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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Monologue I Had With Her

Wish I could simply delete those unpleasant things just by a click. Sounds impossible or shall I say, it IS impossible! Dealing with reality had me going nuts sometimes. Or perhaps, I ain't strong enough to get through all of these? But how about the rest? The others? They, themselves manage to do that same old thing easily without complaining (like what I'm doing now) where there's a fact to be considered which we are all the same! Everyone posseses ONE brain. Just one! So, c'mon (me)! Please.. I'm begging you! Please get a firm grip and take time to realize that you aren't a baby to Ayah & Ibu anymore. You've grown up! Tua bangka. And please figure out the ways on how to be a mature one! Please.. Make believe that you can do it all by right, you know that your family, friends and mostly Him, The Almighty will guide you all the way to success. Amin..

(Sometimes, kena marah dengan diri sendiri lagi rasa pathetic gila dari kena marah dengan orang lain.. Really.)


  1. all we see just now will not be there anymore,things, human, animal or earth... will be vanish bye human.. so do sumting to keep it forever..

  2. InsyaAllah.. Thanks, Mr. Sufian! :D


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