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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Oh My..

(Above: Just my 2 cents photo. Haha.)

Oh my my my.. Goodness me! It has been ages, it seems! (*covering face)

Hey guys. How are things going on? Everything's good ey? :)
Again, I just can't believe the fact that I actually own a blog! And yes, it has been amazingly and wonderfully updated abandoned! Ish.

I've got to admit, I probably would've forgotten how to blog actually. The 'kepoh-chi-blogger' in me is gone. Like, really really gone! :(

Anyway, things are going fine here. Thank Allah for that. I'm venturing, trying and exploring loads of new stuffs everyday. Yet, old habits / practices can't just disappear within a day, right? I am still a proud cendol-ian, teh ais monster and what not. Y'know me, kan. Pfft.

Btw, are we (ManU) leading now? Hehe. Well, I dare not consider myself a devoted ManU fan anymore. Argh! Miss the good old days. I guess, my alter-ego (Ferguson) has retired sooner than I thought. Now, if you would ask me who Nemanja Vidic is, I might shake my head as a signal of 'What's that? A detergent's brand or something?' It's depressing, I know. Can this village have an Astro kuali or at least, a TV?! Aiyo.

Won't promise that I'll update you daily, dear Blogxygen but believe me, I'll try not to forget the fact that I have you, my blog! Haha. See you guys soon yeah! Hugs! ;)

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