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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Mimpi Jiwang-Bawang

Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)
Almost 5 days of puasa, things are going good so far. Of courselah there're loadsa challenges around. Huhu.. For examples, tv tu haa.. Banyak sangat program masak2! Ceh.. Memang sengaja. Hehehe.. Takpe2, sabar tetap sabar. :p
Sebenarnya hari ni, tuan punya blog isn't really in the mood to blog. Haish.. Biasalah, konon2 tak larat di bulan puasa! Hahaha.. Taklah! Mood swing je ni. Plus, season BPL pun baru je 'suam2' and that makes me kinda lazy to ramble about football nowadays. Nevertheless, it's good to have Vidic back on 'track'. Huhu.. Gila rindu je kat mamat tu. Ceh.. Lagi satu, apa kes je orang2 kat luar sana sibuk nak spread rumours that he's leaving ManU! Ceh..! Memang takde kerja sungguh orang2 tu semua. Padahal, Vidic memang tak plan langsung nak keluarkan peluh untuk Barca. Mana ada-mana ada! Kasi minum teh ais yang takde teh karang baru tau! Ehem2.. :p
3 hari lepas, dapat mimpi best. The feeling was like real and I can hardly remember about that dream till now. Huhu.. I've been wondering all by myself whether I should 'kepoh2' about it here at Blogxygen or not. Buat segan je.. Huhuhu.. Sebab, rasanya mimpi hari tu termasuk dalam kategori jiwang-bawang. Hehehe..

She.. In a pink-coloured 'baju kurung' was riding her pink bicycle around a park which was crowded one evening. Strange.. Because not all of the people at the park were in colours! It was like she had been into the world of Charlie Chaplin. She was scared but she smiled. Aha! That was strange too.. Neglecting those 'black&white' people, she rode her pink bike without deciding on where to go to. Her hair waved in the air and yet the people kept smiling at her as though she was a celebrity. Suddenly, she stopped her bike and parked it at the roadside. She walked and walked while holding her dslr. Oho.. (*Entah manalah datangnya dslr tu pun dia tak tahu! Tiba2 je muncul.. Huhu..) Sambung cerita.. She tried to capture everything that happened around her but she couldn't! The camera she was holding seemed to refuse to do the task.. "Strange!" she mumbled..
She almost gave up and did the sighs all alone. And then, she heard someone whistled a song. She was attracted by that sound and looked for where the whistle came from. Oho.. It was a guy who did the whistle. He stood quite far from where she was. Guess what.. That guy was also in 'colour' which differed him from those relatives of Charlie Chaplin availabled at the park. Without further ado, she followed the guy. The lazy camera in hand seemed to work when she shuttered it towards the guy. Aha! She felt happy as though like she just ate 2 bowls of cendol. Ek..? Lari topik..
At one point, the girl and the guy starred at each other. And freezed! Woo.. (*Kan dah kata.. Ini mimpi jiwang bawang! Hehe..) They smiled before he walked away. She tried to chase him through her eyes but he was fast. Eleh! (*Konon mamat ni nak jual mahal! Hahaha..) Another word of strange.. She didn't really want to run and chase him 'sampai dapat' like what she was supposed to. She just.. freezed again. And that guy went disappeared. Momento 'kuch2 hota hai' dah lesap. She sat down and looked at the photos that she had captured. One by one. She glanced through each and every one of it. She smiled.. Smiled and smiled till she laughed out loud. (*Kira macam orang tak betul pulak, kan.. Tapi..) When she forwarded those pics from the start, that guy told her a message through the motion of movements. Guess what he said to her..?
Ugh..! Jiwang bawang sungguh kalau nak cakap pun! Err.. He told her that he.. Err.. Err.. Alaa..! Seganlah! Hahahahaha.. Pandai2lah guess sendiri.. Huhuhuhuhuhu.. (*blushing)
Bluek! :p
P/s-Actually, kan.. Tak kenal pun that guy. Tapi, macam kenal.. Hehe..


  1. EEWWW... memang jiwang-bawangz punya mimpi... wakakakak!!!

  2. Cheit! How dare you laughing at me! Hahahaha.. Geli, kan mimpi ni! Hahaha.. ;p


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