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Friday, July 24, 2009


Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)
Almost a week, I didn't 'touch' my blog. Bukan setakat berhabuk lagi, dah sampai level berkulat dah pun. Ceh.. Tuan punya blog memang malas kronik to update. Huhu.. Nasib baiklah tak sampai 5 orang visitors pun! Hahahaha.. :D
Plus.. The internet condition! Ugh.. It's killin' me! S..L..O..W! Seriously, I really wanna post those photos that I took when I was at the stadium watching ManU last Saturday but then.. (*sigh) No matter how long I waited for the pictures to be uploaded here, believe me.. It took me AGES! Ugh..
Lately ni jugak, tuan punya blog tend to process 'tahi mata' overtime. Asyik mengantuk je! Even 'buku muka' pun almost berhabuk. Huhu.. Nasib.. Tuan punya blog is having a 'recession' with her daily schedule! Not to mention about my teh ais moment! Ugh.. Ni lagi satu.. I've been 'neglecting' the 'tonic' for almost half a month now.. Huhu.. Or to be short, 2 minggu je! Hehehehehe.. :D
However.. I wish to take this chance (*Ececeh!) to thank Owen for his passion and spirit to 'repolish' himself by 'contributing' for ManU. His performance was quite impressive during the friendly match against Malaysia Last Saturday And Monday. His first ever goal and game with ManU, made a history not only to himself but for us, the RED armies too. So, work harder, dude! Nanti I'll ask FedEx to send you teh ais once you're at Korea soon! Okay? Hihi.. :p
And oh.. Miss you guys too, Blogxygenators? Who..?
You-lah! Haha.. :D

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