macam orang bisu. Tak dapat nak jerit2 macam selalunya. Tekak sakit. Hati lagi sakit. Dahlah kepala pun tengah pening 'ting-tong' dek kerana sisa demam yang masih berbaki. Adeh.. Sekali draw je lah pulak dengan si Sunderland tu! Huhu.. Biar jelah.. Malas nak tension2 pasal game ni this time. Buat sakit kepala je. Tapi, kan.. Terasa nak 'clorox' kow2 si Valencia dengan Rooney, okay? Main bola macam nak tak nak je! Pigi daa.. :/
P/s - Adik Ferdinand tu 2x5 je macam abang dia! Kasi minum clorox baru tau! Ee..

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)
This Blogxygen has been abondoned for almost a week. Huish.. Tuan punya blog kurang sihat. Biasalah.. Antibodi konon tak kuat, 'fragile'.. Alhamdulillah.. Hampir 2 kali weekends makan luar. Makan kat 'open house'! Haha.. Ibu takyah masak during weekends katanya. Rezeki bulan Syawal.. Hehe.. Kepala pening, berat je rasa.. Macam baru lepas kena gelek dengan steamroller! Haila.. Tetiba je pulak demam datang attack. Ceh.. Suara dah hilang! Ini semua batuk punya pasal. Macam mana nak jerit2 kat depan tv time tengok game ManU malam ni? Ish.. Muscle2 ni semua sengal2 macam baru lepas kena wrestling. Sungguhlah si Panadol yang dah berbiji-biji ditelan tu tak lut langsung. Hmm.. Sakit2, batuk2, pening2 tapi bila time pergi raya mesti je! ;D
P/s to Chico - Siapa kata kalau dah tua bangka, tak dapat duit raya haa..?! Hehehe.. :P
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