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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mary Poppin's Umbrella

Can't think straight today
There's a 'boredom' moment that I've gotta pay
Outta my mind for a minute, I guess, to create this 'entah-pape' lay
But, why the sudden change, ey?
This morning I was okay
Same condition during the midday
As usual I'll eat, sleep and play
I did things in the same safe way
But it seemed to be extra un-easy
Can't really afford to cope with today's life medley
Ugh.. It's official now to say
Me and I should have a proper parley
And discuss more on how to deal with a world of plenary
Yeah, I guess, you guys'll be like.. "Aha, budak Oxy ni dah crazy.."
(*tak faham, takpe.. Hihihi..)
I think it'll be just nice to use this kinda of cliche
A cliche to be defined by my own self
Just me, alone who can understand on what did I portray
But for those who may
Get the points that I tried to convey?
Oh well.. Nevertheless I shall say
I mean, in a more normal way
I just didn't feel THAT okay
Only for today..
*Ugh.. Apa ni?! (*poem level pening langau)
Letter to Mdm. Mary Poppin:
Sorry for taking your 'umbrella' without asking you first.. Hehe.. I'll use to it to escape and float to the sky. Okay, kan? Jangan kedekut ye, Mdm. Mary Poppin! Pinjam keejaap je! Nanti pergi redeem teh ais kat mamak favourite. And oh.. Jangan lupa suruh dia bungkus sekali for me! :p

P/s.. It has been a while since my last photo snap by using my 'lau yah' camera accompanied by the ultimate 'amateur' skills of mine! Huhu.. Bedal je! ;p

*Mary Poppin (1964) by Julie Andrew
Cerita lama yang cool! :)


  1. photo2 itu menarik!!
    lagu itu best!!
    thumbs up
    from me for you!!

  2. 'amirah - Yay2! Thanks a lot, dear! Huhu.. :D

  3. jangan memain lagi la. gi tulun ms.poppin bersihkan chimney. huhu... marah dia kang.

  4. Chiko - Cheit.. Tak naklah.. Malas.. Bluek! ;p Kuikuikuikui..


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