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Sunday, July 12, 2009


[Oh.. Jangan risau.. Ayam ni takde kena-mengena langsung dengan tuan punya blog.. Ia sesat je! Hehe..]
Salam + XL smile to all.. :D
Hailo2.. Apa nak jadi-lah dengan Blogxygen ni nowadays.. Day by day, it's getting dustier. Elemek! Tuan punya blog kena virus malas update blog. Dah sampai level kronik dah pun. Ceh.. :(
Pernah one day.. Tuan punya blog was thinking to delete this Blogxygen.. Huhu.. A sudden thought and I kept questioning myself about the same thing eversince that moment. Anyway.. Should I..? I mean, deleting this Blogxygen and retire from being 'Oxygen-Me' here? I'll consider that further.. (*sigh..) :[
Nowadays, I've been distracted by loads of thing. Kerja berlambak-lambak. Ugh.. New distraction which 'bothers' me to the max which is 'buku muka'. Huhu.. Ever since I became a part of that 'buku muka', I realize how I've abandoned Blogxygen. Tsk2.. :'(
But one thing for sure.. Being involved in 'buku muka' and blog are 2 different things. And surprisingly, I found myself to be more at the blogging side. Why..? 'Cause I get to type more, ramble more, kepoh2 more and more and more and more. See! Even now, I'm rambling.. Aisey..
Oh well.. Maybe it's because I've got nothing to ramble here nowadays since 'musim-gila-bola-malam-berjaga-for-ManU' dah berlalu. Currently waiting for the next season to come and perhaps that, can return me back my old-habit / routine which is highlighting each of my ManU game. Ugh.. Cepat-lah datang new season! ;[
Kenapa malas update blog ni..?
Maybe sebab injection hari tu yang buat tuan punya blog malas gila nak update Blogxygen? Or.. Mamak teh ais yang punya pasal sebab dia tak buatkan teh ais 3 gelas untuk tuan punya blog? Or.. Tuan punya blog jadi malas sebab Vidic? Hmm.. Who should I blame for giving me the thought to delete Blogxygen ni..? Haish.. Ini semua durian dengan cendol punya kerja! :O


  1. please don't delete this. i enjoy reading your entries. please???? plus this is the only reason we are connected. instead of Facebook and armies of the Reds. please please!!

  2. Aaww.. So sweet of you, Nes! *hug.. :D


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