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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Quick One

I always do this
Whenever I have works to be done
I sidetrack a bit for some guilty bliss
And I ain't complaining as it brings me fun

Procrastination is always a loyal intrusion
A mind's fashion that's mismatched your true mission
An obtrusion of confusion leads to frustrations as you fail to solve the questions

It's funny as I can't figure out why would I have these wonders
It's annoying how they would easily strike this head as if they were thunders
Believe me, it's not something that is light to ponder
As it drags this heart to think, decide and consider
 It seems that I sometimes can't trust myself either
My alter ego tends to hide and hinder
Especially when things become a wee bit harder

Azrin Aidil, 2014 / #AA2014

*Saja mengada. Haha. Blogxygen-mode-konon! Pleasant day, peeps! :)

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