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Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Mere Comeback?

Above: This was taken during my last day of enjoying Auntie's legendary cendol and ais kepal. And no. That's not the Auntie Cendol. This random 'ah so' was just trying to cross the road. I like her 'payung' though. Heh.

Hi all. It has been a while, yeah? Yes. Been saying that a lot. Pardon the laziness, please. I ain't trying to say that this poor blog would've gotten her 'tuan' back in business or whatsoever but yeah, the second thought does appear constantly for the last couple of weeks. Now that I've finished my role of being a nerd who used to be working behind the desk, attempting to 'swallow' those piled notes, assignments, projects, debates, presentations and you-name-it, I'm grateful to be home at last. Grateful to be home and having all the time I need to procrastinate, goyang-kaki, tidur-sampai-tengahari-buta-tapi-kena-marah-lepas-tu, meeting-uncles-and-aunts-with-their-fav-question-"DAH DAPAT KERJA DAH?" and yada-yada. Of course, when home's mentioned, it simply means that the anei teh ais would be receiving my consistent visits (hey, it's not like what you're thinking! Haip!) but one fact that saddens me is that I'm away from the Auntie Cendol's cendol and ais kepal that I love so very much! Noooooooo!

Oh well, many things had occurred last year. Both nice and not-so-nice things. I shed not only sweats but bloods and tears in order to get some things done. Fuyoh, konon nak nampak macam dramatic sikit. Haha. Well for sure, people come and go as you get to know them. It's pretty fascinating for some meetings to take place in times that you don't really expect and you're kinda taken aback with it. And to make things even worse, you're not accustomed to the proper ways of facing these occurrences. Susah kan, jadi adults? Well, consent ones of course. I guess, when people suggest you to just go with the flow, it sounds a lot more simpler than the real execution. Haish. Why oh why do we need to grow up?

Time flies. It does. Rapidly. No doubt. But, the question is, am I fit enough to play a role of a more mature version of me in this current vast, expensive and cruel timeline? Even when I'm a famous whiner, proud crybaby and 'budak-mengade-tahap-olimpik'? Can I handle it? Well, a list of questions for me and only me to ponder.

May all is well, InsyaAllah.

Sheesh, I don't mean to write this long at first, though. Sorry. But I wrote this lil' poem back in 2013 and hope y'all can relate to it, in a way. Till next time and good day, buddies! ;)


It's late, but never too late
Be it a bowl or a plate
We can all be mates
Go on those dates
Break some rules and some gates
Some may join the fun and do not hate
T'is a joy you could not rate
And you know it by the name of fate.


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