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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Organizing The Chaos

There's nothing much to blog about this time. I couldn't find the right sentences to build up my ramblings. An un-satisfiable week that I have to go through. Susah! But, I don't have the guts to show it to the people around. Feel like it won't be appropriate for me to do so. I guess, the best way to make yourself to feel a lot more better is not to share your sadness with others, kan? Haish..
How I wish I could have all of my best friends around. Suganti, Lat, Nitrah.. Gila rindu kat diorang. :'(
And about ManU, err.. There's nothing much to say about this. I just need some time to heal! Hahaha.. Pigidaa.. This is the answer for supporters yang 'warm-warm-chicken-poop' je. Hahaha.. Eventhough, they've lost to Liver'ehem' and currently to Chels'ehem', well again.. I'd like to use my own quote to define this 'temporary-lose' as "the ball is sphere, not circle and anything can happen as it rolls." Hah! Dah.. Tak payah lagi nak bising pasal ni kat 'bukumuka'! Ala, mentang2-lah my manja, si defender Nemanja Vidic tu tak turun padang masuk 2 minggu, semua nak pakat buli 'girlfriend' dia ni haa.. Ceh.. :P
And oh.. Feel like 'banging' these tuan punya heads.. Fletcher, Brown, Anderson, Rooney, O'Shea, Valencia dan Giggs (sekeh sipi2 je sebab dia dah tua!). Sebagai hadiah sebab main bola macam main guli hari tu! Huh..
*P/s untuk Suganti yang happy je 'bermaharajalela kat India sana..
"Jangan lupa curi resepi papadom!"
*P/s untuk mamak favourite..
"Anei, kenapa semenjak dua menjak ni selalu buatkan saya teh ais pahit!?"


  1. mamak tu wat pahit pasal dia tau MU akan kalah ma
    x yah suruh suganti bagi resepi papadom...antar je filem papadom...

  2. Ahaha.. Brad.. Brad.. (*hi-5 sikit!) Hahaha.. :D


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