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Monday, October 15, 2012


Hek eleh. Title post macam apa je. Plus with this 'smashing' pic, haish.. I'm drooling now! People may think that tuan punya blog just purchased it! Aahh.. Wish it was real, though. :P

Hey, anyway before I go any further, a big 'HI' and 'SALAM' to y'all. Wish you guys well yeah! (*Well.. I mean, if there was somebody 'sesat' here for real-lah, kan. Hehe.) Fuh.. Lama gila kot tak jenguk blog sendiri. Kalau dah tuan punya blog pun tak visit blog sendiri, apatah lagi orang lain, right? Huhu. Been busy with loads of stuff and what not. Been here and there. Done this and that. Well, let's just say that I'm too lazy to pour 'em all here, ey? I think I should just retire. Retiring as a blogger of my own abandoned blog. Argh.. I think I already did. Somehow. =/

Well, I must say that leading life as a student may not be as simple as gulping down a big bowl of cendol. (*Well, at least eating a HUGE bowl is an easy task for me, though. Ceh.) Away from home. Away from your best bed and pillows. Away from the couch that has always been a victim of 'violence' whenever I watch my ManU games. Away from ibu's epic cooking. Away from teh ais mamak favorite. Gosh! The 'away-from-list' just won't end, wouldn't it?

But, how or when will you start missing home and all these things when you're not away from any of them, kan? Cewah cewah cewah.. Konon nak try jadi the-positive-Oprah. Hmm, that's what I told myself-lah, just to feel better. At least. For a tiny bit. Ehem. :|

Anyway, a lovely cousin sister of mine just got married. Aaww.. May happiness be with them, always. And yes, we all went to Johor for the kenduri. Best gila. Was in-charge for the 'bunga pahar' or some people call it as 'bunga telur'. Ceh, saja I nak show-off konon tau buat bunga telur. Hehe. Weddings are fun, I think. I mean, when it comes to gathering with family, relatives part-lah! Jangan nak gatal, Azrin! Betul! Pergi wedding memang fun. Sebab apa? Hey.. Dapat makan nasi minyak, nasi beriani, nasi color2, eh.. Yelah, sebab color dia bukan putih dan orang tak panggil tu nasi putih. Ceh. Lepas tu dapat makan tapai manis. Makan cake pengantin walaupun tak makan style suap-menyuap tu. Makan lauk itu. Makan lauk ini. Yes, perhaps you guys may think, "Weh, dari tadi makan, makan, makan. Takde kerja lain ke?" (*Ala let's just admit, kak, bang, adik, makcik, pakcik semua.. 'MAKAN' is one of the main purposes when you're at a wedding tau. Betul. Ehem.. According to my law-lah. Haha.) Yang paling best, bila kita dapat bunga telur banyak2, sebab? Sebab, bila kita balik rumah, kita kena straight masuk dapur, lepas tu kita ambik kicap, dan tuang kat telur rebus yang dapat tadi tu, haa, lepas tu.. apalagi! Goodness me! I can't believe I just taught you guys such lesson! Tak senonoh betul. Don't try this at other people's home, try at your own, kay. Hehe. :p

Opsy.. Looks like I've been 'nagging' for hours now. Time to get going. Will see you guys when I wake up at the 'correct' side of the bed, like I did this morning, which particularly or magically made me visit my own blog. Ish ish ish..

Hope all is well. Take care, people! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm Everything I Am..

"I'm everything I am, because you loved me.." Celine Dion

I miss home! :'(

Monday, January 23, 2012

The 'angpau' from ManU for US!

Yay! 2 goals by both Valencia and Welbeck. Now that's what we call an 'angpau'! Weehaa! V.Persie, sila campur clorox lebih sikit bila you wash your '91-blablabla-inner-shirt'.


Sunday, January 15, 2012

ManU VS Bolton

Yeah! We just won a game against Bolton, few minutes ago, people! Wee! Well, as usual, I shouted and jumped like a crazy person in front of my tv. Ayah and Abang geleng kepala. "Kakak memang over!" Haha. Hey, that's how you watch a match, guys! Eceh! :P

I've gotta admit that Bolton's Bogdan was 'terribly' good! He denied quite some goal efforts from our side. I like the moment when Bolton's Petrov paid us a strong 'attack' and luckily Rafael blocked it simply. Rajin mamat ni. Haha. However, Rooney's penalty made me 'crack' the remote controller in my hands into half. That Bogdan guy's precise dive, denied the penalty.

As the game continued, our very own ex-ManU-retiree, Mr. Scholes did send us a 'warning' through his first goal since his return to Manchester United. "People, I'm back in action!" However, there were some parts where I was 'extremely' annoyed by just seeing someone. Well, that's not the first time I felt that way. Who's that someone, wanna have a guess? It's that Rio. Yeah, exactly, that one and only Rio. Seriously, I just can't stand watching Ferdinand's existence on the field. Betul! He's like, "Hey, I kicked the ball!" kind of face. Tapi, tengok sikit cara main! That ain't no football-lah, Ferd. Style macam tengah main guli je! Ugh!

Just so we know, Nani's habit, "I don't like to share the ball." Haish! Ni lagi satu mamat ni nak kena. Please share, dude! Welbeck's heroic goal, yet unfortunately at the very same time, he's injured and replaced by Chicarito. Nani and Scholes were also being replaced by Park and Giggs, few minutes before the game ended. During approximately 83th minute, an effortless yet stylish, straight goal came from Carrick. And yeah, I did shout like a crazy person this time, again. During the 3 minutes of added time, I already did my victory dance. Haha. Glory glory Man United! *hi-5! :D

*Hey! This is actually my FIRST ever ManU game's review this year. I can't even remember the last time I did this session of 'saya-tengah-perasan-jadi-football-commentator'! Ceh!

Friday, January 13, 2012

A date? Me? Pfft..

Yeah.. I know, the post's title scares me too, guys! Haha. What is she thinking? A date? Gosh! I couldn't help myself laughing in front of my lappy while typing this. Really. A super duper random stuff that popped up from the head this late evening, a date. (*Ketuk kepala. Ketuk kepala.) It was so sudden and I've gotta admit that I was in my 'lala-jiwang-bawang-mode' for a minute while thinking about it! Waaaaa! Sangkut dagu atas meja, senyum lebar2 sampai ke telinga, otak kosong melayang-layang? Naaaaahhh! Tak-lah jadi sampai level pro macam tu kot. (*Hah! What a relief.)

It was just a slight visual in my brain, after I saw an old couple eating together. The Chinese atok in his white pagoda singlet and his gorgeous wife with a pair of worn out selipar jepon, sat together and chatted while waiting for their orders to arrive. When the meals had been served, the atok took his wife's plate closer to him and started to pinch the roti canai, bit by bit. Guess what he did later on? Special service of cooling off the roti canai pieces! Tiup dan tiup kepingan2 roti canai panas yang telah disiat tadi, then only he pushed the plate to his wife, who waited patiently with a smile on her face. She touched his right hand as an initial of 'thank you'. Believe me, that was such a beautiful scene to behold. Just, beautiful. Realizing that I stared at them for too long, (*Yeah, I know it's rude to stare, but I couldn't help myself!) I continued sipping my teh ais which was no longer can be considered as 'heaven' as I always claimed sebab buih dan ais dia dah habis cair-bair! "Anei!" And as my little sis urged me to finish up my food faster, I took a glance at the couple, again. They enjoyed what's on the table and called one of the 'anei(s)' for a bill. He paid the anei and again, my eyes were glued at the couple. The nenek naturally wiped off his beloved husband's 'curry-stained' chin with her handkerchief. He smiled for the hundredth time! They started to leave the table, walked slowly and held each others' hands tightly. Aaawww... :')

On my way home, I kept thinking about the couple. Even now I'm thinking about them. Such a pure love and the way they expressed it, PRICELESS! To some, that may be just a normal, mere reaction. But for me, that tiny little expression worth more than a candlelight dinner at a 5-star hotel or anything. Simple yet meaningful. Grow old together with your loved ones. Gosh! (*I didn't know I can be this jiwang-bawang! Help!)

Hence, the picture above. HAHAHAHA! Can't believe myself! Yeah, you guys got it right. I perasan myself as the girl in the pic. (*Waa! I AM LOONY!) Couldn't imagine what will the guy look like, but that does not matter to me now. Just with some heart moving moments, gentle postures, silly jokes but not too silly, little bit of surprise and this and that (*your personalized plans-lah. Hehe.) But, I personally feel that, respect is what really matters. Respect everyone especially your parents, family, friends and partner. Oh yeah, not to forget, respect our own selves first, then the rest will flow naturally. Euw, Azrin! Are you a part-time love doctor now? This is so not myself. I'm blaming the teh ais tak sedap, kurang sejuk I had just now! Haha!

*Imagining myself and a guy in his best tux, sitting on a bench under a shady tree, enjoying our 3rd bowl of cendol extra kacang! Hahaha! Now, that sounds like a nice kind of date, though. Hehe. (*Ketuk kepala. Ketuk kepala.) So, how's your kind of date, guys? May Allah bless us all. ;)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Live High

It's 2012 already and sheesh, I haven't blogged since last August 2011? Dayum! I AM SO SO SO LAST YEAR! Haish.. Pemalas gila tuan punya blog. Anyway, I'm hoping that this brand new year of 2012 will be a great one for all of us, yeah? May Allah bless this fresh 'chapter' of our lives and grant us with good health, good weather, good food, good friends and (*when you're listing for good things to be asked to God, the list just won't end!) Heh. Well, let's just put it this way, may ALL is WELL and (*cough) let's have a (more) 'pocketful' this year, people! Haha! Hugs!

My all time favorite, Jason Mraz's 'Live High'.. Dedicated to you guys! :)

I try to picture a girl
Through a looking glass
See her as a carbon atom
See her eyes and stare back at them
See that girl
As her own new world
Though a home is on the surface, she is still a universe

Glory God, oh God is peeking through the blinds
Are we all here standing naked
Taking guesses at the actual date and time
Oh my, justifying reasons why
Is an absolutely insane resolution to live by

Live high
Live mighty
Live righteously
Taking it easy
Live high, live mighty
Live righteously

Try to picture the man
To always have an open hand
See him as a giving tree
See him as matter
Matter fact he's not a beast
No not the devil either
Always a good deed doer
And it's laughter that we're making after all

The call of the wild is still an ordination why
And the order of the primates
All our politics are too late
Oh my, the congregation in my mind
Is this assembly singing gratitude
Practicing their loving for you

Just take it easy
And celebrate the malleable reality
Nothing is ever as it seems
This life is but a dream
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