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Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)
Tuan punya blog telah diserang baru2 ni..
Ecece.. Serang bendanya. Wabak malas level kronik untuk meng-update blog ada-lah! Huhu.. Nevertheless, I've got my own reasons for not updating this mere Blogxygen of mine for almost 3 weeks! Hehe.. Lama, kan.. Tulah.. Nak buat macamana. Time just can't be friends with man!
Well, there're loadsa things that I wanna say here but unfortunately they're not meant to be shared. Hehe.. Life could be so unfair to you at times, huh.. And I'm trying to cope with that fact.
Lately ni jugak I've been missing to make some reports on ManU games. Few games which brought in different stories. Ada menang, ada kalah. However, I can't be missing to do my same old routines like jumping around and shouting like 'orang-gilak' in front of the tv! Hahaha.. And previously, I was so geram dengan Valencia. Feel like clorox-ing his leg dengan mata dia sekali. Hehehe.. I wish I could! Yelah, mana tak-nya, siapa suruh dia main bola macam tengah main guli time lawan dengan Aston Villa hari tu. Urgh.. Plus, my manja si Vidic tu pulak wasn't feeling that well for the past 2 weeks due to some illnesses reported. The way he plays pun ala2 je. Haish.. Dan akhirnya, I'll end up snoring in the middle of the game. Huhu.. :p
I guess, that's it for now. Mata dah kuyu layu. Bantal busuk dah panggil. Haha..


  1. funny la u komen pasal valencia...
    isk tukar la bantul u tu,x pasal2 hilang mesti ada kesan saliva kat bantal tu...

  2. oxy... your vidic score mlm td... yeay!!

  3. Brad - Hahaha,, Tulah, I was so geram dengan si Valencia tu. Huhu.. My bantal sure ada saliva punya! Hahahaha.. Ops! ;P

    Mr. Asrap - YEAY! *hi-5 sikit! Hahaha.. :D


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