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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Weirdoxygen Dream

23rd Apr-Wed

I woke up late that day. At 11 a.m! Aisey, almost afternoon daa.. Why?
Cause I had a weird, weird dream. The dream was about me, a boy whom I prefer to call ‘Q’ and an unknown girl. Okay, here’s the story..

Q and the girl who was not.. ehem.. prettylah! (But actually she looked not bad! Oh, can’t believe I’m saying this!) and I studied in a same school. One free day, all the students were not studying instead of wandering around and chit-chating with others. (I have no idea where the teachers were at that moment!) I was standing at one spot alone when I saw Q's macho look. He was hiding a bouquet of flowers behind his back with a casanova's version of smile. First I thought that Q was going to do the proposal thingy towards me. But, I guess I was wrong! By the time Q walked straight and stood right in front of me, I thought that he’s gonna say it but, aah.. Nope! He told me that he felt nervous (I had no idea why he felt that way. Lapar kot!) Shoosh.. He even thanked me for being with him during his thin and thick. He said that I was his BEST… friend! (Huh, I was hoping for more than that actually =’( Then, I didn’t catch the rest of his words. As if like he was mumbling. Then, all I heard from him was bla.. bla.. bla..

The weirdest part of it was Q’s hair looked yerk! Afro style! As if like I was standing in front of the mini David Arumugam from Alleycats. Terkezut!!
(But, still cute =p)

Few seconds later, downstairs, I saw Q’s mom went to see that girl’s mom who was sweeping at that time (maybe she’s one of the school cleaners, I don’t know..) Q’s mom showed her a rig (I mean a ring!) All the students were shouting and screaming their lungs out as they thought Q (the hottest and most eligible bachelor in the school) sent his mom to ask in marriage for that girl. Obviously the crowd was delighted about it. Looks like, I was the one who felt sad
(extremely sad =’( Huhu..) about the news. (THE ONLY ONE, I repeat!)

Well, I entered the class, crying all alone.. (Sad, huh?) Guess what, in the class, I saw that girls laptop! (And how did I know that it was hers? Hey, her picture was shown as the wallpaperlah!) It was abandoned, widely opened and switched on!! (Aisey, wastinglah that girl! Ish.. Ish..) Felt like I wanna take it or to be exact, STEAL it!! Hehe.. That would be great to fire up the spirit of hidden revenge!! Hahaha.. (Oopsy.. I didn’t do that!) The angel side of me won as I instantly switched it off (the laptop) and with full respect (and suspect too..) I placed it in her very own desk. Safe and warm. (Didn’t expect myself to be that BAIK!)
Downstairs, I still can hear the sounds of happiness.. Unfortunately, the happy aura was not meant for me.. (Why? Hey, I’m the victim here! Pathetically, don’t you think?)

Back to the scene when I took my school bag I headed to the corridor (Actually, I’m not sure with the spelling of corrid.. whatever!) Looking at the scenario.. The people, Q and the unknown girls (I mean, the not-bad-looking girl and her mom) looked (Ala, in Malay we say, ‘buat-buat happy mixed with the terkezut beruk yg sepupu dengan babun’! Can y’all imagine that look?! Well, try!) My heart was broken (but no worries, I can still breath and freshly alived!) when the *monkey crowd..

*CROWD-refers to a bunch of people who are gathering at one spot.
*MONKEY CROWD-refers to a bunch of people like the students, my cikgu-cikgu, and even the headmaster, himself who were gathering at one spot.

Yeah, in this particular context, I’ll use the 2nd definition of *CROWD to describe the whole bunch of human-being who were shouting, “Hug! Hug! Hug!” (Sorry, cikgu! That’s whylah.. Why did y’all kepohly join the crowd! Nah, automatically, y’all were the monkey-clones in the monkey crowd!) Ehem.. Back to the shouting in orders or orders in shouting (you can pick one either). As the monkey crowd asked the lovey mushy couple to hug each other, Q was at first looked ‘malu-malu anjing’ (Ish, cannot..) ‘malu-malu kucing yg ada asthma’ finally gave her a hug and..

(Oh, I almost forgot to describe that girl’s reaction!) Okay, how do I say.. She was like.. Err.. Err.. Err.. Hmm.. Hmm.. Hmm..
(Yeah! Yeah! Exactly like your face reaction while reading the previous sentence!! Thanks for your help..)

Hey.. Hey.. Pity me.. Don’t be too occupied by that girl’s reaction you’ve just figured out! Let’s get back to me who was still at the corridor, watching the couple surrounded by the *moncrowdy
(Well, let’s make it short, I mean the words *monkey crowd has been shortformed because I don’t want it to be sounded too obvious. Plus, my Cikgu Sejarah was there too and he’ll fail my Sejarah papers if he knows that I’ve categorized him as the *moncrowdy)

I cried and cried.. The only thing I can do at that very moment. I ran out of tissues to wipe my tears off and worst, my mucous from the nose!! Yerk! Honestly even it was mine, came from my very own cute nose, it’s just yerk! See.. How sad I was.. All alone.. (Why? How could you ask me that after I’ve typed the story this long! Did I mention earlier that I was the broken-hearted, so called victim in this drama?! Ehem.. I mean, dream not drama..) Again, I tried to move my legs. Leaving this miserable place before I actually should. (hey, school rules; cannot go home till the last bell is rung) Eleh, but who cares about the school rules right now. I was frustrated!

Next, I dismounted the stairs. (One thing I discovered about my school that day. It had many-many-many-many stairs! Whoa! Tired, dey..) Since that I had not return the novel which I borrowed from the library two days ago, I dropped in for a minute and came out. Even for a few seconds, the skinny librarian, who was on duty at that time interframed my weird dream illegally.

Continuing.. Still continuing dismounted the stairs. (I had mentioned to y’all, right? My school building had maaaaaaany stairs!!) And finally, I was through with the stairs and my Pallas shoes were on the tarred floor. Fuh, what a relief! Yeah, almost forgot about the *moncrowdy! Well, I was like, ‘buat don’t know’ while they were still hoisting up each other in the atmosphere and wait.. Their volumes were louder than ever! Hmm.. looks like they had not just became the *moncrowdy, but all kind of *baboon+monkey+apes+cipanzee crowd!! Fuyoh!
(Sorry again, cikgu-cikgu! Tulah, who asked y’all to join the crowd? Kan bagus if you guys remain the teaching process.. Ish.. Ish..)

Suddenly, among the annoying voices, there was one sweet voice that I will never forget calling my name. The voice was far, then it sounded quite near, near, near, near, near, near, near, near, near, near.. Ops! Still far.. Okay, then it sounded nearer, near, near, near, near.. This time near.. (Wey, bile nak sampai ni?! Near.. Near..) Okay, okay..The voice finally sounded from right behind my back! Hehe.. Q came for me! Yea! Yea! I turned around and..

(Pause. You can continue your reading after counting until 50!! Hey, it’s gonna be a very LONG pause, so don’t lose count!)

(Okay. Hope y’all done with the counting thingy cause me, myself and I can’t wait much longer. Hey, you’re so so slow in Maths!! God..)

Still in the shock-vibrate-mode. I was ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr.. (Hey, it’s shock-vibrate-mode, what do you expect!? It’s like thatlah..) Q came and he was holding that girl’s hand!! (Oh.. Oh.. Kill me! Kill me!) I supposed, Q’s intention was to introduce his just-few-minutes-ago-fiancee to me. (What!? Again please, kill me even from a long/far distance!) He even said this to me; “Hey, Xy! Do you call yourself as my best friend? How could you do not join the crowd, cheering the day of..” I didn’t catch the rest of his sentence as I accidentally had a quick monologue in myself; (What did
he just said? Me, be part of the crowd or to be exact the *monkey+baboon+apes+cipanzee crowd?! Haha.. He must be kidding! For the first time of the day, I really felt like I wanna laugh and do my Bollywood roll-on and Dangdut booty-spinning! Hehe.. Aisey!)

Q continued his words; “I thought that you are going to reject my proposal when we met just now. You looked gloomy as if I was asking you to drink satu mangkuk besar of poison! Then, you left me without a word after a long stare at my hair. You see, both of us are getting married soon and whether you like it or not, you’ll be the bride of mine!”

(Err.. Err.. I was like, ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr ggrggr, you know, the shock-vibrate-mode which I haven’t changed until now!)

Q said; “And please meet your soon to be cousin sister-in-law. She’s my mom’s long-lost-sister’s-daughter and that makes her as my never-met-cousin-sister.
(Was Q doing a rap song? But, hey.. Am I dreaming when he said that? Eventhough I didn’t get what he was telling me about the name of his relationship between that girl, her mom and Q’s mom. But, who cares! Q actually wanted to marry me not her. Aisey!)

(Haha.. Guess what? I’d be by Q’s side for the rest of my life!! Well, you didn’t get it right, don’t you?)

Okay.. After I did some flashbacks and rewinded few things, I realized by the moment when Q first told me that he felt nervous suddenly and he thanked me for being with him during his thin and thick, remember? Yeah! That partlah! While he was saying or to be exact, proposing me, I was kinda blurr.. Actually, I got away with his afro style look.. Hehe.. That was why I didn”t pay much attention to his words.
(Sorry, dear. But, no worries.. You still look HOT! Haha..)

Oh yeah! Remember about the ‘mak cik’ who was sweeping the school floor? She was claimed to be Q’s aunty!
(Aisey.. Soon to be my aunty iparlah! Eh, wrong.. Aunty mentua.. Hehe.. No wonderlah Q’s mom was giving her that ring which was actually the family or ancestors-to-next-generations ring something2! Ceh.. I thought it was the engagement ring which to be given to that mak cik’s daughter. Fuh! Lucky, dey.. And some more, I cannot tahan with the bling2 which I bet y’all can detect by standing at the kedai mamak located somewhere around Brickfields, tuh!!)

But, hang on! What was that smell? And that tet..tet..tet..tet..tet..tet..tet.. sound too.. Hey, where am I? Where’s my Q? Where’s the *moncrowdy?

Euww.. This liquid that is a compound of hydrogen an oxygen plus yesterday’s sourly taste of Tom Yam soup that I had a lot for supper! This combination is inundating my pink pillow! Oh, man.. Leaving a round-shaped spot on it. The smell? You seriously don’t wanna know about that! The tet..tet..tet.. sound comes from my alarm clock!! Ceh..

That dream felt like real! Fuh, at least I have been inspired to do my morning-exercise (Even, now it’s no longer consider as morning as the clock is ticking to the digit of 12!) I guess, I will do the *monkey+baboon+apes+cipanzee crowd thingy combines with the Bollywood roll-on and Dangdut booty-spinning as a form of exercise!! Try it too, you guys!! Chow..

(Psst... Weird story, huh!?) =p

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