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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Despicable me..

I just can't help myself from doing the 'not-supposed-to-do' kind of things.
I can't refrain myself from carrying them on, even if  they weren't up to one's liking.

I sometimes tend to forget on what to think.
It seems to me that the brain reprimands his own friend named 'Feelings'.

And without fail, the idea of failing never fails to decline the failure from coming.
The usual, typical mindset which results of static cling.

I guess with these ignorance, pessimism 'qualities' in me, I'd be a champion if there's a contest like 'Who Wants to Be a bedebah (lousy) Human Being?'
And the rewards will be sins worth a million and a 'die-mond' that blings.

It is never an easy task to bring the words into actions as if like you were singing.
And it is never a good song to be sung when you know that the lyrics are lying.

Yes, it is wonderful to be treated and pampered as a Queen or a King.
And yes, it is wonderfool to stay astray while you're busy daydreaming.

I too, tend to forget how this glorious life is functioning.
More like in denial, playing pretend is the new game trending.

Perhaps, time is the culprit that turns this self into being oblivious and less caring.
But why put the blame on others when the bell itself doesn't ring a ring?

Everyday, in every hour and second I'm slacking.
But will there be a chance for this slacker to stop from breaking?
For she isn't as strong as she thought she could be in this life that's risk taking.
And to You, Allah, I'm wishing.
Please remind this poor mind of mine to always mind the fact that You, O'Allah, should always be in my mind and may all the good virtues to be forever lasting.


Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha, mates! :')

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