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Monday, September 20, 2010

ManU 3 - Liverpool 2

Hi all.. :)

I shall type this post with a big, broad smile upon my face as a tribute to the victory gained by ManU just now. Haha.. It's been quite a while since the last time I pretended to be a football commentator. Sheesh.. And yeah, as we all know, ManU just had a 'battle' with Liverpool. The game started quite well, I guess. Displaying their brilliant foot-works and energies, the Red Devils walked away with 3 goals contributed by its very own Berbatov. Well, I hate to say this actually but.. Thanks to this guy for being the savior of the night. (*I can't believe I said this!) Ehem.. But.. But.. But.. This doesn't mean I will stop the sarcasm that I potently used to 'describe' Berba. It has become a habit to me, though. Can't help it. Haha.. Nevertheless, that was indeed a 'heart-pounding' match. Glory2 Man United! Wee!

"Was that a kiss goodbye on the camera, bro? Yikes."

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