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Friday, December 4, 2009

Another Post With A Sigh..

Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)
Well, I guess I should start this post with an apology for not updating this 'lau yah' blog for like almost more than a week. Eceh.. Macam-lah ramai je yang visit! Hahaha.. (*takpe.. Kita perasan kejap!) Feel like some kind of a loser je each time when I sigh. Seriously, life could be so unfair to you sometimes. And for those out there who're so 'fragile' like myself, coping with this uncertainties memang-lah something yang un-easy at all! Haish.. All the time you'll keep asking yourself about the same old thing and trying to figure out the solutions then again, it'll end up with the same ANSWER! I hate dealing with this kind of situation. And again, I'll have to agree with this saying, 'Things are easier said than done..' :'(
People around may have different thoughts about yourself and automatically their thoughts are being digested as expectations to your ownself. High-expectations, I mean.. Despite from just sitting back and saying the un-necessary words or hopes towards others, why can't we just do the listening part and 'clog' in when needed je? Ingat everything will go smoothly je ke? Ingat takde problems may occur ke along the way? Hmm.. How I wish the word 'problem' can be defined as easier as ABC or 1+2.
*But in each sigh, it symbolises the adequate amount of how strong should I become in order to juggle with this challenge which He has stored for me.. InsyaAllah.. :)
Err.. Dah habis baca, you can start smiling now and send those cute smiles invisibly to me, please! ;)

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