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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Everything Will Be Fine..

I just feel like blogging today. One random thought. Hah.

Sometimes, people can be super ignorant without even noticing that they're being one. And yes, one of those kind of people is me. It isn't something to be proud of. Just no.

Today, I went to a place where there were a lot of busy people doing their stuff. *My usual lepak-ing spot back in my hometown* Here and there. Observing the live scenarios while spooning my sweet, cold cendol, I had a mixed feelings. Just like the cendol. It's sweet, creamy, yet its coldness revived your taste buds. Just perfect to describe how I felt at that moment.

An old uncle without slippers walked from a table to another. He greeted each person with a weak smile. His stained shirt looked dull. I noticed that one of his fingers was missing. My eyes were 'clothed' with my nerdy specs, so I was pretty sure that he only had 4 fingers. I refused to think further on where that finger went missing. I did not dare to. I pushed away my cendol bowl. He then continued his little journey. Leaving each table empty-handed. I just can't take my eyes off him. Those people who refused him, were barely even looked at him! Gosh! People can be that 'nice' sometimes, ey? I waited for him to turn to my table. But he didn't. He sat near the dirty stairs with an empty stare. Ah! I can't stand this anymore! Took out a green and a few blue notes from my pocket. Walked slowly towards him and.. "Uncle, tadi duit you jatuh." He looked at my hand. Then my face. "Ya, duit you, Uncle. Tadi jatuh kat sana." I pointed at err.. some random spot, I think. He held my hand with that weak smile. I nodded my head to tell him that I was telling him the truth. He looked confident this time and slowly took the notes out of my hand. "Xie xie. Xie xie." He walked. Weak but happy steps, I saw. Then, there was like a river in my eyes. Ish, Azrin!

"Ah. Enough already. Quit the emo part. Let's eat another bowl of cendol, shall we?" An energetic version of me shouted from within.

Another bowl? Yes, why not! All smiles now.

Then there was a bunch of young school boys, with their sweaty uniforms and rusty pairs of shoes. They laughed, giggled and screamed hysterically among each other while waiting for the Auntie Cendol to prepare their Sirap, Cendol Kosong, Ais Kacang and Soya. The Auntie Cendol suddenly chuckled upon a silly joke told by one of the boys. "Jangan nak cuba bodek Auntie hari ni ya. Semalam kan dah kasi free ais kacang," said that Auntie. The boys can't stop giggling and laughing. But this time, It wasn't loud at all. Almost no sound. No wonder. The Sirap, Cendol Kosong, Ais Kacang and Soya were already swimming in their mouths. "Tak apalah Auntie. Auntie baik. Nanti kitorang ada duit, kita bayar eh?" one of the boys finally answered the Auntie Cendol. "Kita balik dulu eh, Auntie. Kejap lagi ada 'koko' (kokurikulum). Terima kasih, Auntie. Bye!" And the whole bunch disappeared. Leaving the Auntie Cendol who sent them with a smile.

Hang on! They just left? Without paying the Auntie Cendol a cent for the Sirap, Cendol Kosong, Ais Kacang and Soya? Better yet, she's smiling now?

A few minutes later..

I approached her to pay my 2 bowls of cendol. "Cendol extra kacang 2. Berapa Auntie?" I took my wallet out. "Macam biasa. Biasa. 2 ringgit, amoi." She smiled. Again. "Thank you, Auntie. Cendol Auntie sedap!" With my typical 'gedik' tone, I sincerely complimented her. "Hari-hari you datang makan cendol sini, you tak boring ke amoi?" she asked me. "No-lah. Mana ada boring, Auntie."

"She won't say no to cendol, Auntie! Never!" A loud voice came from behind me. Oh! It was Sue, a good friend of mine. The Auntie Cendol laughed a little as a sign that she too agreed with my friend's statement. Ish, Sue ni! "Auntie, kenapa budak-budak sekolah tadi minum sini tada bayar you punya? Itu macam okay ka?" Sue asked her. Hey, that was my question! Never mind.. Sue and I waited for her answer.

"Tak apalah. Diorang sekolah lagi. Ada duit, bayarlah. Takda duit nak bayar, takkan tamau kasi diorang minum. Air saja, adik. Bukan emas." Hah! I saw Sue gulped. The Auntie looked so selamba or shall I say sincere when she said that. I felt warm inside.

While driving back home, a question popped out from my head; how terrible a human can be and how noble a human can be? To what extent should we as imperfect human beings, perfect our imperfections. Ignorance, arrogance, selfishness, greediness, and what not are everywhere. The tendency to have them is super high. But, I believe that we can be what we choose to be. And the choice is ultimately ours.

Living life gets difficult to do, at times don't you think? Silly question, cik kak! Haha.

InsyaAllah, everything will be fine. May Allah bless us all.

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