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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Once Upon A December

December is coming up.. So, I post this OST from an anime called 'Anastasia'.. This used to be my favourite movie and song.. Hope you guys enjoy it too.. And.. Welcome DECEMBER! =)

Once Upon A December
Dancing bears
Painted wings
Things I almost remember
And a song someone sings
Once upon a December..
Someone holds me safe and warm
Horses prance through a silver storm
Figures dancing gracefully
Across my memory..
Long ago
Glowing dim as an ember
Things my heart used to know
Things it yearns to remember
And a song someone sings
Once upon a December..

Thursday, November 27, 2008


(Psst.. This 'kaki' is totally NOT mine! Hehe..)
I don't know why..
This week..
This past few days..
I'm not that 'okay' as usual..
I can't figure the reasons why..
It's just..
I'm so not myself..

Things around seems to make myself even worse..
I wish this 'pathetic-week' would end faster..
Then, I shall start a new week with a new me..
This 'blur-week' of mine..
Where it comes from?
I have no clue..
Can't get things straight in line..
Ugh, blur..
I wish this blur-mode will fade away..
Shooh.. Shooh..
Ehem.. Don't worry you guys.. I'm just a lil' bit blur here for nothing..
My 'head' masih okay lagi.. Tak terhantuk pun kat mana-mana dinding.. Hihi..
I just hate to love and love to hate this BLUR feeling.. That's all..
After drinking a glass of teh ais, I'll be just fine!
Haha.. So, don't be this blur, you guys! =p
All 'chikai' photos in this Blogxygen by: oxygen-me

Jom Bertapa..

Yay2.. Finally, I'll have the chance to date with me, myself and I this coming weekend!
Like usual, places like MPH or BORDERS make me smile..
Eceh.. Bukannya apa, I get to read free books! Haha.. Jahat, kan?
Here's the tricks..
1st - Grab one of your favourite books or magazines and as for me, I would prefer to take the book as shown above. Hehe..

2nd - Sumbatkan telinga dengan earphones + iPod Shuffle. Senang sikit.. Bila orang panggil or buat bising kat sebelah, kita memang takkan dengar dan tak payah nak dengar! Haha..
3rd - Finding the best 'spot' to read is very important memandangkan tempat itulah yang kita akan spend for a few hours. Cari yang dekat dengan air-cond or fan but quite tersorok from other people..

4th - Bermulalah sesi 'bertapa'.. Hihi..
Hmm.. Easy, huh? Bertapa sambil membaca.. Jimat duit sebab tak payah beli that book yang kita baca sebab kita dah baca. Haha.. And, sebagai salah satu cara untuk mould ourselves to read.. Best apa membaca ni.. Give it a try.. Syok! Believe me 'cause I've done this many times and I enjoyed it. Hehe.. Actually by doing this, niat nak tengok movies tapi duit tak cukup dapatlah terubat sikit.. Huhu.. =p So, kalau takde duit nak main bowling, movies, shopping or anything.. Boleh je 'bertapa' dengan buku or magazines.. ;D
Yay3! So, Harry Potter.. I'm coming! Hihi..

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Miss The Good Ol' Times..

There's a time when I feel like I'm lost.. Lost in my own world.. Things from the past kept 'haunting' me. Hehe.. Not that type of 'haunting' yang hantu2 punyalah.. but the GOOD 'haunting'.. Hihi.. Why did I say this? Hmm.. "Buang tebiat ke budak ni?" or.. "Kepala tu ada terhantuk kat lantai bilik air ke?" Hihi.. Nolah..

Dah besar2 ni, rasa macam tak percaya je.. I've grown up.. Yeah! I have grown up! Bukan lagi budak kecik yang suka lari2 sana sini waktu kenduri orang dan main masak2 dengan cousins yang kat kampung tu.. Even cousins yang selalu dibuat main sama2, makan sama2, tidur sama, mandi sama2 (eceh.. yang sama gender jelah! Hihi..) juga dah grown up.. Yang nak kahwin pun ada and yang dah kahwin pun ada jugak.. Aisey.. Time goes by so rapidly.. Tak percaye3.. =O

I miss the good old times.. Rindu sangat2.. Tak perlu fikir berat2.. Easy-going je dengan things around. Dah besar2 ni, aww.. So much to deal with.. Ee.. Pening2.. (*sigh)

A reminder for myself - InsyaAllah.. Things will work out fine and stick to yourself.. Double the love for family, family and family.. Ehem.. Save some 'love' for the 'tuan-punya-otak-yang-quite-serabai-kusut-sekarang-ni'.. Hihi.. =P

Breathe in the oxygen now! Yeehaa!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Zaf & Lah VE - Aku Bukan Untukmu

Aku Bukan Untukmu - Zaf & Lah V.E

Yesterday.. 3 'chikai' singers + guitar players played this song.. Hihi.. There were Abang Mamat (guitar + vocal), Haziq aka Chikko (vocal) and me (guitar + vocal).. Cecewah.. Once in a while, kami 3 sepupu 'jamming' sikit.. Hihi.. We had fun while doin' that.. (*wink) This is a nice song actually.. A new version of Aku Bukan Untukmu by both V.E ex-members, Zaf and Lah.. Believe it or not, I've never listened to this song before until my cousins introduced this to me last week.. Hehe.. Bukannya apa.. Tak berapa 'gila' sangat dengar radio! Huhu.. And maybe lagu ni dah 'agak' lama for you guys.. Kesian.. Saya baru je dengar.. ='( But, I'm starting to like it now.. Hihi.. Hope you guys will enjoy this song as much as I do! Yay!

Opss.. And don't forget to enjoy doin' your things..
Salam.. =D

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My Friend Tagged Me?!

An old friend of mine named, Tan Sze Wei aka Susu tagged me. Aisey man! Oh.. Do I have to do this, Susu? =p

1) Describe yourself in one word?


2) Who will you pick, someone who really loves you or someone that you love?

Err.. Never been in love. Hihi.. So, I don't have to pick! Yay!

3) Have you ever love someone but never had the courage to tell?

Haha.. Always been in that situation!

4) How if people reject your confessions face to face?

I'll thank the person and run! =p

5) God is giving you just 5 more minutes before going back to heaven. If you love someone special, what will you say to that person?

Err.. Dude! Wanna come with me? Hihi..

6) What will you say to a person who doesn't want to believe you?

Cheit! Podaa.. Balik 'kampung'lah!

7) Was there ever a time that you tried to learn to love someone?

(Susu, why there are so many 'love' questions daa..?) Yeah, I used to try once but I changed my mind 'cause hey, I don't even know how to love a guy!? Hihi..

8) Do you have someone special with you all the time?

Yeah, my family! =)

9) Long distance love?

Hmm.. Why not.. But, short distance love pun tarak! Kuikuikui..

10) Best place to cry?

My bedroom!

11) Who do you love the most?

Definitely my family! No doubt on that..

12) Ever hated someone so bad?

Haha.. I hate rude persons a lot!

13) The biggest and most hurtful lie you've ever heard?

"On the way.. On the way.." But, the person is not even out yet! Huhu..

14) The last person you had roti canai with?

With all my family members.. Ehem.. Don't forget the TEH AIS! =p

15) The last person you went to the movies with?

Err.. Can't rememberlah.. Hihi.. Pelupa!

16) The last person you talked on the cellphone with?

The Maxis operator. "Nombor yang anda dail.. bla.. bla.." Hehe..

17) The last person / thing you hugged?

My lil' brother..

18) The last person you yelled at?

Err.. My neighbour's cat, I think.. I'm scared of cats! Hihi.. Meow2!

19) In the last week, have you ever kissed someone?

Yeah.. Again, it's my lil' brother whom I kissed almost everyday, not just last week..

20) Think of the last time you were angry. Why were you angry?

I had a big headache + fever last few days, so I asked my lil' sis to 'picit-kepala'.. She kept saying, "Okay2.. Later2.." And until now she hasn't touch my head pun! Ugh..

21) If you could do anything or wish anything, what would it be?

Woohoo.. Best question! Err.. I wish for the bad people in this world to live in Mars and no one's hungry + poor..

22) If you could have an all expense paid trip, where would you go?

Every single state in this world! Hey, it's free, kan? =)

23) What reminds you most about her / him?

Psst.. Can I know who the person is? Hehe..

24) What / who would be the hardest thing / person for you to give up on?

Thing - Teh ais yang tak sedap : Person - (blur..)

25) 5 true facts about me?

  • A mere guitar player
  • Single? Hehe.. Cewah!
  • ManU fan
  • My family is my oxygen
  • I like sleeping.. =p

26) 4 things that scare me?

  • Cockroaches
  • Cats
  • Being lost
  • Darkness.. I mean, blackout!

27) 3 of your favourite colours?

  • White
  • Black
  • Turqoise

Friday, November 21, 2008

Once Upon A Terrible Time!

(Gambar hiasan je ni.. Cerita kat bawah tu, memanglah benar belaka. BUKAN fiction semata-mata! =p)
Once upon a terrible time..
I had a terrible time lah! Hehe..
Yeah, it was!
The terrible moment began when..
A wonderful weather.. I woke up from the bed after wiped up my saliva with my shirt.. (Hehe.. Tak busuk pun! =p) I quickly got ready to school and kissed my Ibu's cheek before stepping out from the house.
I waited for the school bus with all my friends. Selalunya, kalau tunggu pak cik bas sekolah datang, kitorang selalu lepak2 dan duduk2 kat satu 'teduhan' tu. I mean, waktu tu sekolah sesi petang, so masuk tengahari. Bila tunggu pak cik bas datang memanglah berkurun. Berupaya membuatkan kulit ni hah jadi hitam legam under the hot sun..
'Port' teduhan that I meant just now was located kat sebuah bangunan beberapa tingkat. Tempat tinggal orang sebenarnya tu.. Apartment, to be exact..
I felt so sleepy that day. So, that made me un-energetic to 'kepochi' around with my friends. I decided to sit down and tidur sekejap. I sat on a big 'batu' availabled there. Hehe.. Macam tau2 je yang beta nak 'beradu'! Huhu..
Sedang sedap berdengkur lebih kurang 5 minutes, there was 'something' suddenly fell on me. It looked like some kind of 'air sabun' produced by the mak cik2 tingkat atas yang selalu sidai baju kat balkoni diorang tuh.. I shouted a little sebab terkejutlah konon. All my friends gathered around me and kept asking me questions.
"Are you dreaming?"
"Why were you shouting?"
"Kau sihat ke tak ni?"
All the 'kepohchi' asked me serentak. I looked up (mendongak ke atas) and tried to find the 'source'. Dari mana pulak datang air ni. Tiba-tiba melepek jatuh kat tangan kanan ni. Bukan sikit, banyak! Kut lah ada burung yang 'buang air' ke.. Kain baju yang disidai tidak diperah betul2 hingga habis air jatuh menitik-nitik ke.. I was wondering.. My friends too..
Then, one of my friends said..
Friend 1 - Air apa kat tangan you tu, Oxy?
Oxy - (blur..)
Friend 2 - Yeah.. Takde hujan.. Takde ape.. Tiba-tiba basah je.. (muka pelik)
Oxy - (still in the blur-mode!)
Friend 3 - Air sabun dari laundry mak cik tingkat atas kot. Kan kita selalu kena..
And the rest were nodding their heads together.
Friend 1 - Cuba kau bau. Kalau wangi, confirm it came from laundry mak cik tingkat atas.
Oxy - Kau gila? Kalau wangi, okaylah.. Kalau busuk? (blur-mode dah tinggal 40% je)
Friend 2 - (tergelak-gelak) Ha'ah.. Cuba kau bau sikit.
Oxy - (had no choice!) Hidu..
Then, I felt that the time has stopped! Please tell that I'm dreaming! Dalam hati, berharap sangat yang time tu memanglah tengah bermimpi.
But.. NOT!
Friend 1 + 2 + 3 - So? Wangi? Busuk?
Oxy - (jerit sekuat hati!) Ya Allah! Siapa yang buat ni!?
Friend 1 - Kenapa? Asal?
Oxy - Ini (air tadi) bukan datang dari kain baju mak cik tingkat atas ni! Ini air dari 'dalam mulut' mak cik tu punya mak cik ni!! Huh.. Nak marah ni.. Nak marah!
Bertuah punya kawan.. Khusyuk je laughed at me.. Buka nak tolong ke apa ke!
(Lari laju2 dan terus ke paip wuduk surau berdekatan dengan bangunan itu. Basuh tangan hampir 30 kali!) Yerk.. Ludah siapalah tu! Waaa..
Back at the 'port', I saw all my friends were stepping into the school bus. Laa.. Pak cik bas dah sampai rupanya.. Sebelum kaki melangkah masuk ke dalam bas, sempat lagi tu dongakkan kepala. Looking at the building. Siap jerit lagi tu!
"Kepada mak cik, pak cik, abang, kakak, adik, datuk, nenek.. Sesiapalah.. Yang selambe-mambe meludah tadi. Terima kasih banyak-banyak eh! Amalkan selalu! Pengotor!"
Lepas je jerit that sentences, I stepped in the bus. Yang lain2 dalam bas tu dah ketawa berdekah-dekah. Siap tepuk tangan lagi. Including that pak cik bas sekolah kitorang.. I was so mad at that time. Takde hati langsung nak join 'kelab ketawa' diorang tu.. Bertuah punya sekutu bas!
Sebelum turun dari bas sekolah, pak cik bas called me.
Pak cik bas - Beranilah kamu ni. (Dia tersenyum dan barulah tersedar yang gigi depan pak cik tu tinggal 4 batang je! Ceh.. Jahat! Hihi..)
Oxy - Berani?
Pak cik bas - Mana ada orang yang berani jerit macam tu. Kamu kena 'air' ke? (gelak)
Oxy - Air? (baru teringat!) Oh.. air! Ha'ah.. Tadi waktu nak tunggu pak cik datang, saya tidur kejap kat bawah balkoni tu. Tiba-tiba pulak rasa basah je tangan ni ha. Bau dia. Ya Allah!
Pak cik bas - (gelak dan gelak lagi) Maaf ye, nak.
Oxy - (pelik) Maaf? Kenapa?
Pak cik bas - Pak ciklah yang terludah kat kamu tu. Naik kejap ke rumah tadi sebab terlupa nak ambil kunci bas. Berhenti sat kat balkoni dan.. Hihi.. Tak sangka pulak terkena ke kamu. Maaf ye, nak. Janji pak cik takkan meludah merata lagi.
Oxy - (ternganga)
When I told my friends about that in the class, seperti biasa.. They laughed out loud.
Friend 1 - Kawan, balik nanti jangan lupa sama' tangan tu eh.. (gelak yang tak pernah habis)
Friend 2 - Tak pun.. Mandi bunga je! (gelak!)
Oxy - 'Terima kasih' banyak2, korang! (blur..)
Moral of the story:
  • Jangan tidur waktu tunggu bas
  • Jangan duduk2, lepak2 bawah balkoni rumah orang
  • Jangan hidu segala spesies air yang tetiba jatuh melepek ke atas diri sendiri
  • Jangan cepat percaya kat kawan yang suruh 'baulah-mungkin-air-sabun-mak cik-tingkat-atas-kot'
  • Sebab.. Mana ada orang sidai baju tengahari buta nak masuk lewat petang!
  • Do not spit around!
  • Ever!
    Lupa nak bagitau yang pak cik tu belanja makan Cornetto for a week! Hehe.. Sebagai tanda maaf, katanya.. And this time, I laughed out loud at my friends again! =p

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Just A Gentle Reminder..

(The respected, beloved father and 'Atok' - Allahyarham Tasphin B. Yassin)
Posted by - His grandaughter, ME! =p
Salam all..
This time, I would like to post a special tale..
This true tale, sent to me last month via e-mail from my Uncle..
It's quite interesting and yeah.. I've decided to share it with you guys here.. (Cecewah.. Macamlah ramai sangat yang visit my blog ni.. Hihi..)
One true story..
A gentle reminder to fellow parents yang nak bawak anak-anak pergi sembahyang di surau atau masjid.
Title - Akibat jelingan ayah!
Kisah ini benar-benar terjadi padaku (Aku = my Uncle) sewaktu aku kanak-kanak dahulu..
Ayah aku (in the photo above) selalu memberi amaran padaku dengan menjeling garang, jika aku membuat sesuatu yang tidak disukainya.
Contohnya, jika ke kedai, kalau aku mengambil gula-gula, dia akan menjeling padaku. Bermakna aku disuruh letakkan semula gula-gula itu ke tempatnya semula.
Suatu hari, aku mengikut ayah ke surau untuk solat Maghrib.
Ketika sedang rukuk, aku terperasan kain pelikat tok imam tersepit dicelah punggungnya.
Aku yang 'konon' ingin membantunya, terus menarik kain yang tersepit itu.
Ayahku yang sedang solat terus memberi jelingannya padaku.
Aku pun faham maksudnya itu, lalu aku terus memasukkan kain pelikat
tok imam itu ke celah punggungnya semula.
Apalagi, melatah lah tok imam tadi!
Habis satu jemaah batal solat mereka kerana turut terkejut dengan latahan tok imam tadi.
Ayahku yang bermuka merah padam menahan malu. Dengan marah dia mengheret aku
balik ke rumah.
Malam tu, berbirat punggung aku dirotannya.
Moral of the story: Jangan memandai nak masukkan kain ke celah punggung tok imam! Hihi..
Nanti dilatahnya tok imam.. Habis batal sembahyang!

Cough + Headache = Fever

(Above - A photo courtesy from Natalie & Mia. Thanks for letting me use your photo! =p)
First day.. Headache..
Second day.. Headache + Fever..
Third day.. Headache + Fever + Cough..
Hehe.. After a long while since I had all these penyakit (Hehe.. Tak kronik pun..) Now, they attack me again. Huhu..
Maybe it's because of the weather nowadays or..
2 glasses of teh ais?
Overload, perhaps?!
Huhu.. Never!
(Psst.. Teh ais, 'tatap' di hati! Hehe..)
Maybe.. it has come to my turn to have these cough + headache + fever..
Allah s.w.t nak 'denda' kejap.. ;D
Nak reducekan dosa2 kecil..
3 tablets of Panandol (paracetamol)
(Ehem.. Jangan sesekali ikut sukatan 'gila' ni! Kuikuikui.. It's meant for someone yang lunatic teh ais je!)
Opss.. Another way for me to cure cough, headache and fever..
Teh ais! Eh.. tak..
Minta2 Allah cepat sihatkan tuan punya badan ni..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mamak.. Teh ais satu!

Salam all..

Post kali ni, I would like to share about benda yang kat dalam gambar atas ni..

Hehe.. Yeah, it's about TEH AIS..

Actually, I just came back from kedai mamak. Pekena teh ais + roti canai.. Semua ahli dalam rumah pun join sekali.. Hihi.. Buat rombongan 'Cek Kiah'.. Penuh satu kereta! Hihi.. Nak buat macam mana.. Perut masing-masing tengah buat konsert 'LAPAR'.. =p

We went to a kedai mamak, located around PJ.. Dah biasa dah pergi kedai tu.. 2 hari sekali! Hihi.. Bila pergi sana, mesti kitorang dapat layanan VVIP from the 'mamak2' yang sporting habis tu.. Even some of them can't understand Bahasa Malaysia or English (Kadang2 kena pakai bahasa isyarat! Kuikuikui..) but their services towards the customers, memang tip top! Bila cakap sekali, trademark diorang mesti: ANGGUK KEPALA PASTU PUSING KANAN DAN KIRI SIKIT.. Hihi.. "Wokey!" adalah antara perkataan wajib yang diorang akan sebut..

Mamak 1 (yang faham bahasa) - Ya.. Akak, amoi, adik kicik.. (senyum)

Kami semua - Hai.. (senyum jugak!)

Mamak 1 (yang faham bahasa) - Mau makan apa ini hari? Macam biasa ka? (sambil pandang Oxy) Ya, amoi.. Teh ais lagi ka? (senyum dia makin lebar dari tadi)

Oxy - (tahan ketawa) Anei, teh ais macam biasa.. Kasi sedap sikit eh, Anei!

Mamak 1 (yang faham bahasa) - Wokey! Makan, amoi?

Oxy - Roti canai. Sambal. Kasi papadom sikit.

Mamak 1 (yang faham bahasa) - Wokey! Lagi apa mau? (macam biasa, mamak ni akan buat style angguk kepala dia yang famous tu!)

Lepas yang lain2 order.. That Anei sekali lagi buat style angguk dia lagi.. "Wokey!"

Few minutes later..

Mamak 2 (yang tak faham bahasa) - (tatang sedulang air2 minuman yang dipesan tadi)

Oxy - Anei, lagi satu teh ais mana? Ni ada tiga gelas je? (dahi dah berkerut-kerut)

Mamak 2 (yang tak faham bahasa) - Aaa.. Aaa.. (blur..)

Oxy - (tunjuk gelas teh ais tadi kat mamak tu) Satu lagi gelas.. Teh ais.. (control2..)

Mamak 2 (yang tak faham bahasa) - Aaa.. Aaa.. (muka yang nampak baru faham 50%)

Ibu - Anei.. Teh ais..

Yang lain dah tergelak-gelak.. Bertuah punya Anei! Ee..

Oxy - Kasi panggil itu Anei. (sambil tunjuk ke arah mamak 1 tadi yang kebetulan di meja sebelah)

Mamak 2 (yang tak faham bahasa) - Wokey!

Faham pulak tu! Volume gelak tawa di meja kami semakin kuat. Yang pelik, entah faham ke tak, mamak 2 tadi tu pun bantai ketawa sama.. Aisey.. =p

Mamak 1 (yang faham bahasa) - Ya, amoi?

Oxy - (sambil tahan ketawa) Anei, satu lagi.. Teh ais.. (ketawa jugak akhirnya..)

Mamak 1 (yang faham bahasa) - Wokey! Itu orang (mamak 2) tara paham bahasa lah, amoi. Banyak sorry. Dia baru mari. Teh ais amoi sikit lagi mari aa.. (senyum)

Oxy - Wokey!

Tunggu punya tunggu.. Akhirnya.. TEH AIS pun sampai..

Yeehaa! Bismillah.. Sedut punya sedut.. Aah.. Heaven! Laa.. Habis dah..?

Oxy - Anei.. teh ais satu lagi! Kasi sedap punya aa.. (tanpa sedar, Anei yang Oxy panggil tadi rupa-rupanya adalah mamak 2 yang tak faham bahasa tadi..) Alamak!

(Kenalah ulang balik bahasa isyarat tadi.. Huhu.. Anei.. Anei..)

Teh ais..


Teh ais..


Teh ais..

Makan dengan roti canai..


Roti canai..

Makan dengan papadom..



Teh ais..

Tak boleh satu cawan..

Teh ais..

Kena minum 2 cawan..

Baru double syok!

P/s: Moral of the story.. lain kali kalau nak mintak order / buat pesanan, tanyalah dengan waiter yang faham bahasa.. Kalau tak pakai jelah bahasa isyarat.. "Wokey!"

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What a Day..


It's Sunday, finally! Yay3..

After a long plus tiring weekdays, we deserve to have some fun on weekends..

My family and I went to an orchard, located somewhere at Puchong. Other family members were there too. So, it's like a family reunion during weekendslah.. Hehe..


We ate a lot of rambutans there. Phew.. Yang merah ada.. Yang colour kuning pun ada.. Yeehaa! Heaven! =p But, part yang paling tak best.. Banyak kerengga! Pedih tuh kalau kena gigit.. ='(

All my cousin brothers became the 'HERO POKOK RAMBUTAN'.. Hehe.. They were
so brave to climb up those trees just to get the 'buah rambutan'.. Huhu.. Way to
go guys!


You guys! Please meet Mr. Haziq aka my super duper cousin! Hehe..
He's a natural poser and he likes posing!
By the way, thanks a lot to him for being sporting. Hihi..
When I took his photos, he already knew how to pose. Tak payah nak cakap banyak.
(Ziq.. Habislah.. Lepas ni mesti orang minta autograph kat you dalam mimpi! Huhu..)
These are the people who ate rambutan a lot.. Huhu.. But ate in the 'macho' waylah.. Hihi..

The 'rambutan boys' are having a time-out before continuing panjat pokok rambutan balik! Hehe.. Aww.. The happy faces of my 'naughty' cousin brothers! =p


Huhu.. For the 1st time ever.. My ugly face has been posted in this BLOGXYGEN! Woohoo.. Kelakarnya pose! Hihi.. I won't be posting any of my picture after this.. Hehe.. Kelakar sungguh! What a day..





Saturday, November 15, 2008

Can I Rewind the Time?

Can I rewind the time? Hehe.. Obviously not!

But, I wish I could..

Reasons why?

Nak jadi a baby semula!

Hehe.. Kalau dapat jadi a baby balik, I'm the most happiest human-being in this world! Woohoo.. Tapi, berangan jelah.. Jika diingat-ingat balik, masa jadi babylah yang paling syok dalam hikayat hidup kita. Baby takkan kena marah, rotan walau ada buat salah yang terbesar pun. Makan? Kena suap! Woohoo! Then, lepas makan tu tak payah pening2 lalat nak fikir pasal pinggan. Dah besar2 ni, lepas makan basuh jelah pinggan dengan cawan sendirian berhad! Ugh.. Tidur pulak ada orang yang tolong dodoikan. Syoknya! Mandi? Hmm.. Tak payah cakaplah.. Mandi air panas yang suam-suam and just nice je rasanya bila kena kat kulit ni ha.. Nak pendekkan cerita, being a baby is the best thing in the world. Segala-galanya orang lain yang buatkan untuk diri kita. And the 'orang lain' tu ialah our parentslah, kan.. Nak nangis? Nangis je kuat2.. Nak ketawa? Ketawa je guling2.. Nak 'buang angin'? Hmm.. Boleh saje walau bau 'angin' tu boleh buat 10 orang disekeliling kita koma tak bangun2.. Hee.. Nak2! But, can I rewind the time?

Nak jadi budak kindergarden semula!

Bila dah jejak kaki kat sekolah rendah and then proceed to the secondary school, huu.. Lagi pening! Bukan pening2 lalat lagi dah tapi pening langau! Macam-macam nak kena belajar. Classmates yang macam-macam rupa, perangai.. Cikgu2 pulak yang memanjang kasi homework! Tu belum plus and multiply dengan tests, exams.. Lagi migrain! Jadi pulak prefect, class monitor or librarian. Lagi banyak kerja! Tambah bila dah masuk alam teenagers waktu kat form 3 to form 5.. Friends and non-friends tend to be someone yang ala-ala kuih 'seri muka' (ala.. kuih yang warna hijau kat bahagian atas and putih kat bawah tu.. Sedap!) They all ada multi-personalities. Ada tu baik kat luaran tapi kat dalam, Tuhan je yang tahu. Then, bagi yang nampak macam mafia kelas satu tu, kadang-kadang mereka itulah yang berhati jujur and lurus. Hmm.. Macam2! Dan itu semualah yang kita kena hadapi. Subjek dari kat sekolah rendah sampai ke sekolah menengah is totally different. Lebih susah dan lebih susah! Huhu.. Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Literature.. Mathematics pun dah upgrade jadi Additional Mathematics! Ugh.. Migrain tahap kronik.. Sebab tulah, I feel like I wanna rewind the time. Pergi belajar balik kat kindergarden/tadika. Double syok tuh! Belajar A B C to Z.. Kira-kira sampai angka 10.. Main masak2, plasticine, colour2.. Siap boleh take a short nap lagi.. Tidur kejap sementara nak tunggu parents datang jemput.. Best, kan? Homework? Jarang2 ada.. Assignment? Langsung tarak! Huhu.. Nak3! Jadi budak kindergarden balik.. Huhu.. But, can I rewind the time?

Nak jadi budak sekolah balik!

Pulak dah.. Masa belajar dulu, tak nak pun rajin2 pergi sekolah. Ni bila dah tamat sekolah, nak pergi belajar kat sana balik. Ee.. Tak faham2.. Hati ni memang susah nak faham.. Bila tak pakai school uniform tiap pagi, rasa semacam je. Bila keluar ambil adik2 dari sekolah, rasa macam tua je.. Yelah, dah tak jejak lagi kat atas tanah sekolah! Buku2 pun langsung tak sentuh. Otak pun dah karat. Bila adik tanya, "Apa beza zaman Neolitik dengan zaman Paleolitik, kak?" dan "Macam mana nak kira soalan matematik ni?".. Hmm.. Memanglah ternganga! Lupa habis! Huhu.. Kesian, kan? Dah habis sekolah, kena fikir pasal nak further study kat ceruk mana pulak.. Part-time job? Nak duit, pergilah kerja! Haha.. Mana ada duit poket from Ayah lagi.. Cari sendirian berhadlah.. Aww.. Boleh tak putar masa ni?
The answer is always a 'NO'!
Buatlah macam mana pun.. Pergi buat plastic surgery biar jadi budak kecik macam baby sekali pun takkan mampu membuatkan kita kembali pada masa lampau. Yeah.. Time goes by.. Time waits for no one.. Sebab itulah, we've got to live our lives to the fullest. Hihi.. Tu orang yang cakap. For me, each minute that I've gone through is precious. And of course, everybody has got their thin and thick period (masa susah dan senang) but hey, it's part and parcel of life. Ada challenges and obstacles yang perlu kita tempuh. Allah s.w.t itu Maha Adil. He will help those who helps themselves, kan? Kalau hari-hari kita happy, excited takde rasa sedih, offended dan kena tipu, macam mana kita nak learn to be tough!
A message for me, myself and I actually! Hehe.. For you guys too.. So, enjoy doing your things! =p

Ugh.. Ms. Lonely.. Again!

It's nearly 3 a.m.
As I stumble over to my study table.
Got a funny prominition that tomorrow's gonna be the same.
Corrine Bailey Rae's voice calms me down.
She sings 'Like A Star' to my ears now.
I am so into this song!
But deep down in my heart, I still can feel the loneliness.
Ugh.. I hate that!
Tonight, I'm the Ms. Lonely.

Friday, November 14, 2008


Lately, I have a new hobby. A hobby that suddenly appeared in my head one day. First, I wasn't that sure to carry on with that new hobby but hey.. Why not I give myself a try? Even it's not something that I'm used to deal with before this..

Click here! Click there! Click nowhere!

My orange Canon Powershot A470 is the main thing used in this hobby. Yeah.. It's photography. But, I am still learning and learning.. As you can see my picture collections are not that good but heh.. I'm trying to be good. Hihi..

Erm.. I love taking pictures of nature, to be specific. But then, I'm interested in taking photos of great scenery of the blue skies.. As a beginner, I do make some references through other photographers's best shots, magazines and things such that..

I don't use pro photographers's cameras and stuffs.. Mine is just a normal camera.. But, that doesn't mean I can't be a photographer. Like one said to me the other day.. "We shouldn't depend ourselves on good gadgets to be good. All we have to do is finding ways to be a better one (photographer) by praying and putting a lot af efforts into it. Sincere efforts, of course.. It's how we take good photos that counts than how good our gadgets are".. Yeah.. I took his words with respect. (Thanks, Mr. Udey..)

No matter what type of camera I possesed, I'll still continue doing this 'new' hobby of mine. Of course, there'll be many un-perfect things but hey.. Hannah Montana used to say:

Nobody's perfect

I've gotta work it

Again and again till I get it right!

(Heh.. It's my lil' sis favourite song from Hannah Montana! =p)

Till then, you guys.. And enjoy doing your things!


One Mission Possible!

Salam to all..

I just came back from a mission.. Huhu.. Terasa macam tengah shoot movie Mission Impossible dengan Tom Cruise pulak! But, seriously.. It was a double crazy thing to be done. And the mission was.. 'CURI AKAR BUNGA TAHI AYAM'..

Haha.. Yeah, it may sound funny + lunatic and y'all be asking, "Biar betul budak ni?" or "Dia ni betul ke tak betul?"..

Again.. It's true!

Rasa kelakar ada.. Rasa kecut perut ada.. Rasa nak pergi toilet pun ada.. Kenapa? Sebab, kami 'ambil' that plant dari sebuah tempat awam. And that place memang tak pernah lengang dengan manusia! Especially manusia yang tengah 'berdating'.. Hehe.. Anyway, we did it!

Despite from the 'pak cik2 guard' yang sentiasa meronda our 'crime scene', kami still acted cool and buat muka selambe-mambe. Hihi.. Bukannya sebatang dua yang kami 'cabut-ambil-bawak-lari' tapi, sebanyak lebih kurang 15 batang! Haha.. Bila fikir2 balik, yeah.. we did a CRAZY thing. Sangat gila dan mungkin, ehem.. mungkin 'agak' salah dari segi law.. But we had to.. Bukannya kami sengaja curi for fun tapi, there's a reason why..

That bunga tahi ayam plant that we took is to be used for someone 'special'.. For a baby girl berumur lebih kurang 7 months. She is now suffering from an unknown sickness. So, this plant is needed as a traditional sort of alternatif to cure her. I mean, some of y'all may not believe this kind of kampung2 thing but, yeah.. Petua orang2 tua dulu2.. I pun tak berapa pasti about this 'cause my only job is just to 'cabut' the plant. Hehe.. Or to be exact, 'cabut' tanpa kebenaran.. =p

We did it for the cute baby, Sarra. Walau betapa cuaknya kami at that time sampai hampir di 'suspect' oleh those guards, we've made it. Terpaksa buat semua tu demi Sarra. InsyaAllah, semoga by doing this little crime yang tak kronik ni, (*wink) Sarra akan kembali normal and be like the other normal babies..

Hehe.. Sungguhlah that was the first time in my whole life to do something like that! CURI AKAR BUNGA TAHI AYAM! Memang tak masuk akal sebenarnya tapi, jika you all came from the kampung Melayu side, y'all will understand this situation.. Hihi..

As for me, all I did tonight was for Sarra's sake. One mission possible even it is suppose to be IMPOSSIBLE! Ish.. Rasa nak ketawa bila fikir balik our condition masa tu. Berpasir-pasir pakaian kami sebab terpaksa berjalan jauh untuk sampai ke kereta. Plus, with those public people yang memandang-mandang! Huhu.. Memanglah buat muka tebal 15 inci je at that time..

For you guys yang read this post, sorry if y'all feel I was doing a 'crime'.. Heh.. Susah sebenarnya.. But, as I said earlier, it's for Sarra's good. That bunga tahi ayam yang kami 'ambil' bukan untuk kami makan or untuk kami suka-suka nak buat koleksi bunga-bungaan kat garden kami but.. believe me.. It's for Sarra..

About what are we gonna do with those bunga tahi ayam, sorry.. I don't even know! Hihi.. The answer lies in the 'pakar' hands.. And the 'pakar' is living somewhere in a kampung. My Ibu said, this 'pakar' will be picking up the plants on this coming weekend.. The rest is history.. Hihi..

Sorry banyak2 to that 'majlis perbandaran' and sorry for doing something like that. SORRY!

To my Reebok t-shirt yang habis kotor dengan tanah bunga tahi ayam tu, kesian.. Huhu.. Takpelah.. It's just a t-shirt by the way.. Hihi.. But still, kesian.. =(

And it was a mission that I'm gonna remember in my whole life! One mission possible.. A mission of CURI AKAR BUNGA TAHI AYAM! Hihi.. Not curilah.. But, ambil tanpa kebenaran.. Tu je.. Hehe.. Samalah tu, kan?!

But, why it has to be BUNGA TAHI AYAM? Bunga lain tak boleh ke? Haila.. I wish I could answer that.. Me, myself and I pun tak tahu apa kebendelah yang nak dibuat dengan that plant.. Hihi.. Anyway, semoga Sarah cepat sembuh.. InsyaAllah..

Hehe.. But, still.. Ampun2!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

We'll Always Love You!

12th November 2008..
A cute little boy turns 5 this year..
Before I type this post, I was thinking..
Should I or shouldn't I..
Wishing this little dude a 'Happy 5th Birthday'..
I just don't know..
Here.. Right here..
We all love this 'naughty' boy..
So much!
Or shall I say, we all used to love him..
So much!
But, Allah s.w.t loves him more..
He left us to be with Him on 25th June 2007..
The rest of us here..
Seems to be like a non-complete jigsaw puzzle..
As we've lost the missing 'piece'..
But, he's here with us..
Every minute..
Every second..
In the best place ever!
In our hearts..
There lives a boy named, Allahyarham Zarith Armani Bin Zaili..
A son, a 'naughty' brother and a beloved person in our lives..

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Is Anchovy Related to Guitar?

Meet my then till now semi-acoustic guitar.

Is anchovy related to guitar? Hmm.. I doubt that fact and I bet you guys feel the same way too.. Huh? Anchovy? Guitar? Totally not in the same league, I guess.. Not at all.. I mean, for other people. But for me, it is! Anchovy is so much related to guitar. Why? Hmm.. Do I play the guitar and chew some fried anchovies at the same time? Or.. Do I use the anchovy to scent my guitar? Huhu.. And.. Maybe I pluck or strum the guitar strings by using a 3 cm long of fried anchovy? Hehe.. Luckily, it's none of them.. (*sigh)

It started when Ibu asked me to buy some anchovies, on this one sunny day. To be honest, it was so SUNNY or shall I say it was a HOT afternoon that required me to sit in front of the table fan most of the time! Ibu ran out of anchovy and whether I liked it or not, I had to buy some for her. Ugh.. I was so unhappy to do the task but her 'you'll-KENA-from-me-if-you-don't-go-to-the-kedai' look at that time forced me to.. Oh well.. What more can I say! I reluctantly went to the groceries (jalan kaki tau! Huhu..) to get the @#$% anchovy.. (Hey, I was so little at that moment and, was forced to shop for some anchovies! Pity, huh?)
When the sweaty me arrived at the kedai, I asked the apek to 'tapau' 200 gm of anchovy. He laughed for a few seconds when I said that and I didn't know why was he laughing! Ee.. I had no time for thatlah, pek.. He was mumbling something to me but I heard him nothing as I was kinda busy fanning my wet neck. I just said a word 'Okaylah!' to him and I paid RM1.45. Without checking the anchovy, I walked home selambe-mambe..

I passed the packet of anchovy to Ibu and she took her nose closer to it. After a double sniffs, she gave me a 'you-are-so-gonna-get-from-me-kaw2' look! I felt weird and naively replied her look just now with a 'blur-plus-an-Uh..oh-sigh'..

Again.. Hmm.. Again.. Again.. Aww..

I had to send back the smelly+expired anchovy to that Apek! Oh man.. A sweatier me, again asked that Apek to change to a new packet of anchovy. Again, he laughed at me. And I still can't figure the reasons why. Again, while waiting for that Apek to 'tapau' the new and 'Calvin Klein perfumed' anchovy, (Hehe.. Perhaps?) I fanned myself with my right hand. He came back with a new packet of fresh anchovy (Unfortunately, it's not scented with Calvin Klein's perfume! Haha..) and said this to me..

"I've warned you earlier about the anchovy during your first 'visit' and you replied me an 'OKAYLAH'. I thought you were okay with the expired anchovy." (He laughed. Again..)

My reaction at that time was like, 'Huh?-Really arr?'.. Huhu.. Malunya! Finally, that Apek treated me a stick of Paddle Pop Rainbow ice-cream. Yay3! Thank you, Apek!

On my way back, I ate the ice-cream happily and suddenly the plastic which I was holding fell on the ground. Uh oh.. Lucky me! The anchovy was in a good condition. I mean, safely stuffed in the other plastic.. Fuh..

Still wondering the relationship between the anchovy and guitar, you guys?

Hehe.. back to the anchovy. As I was collecting the packet, I saw something on the tarred path. It was a small, yellowish kinda object. But, I was attracted to it and decided to make it mine. Well, it wasn't that valuable for someone who lost it, I guess..

Ibu was pleased with the brand new anchovy. (Argh.. What a relief! Woohoo!) I entered my room and sat on my bed. Still wondering the functions of the object that I found just now. Hmm.. I took it out from my pocket and showed it to Ayah. Asked him 'ape-bende-ni?' and he simply answered 'a-pick'. I was like.. 'Huh? A-pig?!'. He smiled and said 'Nolah!-It's-a-guitar-pick'.

Ayah took a glance at that object and explained more about it to me. A 'Plectrum' or a 'Pick'.. Oh..

I fell in love with an instrument called GUITAR since then.. I was in Standard 6 at that time and I started to join Ayah's crazy jazzy music since that day. Guitar players like Earl Klugh, Eric Clapton, Larry Carlton and many more became my favourite musicians..

Huhu.. Still, I still stick to the fact that anchovy is related to guitar. Hehe.. The fact that I discovered myself when I was 12. My first acoustic guitar was not a branded type of guitar. Ayah's friend gave him a red-coloured guitar before he moved. Hoho.. Speaking of perfect-timing! I needed a guitar so much at that time and suddenly I got one for FREE! Yeehaa!

I tried to learn the chords by starting with the simple ones. Oh.. It was so so hard than I thought! My left fingertips were swollen and sore most of the time. I gave up.. =(

The guitar was left alone in its fabric carrier for years since then.. And two years after that, during school holidays, I finally touched the thing. It happened in my room during a rainy day as I was bored to death and got nothing to do. I picked it up and strummed the strings. Then, slowly learned the chords according to 'Handbook of Guitar Chords' alone.

My 1st guitar sifu would be Ayah. He didn't teach me that much as he preferred me to learn the instrument independently. Why? He said that his late father who happened to be my late grandfather taught him the same way. Independent.. Hmm.. Okay.. But, he did show me some of his 'old-school' skills as a supplement lesson. Huhu.. Ayah was actually a bass-guitar, acoustic guitar and classical guitar expert player! Whew.. I didn't know that till now..

My 2nd sifu is my cousin brother. He is 4 years older than me. He helped me a lot including teaching me some songs which required some simple chords too.. As a novice, the simpler the chords, the happier I'll be! Huhu.. Mucho gracias to him as he is/was a good teacher. He taught this 'kayu-fingers-person' with lots and lots of patience. (Appreciate that, Abang Mamat!)

It has been nearly 6 years since that anchovy incident which accidentally turned me into a not-that-good-guitar-player now. Still learning and always will just to improve my playing, strumming, tabbing, and plucking skills. That anchovies has brought me into something that I'm addicted to do daily (playing the guitar). Now, I'm a huge fan of Marie Digby, Corinne Bailey Rae, Colbie Caillat, Jason Mraz and many more as they are so great in playing guitars!

So, is anchovy related to guitar?



Yesterday, I went to Sg. Buloh.. To my Uncle's house to be exact. There, I was having a gorgeous time as I did a lil' gorgeous activities. It's not that gorgeouslah but to me, it is gorgeous! Hehe..
It was a gorgeous evening of the week, yesterday. The sky looked so gorgeous with its cotton-candy-like-clouds. The birds? Uh oh.. They were not that gorgeous for the never-ever-gorgeous thing that they have done to my Ayah's car! Huhu.. So, after I filled my tummy with my Aunt's extra-unordinary-iced-milo (Hehe.. Thanks, Ma!) I asked my lil' cousin brother to borrow me his bicycle. He said 'okay' plus a-double-nod. Huhu.. YES! (Thanks, Azam!)
It's been a while since my last bicycle ride, but hey.. I still got the skills permanently flow in my DNA! Hehe.. (Like it is so hard to ride a bike, huh..) I rode the bike happily with an intro song, Put Your Records On by Corrine Bailey Rae. Felt like I was doing the MV for that song like Corrine did for this song! Huhu.. Perasan! (You can listen to this song in the Jukeboxygen available on your left)
I sang along the way. I can't hear a thing but Corrine's voice and her guitar plucking as my ears were clogged with the earphones. Even if there was a car or a dog horning and barking on me, I just.. lalalalala.. all the way! Hehe.. And while riding the bike around a not-too-gorgeous-lake available there in the neighbourhood, I snapped some photos of the scenery.
I stopped my bike several times by the roadside and I clicked my camera here and there! Check them out..

Okay, they were the best shots so far.. Heh.. And it's up to y'all to decide whether each and every one of these are gorgeous or not.. Well, as I've rated my own self as a mere and 'hentam-punya' photographer! Huhu.. Still learning.. Still learning.. (*wink)

Anyway, back to the bike.. The sky was getting dark and I decided to end my journey. Stepped in the house, I grabbed a glass of water and sat for a while. At the stroke of 8, we all went to a restaurant and filled the 'tank' with nasi and lauk-pauk! Whoa.. The tom yam and ikan masak 3 rasa tasted.. umph! Gorgeous!

8.45 p.m! It's ManU vs Ars time! Whoa.. Lucky Ayah and I didn't miss the first half of the game as a big screen tv (channel 812) was availabled at that particular restaurant! The so-not-gorgeous-part was when that Nasri guy scored a GOAL for Arsenal! Oh.. man!

The kids (Abang, Kakdik, Adik, Azam, Azif and Aziz) were busy doing their shuffle dance by the corner while Ibu, Mama and Baba chit-chatted on our table. Ayah and I.. Hmm.. We stood in small corner just to watch the important match among the crowd.. Ugh.. After Arsenal scored one goal, we all headed to the car park and drove home.

At home, Ayah and I attacked the remote controller and pressed the buttons of 8 1 2!! Huhu.. Aww.. Here comes the not-gorgeous-at-all part when that same old Nasri dude scored another goal for Arsenal!! Ugh.. I felt like I wanna hit that Neville and Berbatov with a kuali! They played like girls.. Oh.. Lastly, (and fortunately..) Rafael contributed a goal.. And the match.. Went to Arsenal as the winner.. Oh.. ='(

Guess that was it.. From the gorgeous to, not-too-gorgeous to, not-gorgeous to, not-gorgeous-at-all things that I experienced on 9th Nov 2008..

Till then.. Enjoy doing your gorgeous things, you guys!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oxygenated Pictures

(*Tara..!) Hehe..
Greetings to all..

This time, I would like to share some of my photos. Huhu..

I took them by myself. (Eleh, guna camera CANON PowerShot A47o je!)

Takde pun rupa macam a pro photographer (*big smile) as long as the pics look OKAY.. Hehe..

Hmm.. Enough with the ramblings, enjoy the pics!

(Psst.. Any comments are most welcomed.. =p)

(Above) The night that we all went to the Dataran Merdeka. Saje je datang sana lepak2 and get some fresh air. Ugh.. In the meantime, I asked these 3 gentlemen to strike a pose! Hihihi..

(Above) Those pics were taken when I was at Penang and Johor last time. Huhu.. Actually, kan.. Kanak2 Ribena pun boleh snap photos macam ni! Hehe.. Pape pun, hope y'all enjoy the pics. And.. InsyaAllah, I'll post some more if my camera works well.. Hihi.. And oh.. If my Ibu and Ayah bawak kitorang pergi jalan2 lagi.. =p

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy 5th Birthday, Adik!

Thursday, 6th November 2008

Happy 5th Birthday

Muhd Azrul Bin Mohd Aidil

This little fella muncul few years back when I was at a level called level budak2 Ribena lagi. Masa tu tahun 2oo3 nak masuk 2004. At that time, kitorang (Abang, Kakdik and I) langsung2 tak tahu yang we were going to have an 'adik'!! Baik punya nyorok, we didn't even realize yang waktu tu Ibu tengah pregnant. Fuh.. Dahlah kitorang punya ke'naughty'an tu kalau dicampur tambah memanglah boleh kasi Ibu dengan Ayah tension tahap kronik! Ntah macam manalah both of them boleh tahan.. Nasib baiklah tak jadi pape kat Ibu..
Masa tu bulan Ramadhan, kami tiga beradik memanglah puasa sungguh2 ni sebab Ibu cakap waktu berbuka nanti ada makanan special! Hihi.. Apalagi, semangat waja nak berpuasa on that particular day semakin berkobar-kobarlah! Cewah..
Ibu ada mengadu yang dia tak berapa sihat hari tu and she told us that during lunch hour nanti, Ayah akan balik rumah kejap to pick her up. Kami tiga beradik were wondering.. "Manalah Ibu dengan Ayah nak pergi ni?!" Tapi, terpujuk jugak sebab they bribed us with one HUGE reason.
IBU: Korang nak adik tak? (with a weird smile)
KITORANG: Nak3! (penuh excited+pelik at the same time)
IBU: Okay.. Nanti Ibu dengan Ayah pergi beli. (Now the weird smile came from Ayah too!)
ME: Boleh main beli2 ke?
IBU: Boleh! Tapi, kena tunggu turn. Kalau hospital call, cakap ada baby untuk dijual, bolehlah beli.
KAKDIK: Adik tak naklah.. (Muka happy nak tak naklah pulak..)
ME: Eee.. Jealous!
ABANG: Ha'ah.. Jealous. Abang nak! Abang nak baby boy.
ME: Kakak pun.
IBU: Kita tak tahu lagi dapat girl atau boy. Tengoklah hospital nak kasi yang mana satu. Mana boleh pilih2.
ABANG: Yes! Okaylah kalau macam tu.
KAKDIK: (Terus terdiam!) Huhu..
Then, Ibu and Ayah pun pergi ke hospital. Kitorang yang kat dalam rumah ni, tunggu jelah.. Nak makan, puasalah pulak.. Tidur? Dah berapa kali bangun, dah berapa kali tidur.. Hihi.. Boring.. Tak tau nak buat apa..
Bila tengok jam, perut kitorang serentak senak! Elemek.. Dah nak waktu berbuka.. Satu hapah pun belum prepare lagi.. Nak makan apa ek? Ibu belum balik pulak. Fikir punya fikir, kitorang bertiga jadi chef tak rasmi kat dapur tu. Resipinya, MAGGI! Hehehe.. Nasib baik tak meletup dapur tu! Alhamdulillah sempat jugak siap that 'special meal' tu sebelum lagi 5 minit nak azan. Dalam sejarah, that was the first time kitorang tiga beradik berbuka sendirian berhad.. (Without Ibu and Ayah..) Huhu.. Sedih! ='(
Setengah jam kemudian, Ayah balik dengan empat bungkus nasi ayam. Whoa.. Yummy! Tapi, hold on.. Mana Ibu? Eik? Ayah sorang je.. Ayah cakap, makan dulu, nanti Ayah cerita. Kitorang pun apalagi.. Attacklah nasi ayam tu memandangkan maggi yang kitorang masak tadi (2 peket je) setakat boleh buat taik gigi je.. Hehe.. Lupa kejap about Ibu! Jahatlah budak2 ni.. Hihi.. Pentingkan ayam dari manusia!
Lepas je makan, Ayah pun buka cerita.. Konon-kononnya Ibu kena stay kat hospital sebab nak tunggu turn beli baby. Oh.. Macam tu rupanya.. Takpelah, kitorang pun dengan naif terperdaya dan mengiakan saje. And he added yang kita maybe will get a baby boy! Punyalah kitorang melompat-lompat happy waktu tu (psst.. including Ayah! Hehe..). After that, sibuk2lah discuss fasal several names for the baby. Ayah cakap, esok kitorang boleh pergi ke hospital and melawat Ibu. Yay3!
Esoknya.. Kitorang buat rombongan pergi ke hospital. Hehe.. Terpaksa curi2 masuk ke dalam ward macam pencuri first class semata-mata nak lari dari the fierce lagi kedekut punya mak cik guard tuh! =p Masuk2 je ke dalam ward, tengok2 Ibu tengah duduk kat atas katil.. Err.. katil pesakit? Eik? Weird!
Masa tu baby tak dapat nak jumpa lagi sebab nurse baru je masukkan baby dalam incubator (ntahpapelah mende alah tu!) Hihi.. (Dulu kecik2 tak tau pun, sekarang dah besar taulah..) Ibu looked pale and finally she explained to kitorang yang that baby rupanya bukanlah dibeli but.. Err.. She actually delivered that baby yesterday! Terkezut2!
Hehe.. Tak sangka yang all this while kitorang kena tipu! Huhu.. Ibu was actually a pregger sampai sempat masak, kemas, layan kitorang sampai tak cukup tangan! Ya Allah.. Nasib baiklah, takde pape yang jadi.. Eventhough the baby lahir tak cukup bulan sebab Ibu kena operate (Ceasarian) due to her high blood pressure. both of them were in a good condition. Alhamdulillah..
Tak sangka, from three to four! Dari hanya Kakak, Abang dan Adik Lin, now we are Kakak, Abang, Adik Lin (kena tukar jadi Kakdik dah!) and Adik.. 2 girls and 2 boys.. Huhu.. And until today, 6th November 2008, dah 5 tahun that baby yang Ibu cakap dia 'beli' membesar. Dah pandai.. Mintak itu ini.. Ben 10 lah.. Barney lah.. Transformers lah.. Ee.. Pening but entertaining at the same time as he's the only 'budak kicik' in the family! Hehe..
Again.. Happy 5th Birthday to Adik from the rest of us here.. Semoga Allah memberkati dan sentiasa memberikan yang the best for him to be a good son, brother, grandson and friend to the people around.. Amin..
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