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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Packet of B'day Wishes

  • He's the ONLY one.
  • A man who holds his 'slow but steady' trademark firmly.
  • His tall gene affected me till now and to his 3 other soldiers.
  • Definitely, women of his life: Ibu, the wife and arwah nenek, the precious 'Mak'.
  • A true Jazz head! And with his 'otai' fingers, he taught me how to 'ketuk' keyboard and 'putuskan' the guitar strings.
  • My biggest ManU buddy.

And he is, encik.. AYAH..

Happy Birthday!

Semoga panjang umur, sihat sejahtera dan murah rezeki, InsyaAllah..

Lots of love from us: Ibu, Kakak, Abang, Kakdik & Adik :)

Not to forget 'bout the other b'day dude.. A cousin bro/currently 'bertapa' kat UiTM, Arau/my 'lazy' guitar sifu/a cool guy.. Eceh.. (kononnya!) Hihi..

Happy B'day to you too, Abang Mamat..! ;)

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