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Friday, July 15, 2011

A Matter of Potter (13 / 7 / 2)

I had a day which was coincidentally full of numbers like 13, 7, 2. I can't seem to know why but I guess, when it comes to Potter's matter, magic happens. Haha. Ces. Astaghafirullahalazim. I sound ridiculous, I know. Anyway, I went to MidValley and was the 1st ever in line to purchase HP7 part 2 tickets. I came 1 hour earlier, even earlier than the GSC's staffs themselves! Haha. While waiting for those counters to open, I took out my Deathly Hallows (which I prefer to call it, Potter's-buku-gemuk) and re-read the book. After 1 hour of standing, the counters were finally opened and people rushed for the tickets. Well, that included me, though. Went to counter number 7 to purchase mine and coincidentally there was only one seat left in the H row, seat number 13. Just celebrated my b'day, last 13 / 7 (two days ago) and I pretty much think that the seat that was being selected earlier, was purchased at counter 7, would have some sort of ' co-incidents' with the birthdate, eh? Yeah, indeed. I sounded gila lagi. Haha. Anyway, on to the next 'kebetulan' that I encountered which somehow did pertain to the numbers of 13, 7 and 2. Just so you guys know that HP7 part 2 was being released officially today (14th July 2011). An awesome finale, I must say. Unfortunately, I only had a chance to watch this last sequel twice. InsyaAllah, I'll multiply the figures soon. Heh. Right after I finished watching the first one which ended at 2.00 pm, I waited for my second time of meeting Mr. Potter, again. This time, I got seat number 2. Another 'sweet coincident' for the 2nd time of watching HP7 part 2, sitting on seat number 2! Finished with the movie, I decided to go home. Had to take a cab-lah pulak. Haha. And please have a guess on how much did the cab fare cost me? It was RM7.00! Another 7 appeared, huh! Haish.

Well, I guess these were all no biggies. Perhaps, it's one of the days that I'm 'fortunate' enough to face. A day which 'contains' a series of numbers as identical as my birth date and also my 'all-time-interest', HARRY POTTER! It's kinda sad that this is the last sequel, the very last one, of an epic, super epic tale of all time! I love you, HP! :'D

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