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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April's Gone and May's On!

Hi hi hi hi hi, you guys!

Oh my dear Blogxygen. Been abandoned, ey? I didn't quite have the time to even update once last month! Gosh! Busy busy me. Haha. Exams, assignments and stuff. Phew.. Kepala hampir bocor-lah jugak. I miss updating my Blogxygen! So bad! Even the cousin (*I know you're grinning in front of the screen now, Chiko! Haha!) and he's like.. "Azrin! Update your blog." And I'm like.. "Yes, I will. Later." And my 'later' hmm.. Sampai ke sudah! Tengok! April dah lepas! Ces! Kata je nak update bloggie at least for once a month! Even game ManU pun tak tengok, asyik miss je. Selalu-nya sampai tertumpah-tumpah Ribena kat atas karpet time tengok Vidic, tapi laa ni.. Bukan kata nak tumpah-kan Ribena kat atas karpet je, nak bancuh Ribena pun tak sempat! Argh! So much of things in my head, needed to be 'poured' here. Wish I had those free times (again) like I used to have last time! Hmm.. :'/

Anyway, I guess I could take a deep breath (for now) as the exam just lasted few days ago. Yay! Haha.. Tapi tak boleh nak hoo-haa sangat. Waiting for the result can make me sick somehow. Fuh! Hopefully, all is well. And and and and.. I owe myself a lot of movies, cendols, teh ais, Vidic's moments, YouTube(ing), my guitars and the BOOKS! Yaaahhh.. Cuti sem ni, InsyaAllah, semua 'hutang' itu bakal dilangsai-kan. Hehe.. Thanks also to Miss Hajar and MamaJnJ for the blog visits, comments on fb and tweets. Those are like one of the 'energy-sources' I receive, each time I log in. Oh yeah, make sure you guys are having great days too! Much love from the lazy blogger, yet an epic cendol + teh ais MONSTER! ;)


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