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Monday, August 9, 2010

What A Great Kick-Start!

I can't stop smiling right now. It's not that I've gone insane or intoxicated overboard ke hapa ke.. I just had a great time while watching my ManU guys playing tadi! Huhu.. It's been a while since I shouted like a crazy one in front of the tv. Tak sama condition-nya time tengok World Cup recently ni. Well.. I guess by seeing my Vidic back on the field just now, tiba2 jadi tak tentu arah. Haha.. I know, that was so gedik of me. ;)

And I shall welcome this new dude, a newcomer named Javier Hernandez aka Chicarito to ManU. Ecece.. He was one of the goal-contributors when the boys were 'dealing' with those who came from Chelsea (*you know who-lah, kan?)

ManU 3 - Chelsea 1
And the humble Wembley had become the 'battlefield' between these two teams. (*Gosh! Terasa awkward pulak sebab dah lama tak buat preview pasal bola konon2 perasan jadi football commentator! Cheit!) Was indeed a good kick-start for all of us (this season) and hoping that they'll keep that up.. :)

#Capt. Vidic nampak 'extra-handsome' while hoisting up the silverware! Haha..


  1. good start for ManU. Hari ni mmg bangga ar pakai baju ManU gi klas. hahaha!!XD


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