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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Be Thankful for What We Have..

Hi everyone. :)

Hope your puasa routine is doing good, yeah?

Lately, I've been busy with my final year project. Loads of work, you see. Haish.. Dugaan dugaan..

Raya is just around the corner, kan? (*And same goes with your finals, Azrin! Ah!) Anyway, I just saw this iklan raya from Petronas, and as usual, each year during puasa and raya months, Petronas has never failed us. Their tremendous ad or this time they call it as a 'webfilm' portrays a sense of gratefulness.
It makes me miss my Ibu even more. Sob2. Let's not forget to be thankful for the things that we have now, people. The smallest thing in the world could mean everything to us. Thank Allah for that.
I miss my family!!!!!! :'(

*Watch this video! You won't regret it! :')

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