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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The 'Gebu' Jerebu

Salam. Hello.

Hopefully things are doing well, yeah? I mean, besides today's 'challenging' weather. Haiyo! I think I'm gonna need an oxygen tank, a huge one perhaps. My throat and my chest are killing me now. They seem to be clogged. My respiratory system isn't at its best state. Face masks are becoming my BFF now. Feel like a pro surgeon walking around. Haha. I wish I could pull off that 'look' with all these batuk and hingus happening around like nobody's business. Hope you guys aren't experiencing these things. Unlike me. :'(

Btw, in order to avoid ourselves from being 'fully conquered' by this terrible condition, yes the haze, let's not forget to drink lots and lots of water. Plain one okay, not some cendol or teh ais (macam 'orang' tu, ehem..). Put on a face mask when you're doing any outdoor activity. Ala, murah je, sekeping tak sampai pun seringgit. Alahai, beli cendol boleh, takkan face mask 'sechoe't' tu pun tak mau? Ewah!

Just a gentle reminder. For myself and you. And you. You, you over there and you. Haha. Take care people!

*It's my clogging nose that's making me blog after so maannyy years! Ceh!


  1. Now that the haze is over, let's go grab a huge mangkuk of cendol... I'll belanja :)

    Didn't realize you were back blogging!

    1. Haha. I grabbed mine already and it was the bomb as it always be! LOL. Belanja? Yay! Haha. Thanks for the thought, my friend. :D

      Yeah.. Such a pemalas punya blogger kan? Haha. And you stopped by, thanks!


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