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Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Wake-Up Call

Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)

Yo, people! How's puasa going on so far? Alhamdulillah.. Berkat bulan Ramadhan, everything's running quite smoothly I guess. Too bad, this year I won't be having the chance to bring my best friend, Kwang Suganti to a bazaar Ramadhan as she just returned to Bangalore last week. Haish.. Last year, we both went together, bought some kuih(s) and got sweaty in the middle of the crowd! Phew.. . And that was her first ever visit to bazaar Ramadhan! Hah.. I know.. This girl ar, serupa tak duduk kat M'sia je! Hahaha.. (*Will miss you everyday, babe!) :P

And today.. Entah angin kus2 apa entah, I suddenly feel like blogging. Hah! Tuan punya Blogxygen sudah semakin terkenal dengan kemalasannya untuk meng-update blog beliau yang betul2 'lau yah' ni. Ceh! :/

Well, that wasn't the real point actually. I just wanna thank Him, The Almighty for sending me a wake-up call, making me realize that I should stop doing things that I shouldn't have done since lately ni. Not trying to be extra cliche here, but really.. I'm grateful to be awaken! Hah! I know I may sound a little 'loony'.. Pardon the teh ais girl, yeah! Haha! So I guess, for now I must stay focus and get my feet back on the ground, despite all of those 'unnecessary' things, I should think of myself and my family more. Of course, friends too! You all pun boleh masuk list sekali-lah! Haha.. Much more stuffs that'll worth paying attention on rather than me, wasting time on something and someone.. (*wink2!)

And really, the reality check that I've been through has 'inspired' me to be a 'better-Me'! Much much better, InsyaAllah..

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