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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March's 1st Post!

Hi all! How're you guys doing?
I've realized that I'm updating this 'lau yah' blog once a month. Fuh.. Standard dah kot level kemalasan tu. Dah tak boleh nak tolong dah. Sebulan sekali? Tengok sikit kat archive 2011 tu haa.. Mak ai.. Confirm, skil membebebebebebebebel si tuan punya blog dah makin nipis. Eceh.. Haha..
I think I've lost my (*worthy charm) of being 'perasan-konon-jadi-bola-punya-commentator'. Haha.. Yeah, seriously guys, I miss the 'Ferguson-ish' sense in me. Kalau dulu2, bila habis je tengok game ManU versus 'team-sipolan2', I'll straight away run my fingers on the keyboard, typing those of my cheesy type of game previews. And now, I wish I could have the time to even, WATCH MY MAN UTD GAMES WITHOUT SNORING IN THE SOFA DURING THE 2nd HALF! See.. How 'pathetic' I'm becoming!
*But sometimes, I wonder why would other people argue with me (particularly on my fb wall) whenever ManU loses any game. Seriously, it annoys me sometimes. For example, the game we had with 'Liverfool' wasn't really a good one though. And there was one fella came and wrote on my fb wall, why did ManU players played like THAT! Letting the rivals to clog in 3 goals while Nani cried on the field plus, my 'manja' Nemanja Vidic was being sent off! The fella kept questioning ME about why would such things happened to my team! He was also mumbling about Fergie would've used a better tactical plan and blablabla. And I was like.. "WHAT?!" Apa, dia ingat si Azrin tu bini Fergie ke apa? Tak pun, assistant coach? Referee? Eee.. It doesn't make any sense, right. For me, kalah means kalah. Menang is menang. At the end of the season, we'll see who'll grab the cup. Kan? Ini tak.. He was saying about the other team played for the pride-lah, ManU played just for the sake of getting the cup-lah. Ey! Rimas mak cik, nak.. Haha.. Yeah, some people can be thaaaat fanatic, huh? Se-fanatic2 si Azrin tu pun tang part Vidic je kot. Hahaha..
Phew.. I think that'll be enough. Blogging about football always makes me 'wreck less'. In a way.. Haha.. Wish you guys a 'Happy March' yeah! *hugs!
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