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Friday, February 20, 2009

A Short Argh!

Salam all..
Huhu.. I miss updating my blog a lot! Seriously, no time for that nowadays. Ceh! To make things even worse, I totally feel frustrated for missing the ManU game last Wednesday. Huhu.. Tak boleh bangun daa.. 4 pagi game tu start and I was still berdengkur tahap tak ingat dunia. Nasib baik menang. Kalau tak lagi frust! Anyway, many congrats to myself and other ManU buddies of mine. Cecewah! Macam kita pulak yang main! Hihihi.. ;p
Actually, there are few things to tell but hey, MASA memang selalu jealous dengan saya! Hmm.. It's okay. I'll find some other time to be more kepoh here and updating this Blogxygen with more things to tell to you guys.
Aha! I guess, that's it for now. I have to rush back kalau tak nak kena backhand dengan 'badan berkuasa' tu sebab lambat masuk hall. Ceh! Hehe.. Anything, just drop any of your comments or even a 'HI' kat Blogxygen ni, okay? =p
Psst.. I miss updating my blog. Do you guys miss me too? Ecececece.. ;)

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