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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another Tag..

Actually, this tag is from one of my ManU buddies Ms. Puspa (Ehem2.. She's still single, okay! Huhu..) Sebenarnya, dia dah kasi tag ni berkurun zaman tapi I had no time to update my blog. Huhu.. Sorry again Ms. Puspa for the late reply and post. Hehe..
And the tag begins..
1 - Do you think you're hot?
Hmm.. Nope. Super duper hot baru betul. Ececececeh..
2 - Upload a favourite pic of you.

3 - Why do you like this picture?
Obviously, it's because of the TEH AIS! Hehehe.. Tapi, yang paling kanan tu dah kena 'vakum' sikit sebelum gambar ini disnapped. Hehe.. Sebab tulah, gelas tu nampak cetek sikit. Ya, ini semua saya punya. Tak percaya? Tanya mamak yang buat tu.. ;p
4 - When was the last time you ate pizza?
Last month. Domino's.. Huish, HEAVEN!
5 - The last song you listen to?
Beyonce - Single Ladies (Huhu.. Buat semangat untuk diri sendiri sebenarnya ni! Kihkihkih..)
6 - What are you doing right now besides this?
Kunyah roti.. Ek, sekali dengan Kit Kat..
7 - People to tag?
a) Mr. Areef aka a6
b) Mommy Wiwi
c) Mr. Branson
d) Susu
e) Ms. Yul Liverpool

8 - Who is no. 1?
A cool dude from Brunei. He's one of my ManU buddies. A cool photographer too. Hehe..
9 - Say something about no. 5
She's currently at Liverpool. Nice blogger buddy of mine but we're part time rivals when it comes to ManU and Liverpool. Oh yeah, kami gang dalam bab Harry Potter! ;p
10 - How about no. 4
Susu aka Sze Wei.. An old friend and she's a cute ah moi.. Plus, she has a nice voice. =)
11 - Who is no. 2?
Mommy Wiwi or shall I call her Kak Wiaam. Hehe.. The one who introduced me with this blogging thingy in the first place.
Well, I guess that's all from me, Ms Puspa! *hi-5 =p

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