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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Blogxygen's 100th Post!

Salam + a BIG smile to all.. :)

Well.. The big, sparkling word above says it all! Aha! This is actually Blogxygen's 100th post! Huhu.. Congrats tuan punya blog! Cecece.. ;p

Ala.. It maybe not a big deal for you guys but for me, it really means something. Kalau di'rewind' balik and review the previous posts kat sini, uish.. Then only I realized how time goes by rapidly! Huhu.. Feel like just yesterday, I started doing this 'blogging' thingy. Feel like just yesterday, my hands were shaking and shaking when I typed my first ever post here! Feel like just yesterday, I signed in the blogger account under the name of 'Oxygen.. Things On Me'.. Hehe.. Macam kat 'LaLa Land' lah pulak.. Kejap je dah post yang ke-100 ni. ;)

This Blogxygen is like.. a space for me to ramble around 'bout the stuffs that I've been through day by day. Ala.. Most of the stuffs that is mainly highlighted are TEH AIS, ManU, GUITAR and TEH AIS! Dan TEH AIS.. And oh! Lupa pulak.. TEH AIS lagi! Ek.. Papadom jugak! Hehe..

See! There's nothing special here in this mere Blogxygen of mine. Totally a boring kinda stuffs to be read, huh? Heh.. Anyway, it's just that, every stat, visit, comment, feedback from you guys who reads this 'chikai' blog, aha..! That means a LOT to me! Huhu.. Terima kasih daun keladi.. Even to my non-ManU buddies as well! Hehehe..

Oho.. Another thing to be included here in my 100th post is.. Yay3! ManU won 3-0 against Aston Villa last night! Woohoo.. (Okay, wait up.. Nak jerit kuat2 sekejap!)

Yo..! Alrite.. Settle menjerit. Hehehe.. ;p

Nevertheless, just wanna congratulate to all my ManU buddies like Mr. Bulans, Ms. Puspa, Mr. Arif, Mr. Moqh CS, Mr. Helmi CS, Chiko, ayah and even Alex Ferguson jugak! So, to the Liver'ehem and Chel'ehem or Arse'hem fans out there.. Hey, the REDS always on the TOP, okay! Haha.. That day kalah cuma gimick je tu! Huhuhuhu.. Tak sia2 beli ticket flight ke Old Trafford that day untuk meng'clorox'kan kaki2 bebudak tu! Yay! *hi-5 sikit! Cececece.. Jangan marah haa.. ;p

Psst.. Nak *hi-10 pulaklah! Hahaha.. ;p


  1. happy 100th post! cayelah, babe! wiewiiieeeet!!!!

  2. Chiko!!! Thanks..!!! Huhu.. ;p

  3. congrate for the 100th post..kira otai dah blog nih..hehehe..nnti ckup 1K post ble buat big celebration la beb..kekeke..

  4. tahniah untuk yg ke seratus...:D

  5. Bro Jas - Ahaha.. Otai ke? Huhu.. 1k post nanti boleh kasi teh ais free thru on9! Hehe.. Thanks, anyway.. ;p

    Mr. Bulans - Ececece.. Thanks! :D

    Mr. Mas - Hihi.. Terima kasih daun keladi.. ;)

  6. 100! congrats! anyway, i am your new manchester buddy, by the name of RED! salam kenal..

  7. Hi there.. Hehe.. Thanks for the wish yeah.. Yay3! New ManU buddy! Huhu.. Pleasure to be an 'ManU' buddy to you too! Salam kenal.. ;)


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