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Sunday, January 15, 2012

ManU VS Bolton

Yeah! We just won a game against Bolton, few minutes ago, people! Wee! Well, as usual, I shouted and jumped like a crazy person in front of my tv. Ayah and Abang geleng kepala. "Kakak memang over!" Haha. Hey, that's how you watch a match, guys! Eceh! :P

I've gotta admit that Bolton's Bogdan was 'terribly' good! He denied quite some goal efforts from our side. I like the moment when Bolton's Petrov paid us a strong 'attack' and luckily Rafael blocked it simply. Rajin mamat ni. Haha. However, Rooney's penalty made me 'crack' the remote controller in my hands into half. That Bogdan guy's precise dive, denied the penalty.

As the game continued, our very own ex-ManU-retiree, Mr. Scholes did send us a 'warning' through his first goal since his return to Manchester United. "People, I'm back in action!" However, there were some parts where I was 'extremely' annoyed by just seeing someone. Well, that's not the first time I felt that way. Who's that someone, wanna have a guess? It's that Rio. Yeah, exactly, that one and only Rio. Seriously, I just can't stand watching Ferdinand's existence on the field. Betul! He's like, "Hey, I kicked the ball!" kind of face. Tapi, tengok sikit cara main! That ain't no football-lah, Ferd. Style macam tengah main guli je! Ugh!

Just so we know, Nani's habit, "I don't like to share the ball." Haish! Ni lagi satu mamat ni nak kena. Please share, dude! Welbeck's heroic goal, yet unfortunately at the very same time, he's injured and replaced by Chicarito. Nani and Scholes were also being replaced by Park and Giggs, few minutes before the game ended. During approximately 83th minute, an effortless yet stylish, straight goal came from Carrick. And yeah, I did shout like a crazy person this time, again. During the 3 minutes of added time, I already did my victory dance. Haha. Glory glory Man United! *hi-5! :D

*Hey! This is actually my FIRST ever ManU game's review this year. I can't even remember the last time I did this session of 'saya-tengah-perasan-jadi-football-commentator'! Ceh!

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