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Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Female Force

Watched the 4-goals-match at a kedai makan filled with so-kepohci-ManU-rivals and sheesh.. Being the ONLY female-ManU-supporter and had the FINAL laugh was the best thing I've had experienced just now! Haha.. Love you tonight, Rooney!
*Kat kampung sekarang and the coverage of using the broadband is killing me half-way! Haha.. Malam ni tidur tak payah pakai gebar / selimut walaupun sejuk sebab my heart is warmed enough. 4 goals by the same dude. Mau tak terharu! Ececece.. :P


  1. Yeah!!!!!!!!!!
    Glory Glory Man United!!!!

  2. Important week ahead with games against City and Arsenal...

  3. Mr. deusXmachina - Ahaha.. Yeah! Glory2.. :D

    Mr. Asrap - Indeed and I'll start to feel nervous just by thinking of it. Sheesh.. :/


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