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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Super Duper Nervous! (before)

12.36 a.m
Just a short and minor ramble here.. :)
Aha.. I don't know why I'm starting to feel a bit uneasy right now. The upcoming game.. Manchester United VS Arsenal.. Ugh! Scary.. ;p Cecece..
Around 2.45 a.m at the legendary Old Trafford Stadium, the battle will take place. Okay.. I can't sleep and the nervousness is conquering me physically and emotionally.
Hailo.. Hailo.. Tuan punya blog! Wake up2.. Macamlah dia yang nak pergi main nanti kat sana!!!! Ceh.. Berangan! ;p
To all my ManU buddies out there.. I'll meet you guys kat Old Trafford nanti ye! Hehe.. Nevertheless, I'm still feeling SUPER DUPER NERVOUS right now! Ugh.. Vidic, help..!!


  1. hello~~~~

    v still nid to exam~~!

  2. Ms. Puspa - Ahaha.. Yeah! Dah menang!!! Huhu.. ;p

    Pek - Elelele.. I need to see my Vidic playing lah.. Hehe..

    Mr. Bulans - Ehehe.. Great, kan? Best je.. Now, tinggal nak menghadap the 2nd leg.. Huhu.. ;p


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