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Friday, June 26, 2009

Autobots VS Decepticons

If there's any of you guys who doesn't know what kind of 'symbol' is this, seriously you're so from Pluto. :)
The hot movie of the month, the 2nd sequel from the movie Transformers (Revenge Of The Fallen) is totally a mass breakout after the 1st movie which was previewed at the end of 2007, I guess. Ugh.. Memang gila best and action packed from the start till the end. Rugi je kalau tak tengok. But then, it may be a lil' bit of problem when it comes to get into the LOOOOOONG que for purchasing the tickets. Huhu.. Alhamdulillah, lucky me.. I got the ticket without having me to line up and be with the hundreds of 'kepala2-Transformers' yang lain. Huhu.. Macam biasa, Decepticons yang evil gila level kronik tu lagi bertambah dahsyat jahat-nya. Ceh.. But anyway, to all guys and girls out there yang still belum tengok movie ni, apa tunggu lagi.. Megan Fox aka Mikaela, Sam Witwicky aka Shia LeBeuf and Josh Duhamel are waiting to melt you down. Woo.. ;p

He's my most favourite amongst the Autobots. Looking macho all the time with his awesome sense of leadership. Eventhough, mamat ni besar gedabak and won't transform into a small shiny Camaro macam Bumble Bee, but then, he's still COOL! Tuan punya blog memang gila suka kat Optimus Prime since zaman kartun Transformers lagi. Huhu.. "Optimus Prime, *hi-5 sikit!"

Alaa.. Tak payah cakap pun dah tahu siapa nama mamat kuning berkilat-kilat ni. Fuh.. Walaupun warna kuning dia melampau-lampau macho-nya, suara pun takde but he's still the cutest Autobots and the 2nd favourite of mine after Optimus Prime. Hehehehehehe..

And oh.. There's one car, silver, macho jugak and if I'm not mistaken its name is Blackout. Fuh..! Serious macho. Err.. Nak suka jugaklah kat dia! Hahaha.. Tapi pic dia takde pulak.. Puas cari.. Ceh..
*P/s - Before you get into the cinema to watch Transformers ni, kan.. Better siap2 pergi buang air kecik ke besar ke. Movie ni agak lama dan berpotensi menjadikan punggung jadi kematu. Huhu.. Almost 3 hours, boleh tahan? Tu belum lagi dengan iklan dia yang berlambak-lambak. Hehehehehe.. Saje je kepoh2 nak advise. :P

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