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Friday, May 14, 2010

Naah.. It's Still Fine!

*As relaxed as Shaun the Sheep so far..

Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)

As I keyed in my password to get the access into my bloggie, I realized that I've been neglecting Blogxygen for it has been like AGES since my last update. Haha.. Tak-lah lama sangat tapi, it seems like. Well, not to say that tuan punya blog is rather quite busy lately ni tapi the ideas on what to blog about are quite ambiguos to me. Nak ramble pasal bola? Haish.. Kirim salam je-lah.. Takde selera nak cakap banyak pasal team diorang yang menang and us, being left behind with just one point (difference!) Anyway, for once in a while we're doing something good by letting their cupboard to be filled with a cup rather than just some old spiderwebs.. ;)

Life has been good so far but yet still there are some good news and the bad ones which happened to 'haunt' myself sometimes. Hoho.. Bukan haunting yang hantu2 tu, bukan! But they're..

- Missing my old besties so much! (Suganti, Bulat & Juan)
- Geram kat Wigan tak habis lagi.. (Hehe..)

- Tak tengok2 lagi 'Lelaki Besi 2' dan tak tahu bila nak pergi tengok! Haish..

- I've gained weight (like, a LOT!) Ini semua MegaMac punya pasal!

- Adamaya dah habis? (*sesi berjiwang-bawang pun tamat..)

- Tukar guitar strings yang baru tapi, pick hilang lagi 2! (*tension!)

- I guess that's all kot.. (*Eh..! Geram kat Drogba jugak! Hehe..)

And lastly, I'd like to wish my cousin (he's like the closest cousin bro to me) a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! My love, support, and prayers will always be with you, Chiko! :') (*Dah tua dah budak suara sedap tu! Huhuhu..)

And to you guys also, who're still not feeling tired of viewing this total 'lau yah' blog of mine, well please believe this fact,

'You're awesome!!' ;)

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