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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

My BF's!

Aha.. I know that I should've posted this entry 2 weeks ago but then.. The 4 letters 'B.U.S.Y' are killin' me. Huhu..
Just wanna dedicate this to my 1st boyfriend.. Sorry! You dah di'madukan''.. Hehe.. But you're still the number one in my heart.. Hoho..
And to my new boyfriend.. I hope you'll be able to fit in and get along with your 'madu' well.. Jangan gaduh2 haa.. I'll treat you guys fairly.. Ecece.. Welcome to my life! Yo..! ;p
This 'dude' is the first.. Alalala..

The second aka 'madu' kepada yang di atas.. Ehem.. ;)

Whatever it is.. Love ya, both! Weehaa..!


  1. cian abg yamaha kena madu ngan abg letrik... kuikuikui...

  2. Chiko - Tulah.. Hihi..

    Hey, no worries.. I'll treat them equally, okay! Hahahaha.. ;p

    Tak lama lagi my bfs nak dapat ipar Fender pulak! Yay2!


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