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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alamak, ais kepal!

Hi. How's your puasa today, people? Cewah.. Don't tell me that you guys literally buy all those yummy stuff kat bazar ramadhan? Oh well.. I do understand your position. It's the first day of puasa, so yeah.. With the murtabak, kuih segala kuih, air macam2 color tu semua. Haih, I feel you. I feel you. Haha.

As for me, I think today was kinda okay. Cuaca kat sini pun not that bad. It' just that I haven't really got a chance to 'attack' this lil' town's bazar ramadhan. No yet. Soon, I guess. Berbuka dengan bubur McD and the glorious Spicy Chicken McDeluxe je tadi. Yeah, I know. Pity. Away from family, macam tulah nasib. Nasi nasi tu semua balik hometown baru boleh dapat. Ecece. Mengada! :p

Well, yesterday my friends and I went for our regular tea-time after the class ended. We were, as usual, hanging out at Auntie Cendol's place. Maklum lah, just to have my cendol for the last time before the fasting month starts kan. Macam biasa, cendol was being attacked. After my second bowl, I gave the Auntie a 'cendol-satu-lagi' gesture. She had this long smile on her face which I kinda knew its meaning. Haha. Then, suddenly a huge bowl was placed right in front of my eyes. My friends and I were in awe. There's this red color shaved ice with some 'gula merah' being poured on top of it. I was like "Err.. I order cendol biasa, Auntie. Ini orang lain punya kot," whilst applying the 'alamak' expression on my face.

"Cuba dulu. Ini ais kepal. You hari-hari minum cendol, cuba lain pulak lah." The Auntie Cendol suddenly said that line to me and walked away with her pleasant smile. All of my friends went "Ooooo.. Your cendol has got a competition, Azrin!" "Habislah you!"

Yeah.. Friends.. =P

With some friends who were still can't get their eyes off me and the ais kepal, I spooned the attractive looking snowball nervously. The tongue started to be a judge. Fuyoh! Ais kepal. Ais kepal. Ais kepal. Yummaaayyyyhhhh!!!! The girlfriends of mine too, became the unofficial tasters. Sibuk je. Haha. And they liked it as well. Ended up all of them ordered a bowl each, for themselves. Ceh.

That Auntie Cendol asked me "Ha.. Sedap tak ais kepal tu?" "Next time mau cendol ka, mau ais kepal?"

I was like "Err.. Dua-dua lah Auntie." She laughed.

Haiyo.. Such a competition to my cendol lah you, ais kepal!


Ais kepal?

It's not gonna be that easy to decide on which to have next time. :(

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