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Sunday, June 7, 2009


It's weekend, you guys!
*in my eyes, there's PILLOW!
*in my mouth, there's TEH AIS!
*in my brain, there's err.. WEEKEND!
Ehehe.. Tak tahu nak membebel apa lagi.
Bantal pun dah panggil banyak kali.
Huhu.. Jumpa nanti dalam mimpi!


  1. now in front of my eyes,there's your blog

    my hands and fingers leave "commentversation" on your blog

    in my mind,hope you dont sleep,coz i cant dream to you,need to stay awake...heh

  2. Bro Brad - Woohoo.. Can't believe that my ex-senior-bro here are 'commentversation' via a poem! Huhu.. Way to go, dude! Hehehe.. :D


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