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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tembak Dengan Senapang Gajah, Boleh?

Ugh.. Hari ni mood kurang okay. And this tuan punya blog will only turn out to be in this situation if someone 'sengaja' took one of her belongings. Seriously unforgivable when it comes to this matter! Guess what apa yang hilang lagi.. Guitar pick! (Colour : indigo) The rare ones from Fender pulak tu! Ugh.. Geram3! Kalau jumpa orang tu, memang kena tembak dengan senapang gajah! :[
Secondly.. Pasal Harry! Ceh.. First day of release, all of the tickets are positively fully-booked! Grr.. Never mind.. InsyaAllah.. Tuan punya blog will try her luck tomorrow, struggling in the middle of the LONG que just for the sake of a ticket! Ceh.. Nak jumpa boyfriend sendiri pun susah. Ish3..

*Teh ais, please! :'(

*One of a kind b'day card I've ever received. Huhu.. Credits to a sweet blogger buddy of mine, Nes.. By seeing this after those 'unpleasent' moments of today, finally.. I smiled.. :)

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