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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Blogxygen's New Look!

Alhamdulillah.. It's all done! Wee..
I've been spending one whole day to renovate my Blogxygen. Hehe.. Not trying to be 'gothic' with the black and white color thingy but I was just y'know, trying to have a new look.. Nevertheless, I'll still stick to my 'root-word', OXYGEN which symbolises an important element in my life. I'm sure it's important and a vital need for you guys too! Huhu.. And again, family, friends, ManU, teh ais, guitars, these consist 80% of my oxygen supply to stay alive. Salam Maal Hijrah! :)


  1. much more feminine n cuter than before..i love the ribbons..but most of all..i love the u can personalize it..

  2. Thanks, Ms. naTea.. Glad that you like it. Appreciate that! *hug! :D

  3. caya lah oxy...
    u have a talent for art la...

  4. Mr. Asrap - Huhu.. Thanks a LOT! :D

    Mr. Fly - Terima kasih banyak! Dah lama jugak tak visit your blog. Thanks for visiting mine! :D


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