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Friday, August 27, 2010


Salam + a BIG smile to all! :)

As we all aware of, the month of August will be leaving us soon. The Independence Day is coming too! Puasa is still going on and if my calculator isn't broken (*ceh!) it has been nearly more than 15 days we, Muslims're fasting during this holy month of Ramadhan. Tak lama lagi dah nak raya. As for me, I haven't prepared anything yet, termasuk-lah rutin wajib tahunan which is.. Jadi tukang cat dinding-dinding-dinding-dinding yang ada kat rumah tu haa.. Haish.. Believe me, though the walls seem to look 'naively-not-too-wide-or-whatever', but once you start the painting part, you'll discover the truth! By all means, you'll sleep with sores all over your body especially the shoulders, wey! Dang! Haha.. I may sound a bit exaggerating here, but hey.. You'll never know if you never try. Hihi..

Well actually, the main purpose of this post isn't that I want to 'expose' myself as 'an-unofficial-annual-wall-painter' to y'all. Hah! Can you see that picture (shown above)? Yeah.. The legs are mine indeed. Haha.. Including that red looking fishing rod on the right side. Fishing isn't really my fav activity to do but for certain times, I've to admit that it can be one. Nak kata terror sangat memancing, hmm.. Terror kot. Ceh! Tak2.. I lied! I ain't really good at it. Kadang2 je dapat ikan. Ikan tu pulak kalau besar gedabak sampai boleh buat ikan bakar yang cicah2 dengan kuah asam tu boleh jugak, tapi.. Kalau ikan yang saiz-nya lebih kurang besar saiz tapak tangan? Kalau buat ikan bakar pun setakat buat tahi gigi je. Haish! And what is the most important part when you're fishing? The bait, kan? Haa.. Ni lagi satu problem that I can't 'solve' dari dulu sampai sekarang. Part nak letak umpan kat mata kail tu-lah yang paling.. Yerk! Betul, tak tipu. Yerk! Pun-poon or pon-pun or whatever the spelling is, ialah sejenis cacing yang lembik and gemok, banyak isi, banyak darah (*goosebumps!) that I oftenly used as baits. Seriously, memang geli gila tengok menatang alah tu. Haa.. Belum pegang lagi! Sudah-nya, my bro and ayah will put the bait for me-lah, kan. Haha.. Mengade, I know!

The point is, I miss fishing! Sangat2 miss. :'(

(*Haish.. Bulan puasa-lah Azrin! Nak memancing apanya?! Ek.. Ikan mana puasa!)

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