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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Really Miss You!

Now, I'm daydreaming..
Keep thinking and thinking..
Can't do anything..
Kinda drooling..
Not worth crying..
Almost dying..
This feeling..
It's killing..
Ugh.. Please stop torturing..
I'll admit the craving..
You guys, this, I'm announcing..
I miss you.. TEH AIS!!!!!!
Warghh!!! Lama dah tak minum ni!!! Huhu..
Mamak favourite, help!!!!!!!

P/s - Cheit! Ingat apa tadi ar..? Hihi.. ;p


  1. Whoa.. I can see that you like teh ice so much! Hahahaha..

  2. bukan main sedih da,ingatkan pasal pakwe... hahaha~

  3. Mr/Miss Admirer - Eheh.. Yeah, consider myself as a super duper HANTU TEH AIS.. Hihihi.. ;p

    Bran - Hahaha.. Sedih? Right.. I'm sad but not because of the 'p' word daa.. Huhu.. Sedih sebab teh aislah.. Kihkihkih.. ;D

  4. haha,too ler,i pelik beno lah bila baca entry nie,in the beginning la,tiba2 ku nampak teh ais da~ hahaha~


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