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Thursday, February 11, 2010


Seems like everyone else has a love just for them,
I don't mind, we have such a good time,
My best friend, but sometimes,
Well, I wish we could be more than friends,
Tell me do you know?

I get so breathless, when you call my name,
I've often wondered, do you feel the same?
There's a chemistry, energy, a synchronicity
When we're all alone,
So don't tell me
You can't see
What I'm thinking of.

I can understand that you don't want to cross the line,
And you know I can't promise you things will turn out fine,
But I have to be honest, I want you to be mine
Tell me do you know?

'Cause I've tried to do this right in your own time
I've been telling with my eyes, my heart's on fire,
Why don't you realise?
Tell me do you know?
Why I get so breathless..

*Ehehe.. Tuan punya blog konon tengah happy sebab baru lepas 'vacum' 2 gelas setengah teh ais heaven. Haha.. But why would this time 2 setengah bukan 3 gelas macam selalu? Well, please put the blame on sepinggan mee goreng mamak and 2 keping roti telur yang anei tu buat untuk budak ni. (Huish! Anei tu gilo hari ni. Sanggup dia membubuh semua bekalan cili dan adik-beradik segala spesis cili ke dalam mee goreng tu! Pedas woo!) Perut dah senak + sendat + pedih jugak and I just had to 'bazir-membazir' lagi setengah gelas teh ais (which was my 3rd glass, actually!) Haish.. Okay, saya sedar saya dah gemuk! Blek! :P

*Current activity.. Waiting for Aston Villa VS ManU game at 3 something (late morning, okay!) Habis-lah esok tak boleh nak bangun! :'(

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